Collies Without Borders

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(My family is gathered at my house and we are attempting to watch television together. Originally, I am seated in the middle of the couch between my sister and my mother, while my uncle is seated across the room from me. Said uncle has a habit of quickly grabbing the remote and slowly remembering that he has no clue how to work my equipment, so I stand to get the remote and get the game on. Almost instantly, my border collie jumps up and takes my spot without invitation.)

Me: “Get off.”

Mother: “You can just sit over there.” *points to a different seat*

Me: “Not the point. No one invited her up. She shouldn’t be on the couch unless she’s called.”

Sister: *as she starts rubbing my dog* “It’s fine! Just leave her be!”

Me: “It’s not fine. She’s a big dog. If she doesn’t learn obedience, bad things will happen.” *back to my dog* “Off!”

(Despite her love of being rubbed, my dog takes the command and climbs off the couch to lay down beside it.)

Sister: “You are such a bully.”

Me: “When you get your own dog, raise it your way. This is my dog, so I’ll raise it my way.”

(With that out of the way, I go back to working on the television. Before I can finish, my sister glances out the window and notices my neighbors’ daughter has come to visit. As she is friends with said daughter but they don’t get to see each other much due to college, my sister pops out to say hi and catch up. It is also worth noting that my neighbors have a Papillon. On her return, my sister groans.)

Sister: “[Neighbors] have to do something about [Papillion]! He is completely out of control! Doesn’t listen to one thing anyone says! Why can’t he be more like [Border Collie]?”

Me: *facepalm*

(Despite my numerous efforts to explain it, she has still yet to figure out my “bullying” is how to get an obedient dog and still objects to how strict I am with my border collie.)

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Has Some Baggage Over The Bagging

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(I work at a “budget” grocery store, where customers are expected to bag their own items. My customer and I bond over the fact that she works as a cashier at [Way More Expensive Grocery Store] and we casually make fun of bad customers as I ring her up.)

Customer: “Yeah, customers can be awful. But, I mean, you know, at least at [Expensive Store] we actually do our jobs and bag groceries, unlike here where they don’t understand customer service.”

(Her tone has quickly switched from happy and friendly to quite nasty, and I’m rather taken aback at the change.)

Me: “I… I’m sorry?”

Customer: “Yeah. We just work way harder than you. You just stand there.”

Me: “I can assure you, ma’am, we work very hard here.”

Customer: “Not as hard as we work at [Expensive Store]. I actually do more than stand around and scan things. It’s just ridiculous that we have to bag our own things! It’s not right! We’d never treat a customer like that at [Expensive Store]!”

Me: “That’s not really called for. We all work hard here, and—”

Customer: “Ridiculous!”

Me: “I’m sorry you’re frustrated, but not paying for baggers is how we keep our prices so low. [Expensive Store] is almost twice the price for almost everything, and their prices are higher specifically because they have more luxuries, like paying to have enough staff on hand that you have time to bag between customers.”

Customer: “Oh, my God, I looooove how cheap you guys are compared to [Expensive Store], nowhere near as expensive as my work. That’s why I love coming here! You just need to learn to do your job properly and bag things!”

Me: *sigh*

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(I’m at an interview to work at a restaurant. I’m from Hispanic descent.)

Manager: “Do you speak Spanish?”

Me: “A little.”

Manager: “Good. Don’t.”

Me: *puzzled* “Okay?”

Manager: “We’ve got a few Hispanics here and they talk, talk, talk in Spanish at the time and it’s really rude. They might be talking about me and I don’t understand, so it’s really rude.”

Me: “Don’t worry; I won’t.”

(He hired me and I began work. Then, I noticed that HE spoke Spanish to everyone! But he didn’t allow anyone else to speak it. Really bizarre but not the worst I’ve had. Why are managers so weird and hypocritical? Do they really think we won’t notice?)

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Her Baggage Is Not The Kind You Can Stamp

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(At our store, if you bring in a reusable bag, you get a stamp on a card. Fill up the card — ten stamps — and you get a dollar-off coupon. The customer has just finished up an epic, ten-minute long rant about how she is never going to shop here again. Two managers and one shift leader were called over to talk to her at various points. She dared us to have the police called on her for making a scene because she felt that strongly about never coming back. She told every cashier she hopes we’ll quit and never have to set foot in the store again. And then, she buys her cartful of groceries. As you can imagine, it’s really awkward to be the cashier checking her out. As I finish putting her things into her bag, she starts to storm off, and then pauses.)

Customer: “Oh, before I forget, I need to start a new bag card. I used one bag today; can you stamp this for me?”

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Did Not Pass With Flying Colors

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(I am checking out groceries at a local supermarket. It is early in the morning so there is no one behind me, so I decide to chat with the cashier. I have naturally curly hair that I’ve bleached and dyed a vivid purple colour.)

Me: “I love your nails; great colour choice!”

Cashier: “Thanks! I decided on the colours, even though it took me ages; too many choices!”

Me: “Well, they’re bold and beautiful. Good choice.”

Cashier: “Yeah, there was an older lady getting a pedicure across from me and she looked over at my nails and scoffed at them…”

Me: “Oh, no. Really?”

Cashier: “Yeah, she said that those colours don’t belong outside of primary school children! Can you believe it?!”

Me: “Well, some people are a bit judgmental, not that I can talk!”

(I motion to my vivid, purple, and curly hair. The cashier visibly scrunches up her nose in a look of disgust.)

Cashier: “Well, purple is a hideous colour.” *sighs heavily* “But I guess we have to be accepting of other people and their choices, right?”

(I had no idea how to respond to that. Her nails were multi-coloured, sparkly explosions, but she had an issue with my hair?)

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