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I work at the front desk at a hotel and it’s a few days before Christmas. A guy comes in to check in and he seems a bit grumpy, but he just drove from Tennessee to Massachusetts so it’s understandable. He tells me he’s here to see his girlfriend for Christmas. I get him checked in and he goes to his room.

About an hour later, he comes to the lobby and says he needs to check out because his girlfriend is cheating on him. He looks so defeated and sad. I wonder to myself, how did he find out so fast? Also, it should be a red flag that he’s staying in a hotel and not with her.

He says he’s going to drive to Virginia to stay with a friend. I don’t want to interfere, but I tell him he should get some rest since the room is his for the night and I will void out the rest of the nights. He just wants to leave immediately. A few days later, he writes a positive review of the hotel and thanks us for being so understanding of his circumstances. I hope he heals from this.

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Time To Stock Up On Pepper Spray

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(Early one winter morning, I am walking back to my apartment building after taking my son to his bus stop across the street. As I step into the parking lot, a minivan waiting to turn onto the street honks. Thinking it’s about another car, I carry on, but it honks twice quickly again. Confused, I stop, wondering if I dropped something and they’re trying to let me know. The minivan then reverses, stopping when I’m at the passenger window, which is rolled down. A slim man sits behind the wheel, looking at me expectantly.)

Man: “Hello there, I’m [Man]. I’m new to the building. What are you doing?”

(Tired and caught off guard, I reply honestly.)

Me: “Uh, I’m [My Name]. I just brought my son to the bus stop.”

(The man smiles broadly, though it doesn’t feel very friendly.)

Man: “[My Name], that is a very beautiful name. Are you married?”

(My mental alarms have now begun going off, so I hope my answer gets the conversation to stop.)

Me: “Yes, I am married.”

(The man considers this for barely a moment before continuing.)

Man: “Can you give me your number so we can get coffee sometime and you can show me around the neighborhood?”

(I don’t like the tone of his voice, so I take a step back, shaking my head.)

Me: “No, thank you. I was just going home.”

(The man leans across the passenger seat, digging his phone out of his pocket as he speaks more insistently.)

Man: “Please, it’s just a number. I want to get coffee sometime and talk.”

(Definitely uncomfortable, I back off more, shaking my head and repeating myself.)

Me: “No, thank you. I am going home.” 

(Not waiting for a reply, I was finally able to gather myself enough to turn and hurry towards the apartment building, glancing back to get a good look at the car and license plate so I knew what to look out for. He waited for only a few moments before continuing out onto the road and away. It’s been over a week, and though I’ve seen his car once in the lot, I haven’t run into him again. I already have anxiety about strangers, so this hasn’t helped at all, but I realize I’m lucky that he did just leave after I turned him down and retreated. I hope my luck holds and our paths never cross again!)

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Cake Makes Everything Better

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(I am a few months into my first “real” job. My marriage recently ended, and I am feeling very unhappy. Some but not all of my coworkers know that I am getting divorced. My birthday is coming up shortly, and I decide to throw a party to cheer myself up. What birthday party is complete without cake? So, I make a phone call.)

Me: “Hi. I’d like to order a birthday cake, please. It needs to be big enough to feed 25 to 30 people.”

Bakery Employee: “No problem. What would you like it to say?”

Me: “‘Happy Birthday, [My Name].’”

(I hang up the phone and realize that two of my coworkers are staring at me.)

Coworker #1: *smirking* You’re ordering yourself a birthday cake? That’s the saddest thing I’ve ever heard.

Me: “Well, I want a cake for my party. You’re all invited, by the way.”

Coworker #1: “Can’t someone else order it for you? What about your husband?”

Coworker #2: *nudges [Coworker #1]*

Coworker #1: “What?”

Coworker #2: “She’s getting divorced, idiot.” *to me* “I’ll come to your party. Can I bring anything?”

Me: “Just yourself.” *smiles gratefully*

(The party ended up being a huge success. The cake was delicious! By the time everyone had left, it was 1:30 am and my house was a mess. Oh, did I say everyone had left? Not quite. [Coworker #2] stayed behind to help me clean up. And – to paraphrase a famous saying – several years later, Reader, I married him.)

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I Love You One Day A Year Because Corporate Says So

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(My fiance and I go to the same college. We both live on campus, in the same building on separate floors. At the time of this story, we’ve been dating for three years, with our anniversary on February 9th. It’s right around Valentine’s Day, and one of his roommate’s girlfriends is in their room, waiting on her boyfriend before they go out. They’ve been dating for three months at this point.)

Roommate’s Girlfriend: “Do you have any plans to take [My Name] out for Valentine’s Day?”

Fiance: “Our anniversary is the ninth, so we usually just go out around then to celebrate, but [My Name] doesn’t really believe in Valentine’s Day.”

(This is true; I have no qualms with those who want to celebrate, but I’d rather not have a corporate holiday telling me when to celebrate the people I love. I’d rather do it on a random day than do it when society expects, but again, I don’t hold it against anyone who wants to celebrate and I’m happy for them if they do! He explains the above to her, but she’s proven in the three months they’ve been dating to not be the brightest bulb in the room. She takes the explanation in, sits for a moment, and then says:)

Roommate’s Girlfriend: “Oh, so you don’t love her?”

(He was not very happy. Neither was I, at first. After the anger waned, I felt a bit sad for her and people who believed the same. Valentine’s Day does not equal Love, and I hope we can teach our young folk that there’s more to love than being taken out on a holiday!)

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Don’t Be A Chicken About Marriage

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(My boyfriend and I have discussed eventually wanting to get married in the future but never put any plans into motion. So, I order a simple ring with a fried egg on it. Around Christmas, I give it to him.)

Me: “Hey, sweetie, open this.”

Boyfriend: *opening the box* “What is this?”

Me: “It is your egg-agement ring.”

(I got hit with a pillow, but we’ve been happily married for a year now.)

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