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I am a librarian for my local public library, and I usually work behind the information desk. We’ve just opened that morning, and since I’m not getting too many people coming up to me, I walk around the library to see who needs help. Spoiler: You’d be amazed how many people not only ask for computer help, but expect us to write their documents for them. I’m walking around the computers when this woman asks for me.

Woman: Hey! Can you help me?
Me: Sure. With what?
She points to her screen. She’s taking some kind of test.
Woman: Do you know which of these is the right answer?
Me: No, ma’m. I’m afraid not off the top of my head. You need to take your own test.
Woman: It says anger and stress can cause a heart attack when you’re still young!
Me: No kidding.
(The person sitting next to her snickers. )
Woman: So which one is it?
Me: I would guess 40. I’ll look it up for you if you want, but from now on, please do your own work.

Don’t ask me what she was hoping to get from this. She was on the internet, so its not like she didn’t have google or anything!

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I’m working on the register just after open, when suddenly there’s pages for security and a manager to the paint aisle. From that direction, I hear raised angry voices, and a coworker rushes front and tells me to call the police.

It turns out a customer was taking cans of spray paint and painting long lines down the floor of the aisle. A coworker smelled the paint, but by the time he got there, there were a dozen paint lines in different colors. When my coworker asked him to stop, he got violent.

As police were dragging him out, the customer was still fighting, yelling “how the f*** was I supposed to know the colors!”

The floor was poured concrete, so they ended up polishing off the top layer to clean it up. Until then, it looked like a weird rainbow.

They Need More Lifeguards… For The Out-Of-Water Hazards

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When I was fourteen or fifteen, I worked in the snack shack at my local swim club. This was my first real job, so I didn’t have a lot of experience, but I learned quickly. The snack shack was run by a separate company from the pool, so technically, they were my employers. But I will tell you, it sucked.

This place, had anyone actually checked on it, would have broken so many health codes that they wouldn’t have even been able to fit them all on one paper. The entire floor under our grill and fryers was a massive grease pit, and the entire summer, I was scared it would catch on fire and explode.

One time, I swore I saw a mouse disappearing into the bread drawer. Halfway through the summer, there was a fly and maggot infestation. When food went bad, we usually scraped off the ick and still served the good parts!

Toward the end of the year, the company basically gave up on us and stopped sending restock items. This meant that, on Labor Day, by far the pool’s busiest weekend of the year, we were out of fries, onion rings, bread in general, hamburger buns, waters, sodas, candy, and tuna.

And, to top to all off, they took an extra three weeks after the snack shack closed for the year to get us our pay, and they likely wouldn’t have paid us at all if I hadn’t put up a fuss.

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(I work as an employee at a Dunkin Donuts,I had just stepped through the door when my co-worker sighed of relief and told me in our language “[ my Name], you’re here to save me”)

Lady in maybe her 40’s with what send to be her daughter that’s 19 at most.

Before I even clock in
Lady: I want three scoops in a cup
Me: Alright just one second miss
*Lady clearly annoyed that I made her wait an extra two seconds*
*give her ice cream*
Lady:I want a banana split
*I start making banana split*
Lady: I want a scoop of Jamoca (coffee)
Me: We don’t have that flavor right now bit we have Jamoca almond Fudge which is similar,would you like a sample?
*Lady makes a face and rolls her eyes but takes sample anyway, I continue making the banana split and she starts getting extra toppings *
Lady:I want a warm cookie sundae
*she goes to choose cookies*
Lady:”Are these the only cookies you have?”
Me:” yes”
Lady: “but it’s only noon”*checks watch*
Me : “We don’t our shipment till Friday ”
*Lady is annoyed chooses cookies,I make sundae*
Lady: I want a three scoop sundae but nothing with nuts my mom is allergic
Me:which flavors would you like
(I end up having to tell her No not that has nuts for a few flavors she wants even though allergens are listed next to the ice cream name, while everytime she repeats “no my mom is allergic to nuts”)
Lady: I see that if I get 2 or more scoops I get a free waffle cone
Me: “yes but that’s when you get it in the waffle cone”
Lady:*furious* “Well you didn’t tell me that before”
(i hadn’t made the 3 scoops of ice cream her daughter was holding which she was refering too, my co-worker had made that before I came in)
Lady’s daughter:Mooomm (she saw that her mother was being rude)
Lady:*turns red with anger* Be quiet I’m trying to do this *goes back to ordering and telling me she needs lids for all the ice creams when I hadn’t even finished making her mother’s sundae*

(Manager gives the okay to give her the waffle cone for free, she pays and leaves still a bit angery and annoyed, only says thank you when the manager gave her what she wanted, these were the first 15 minutes of my 8 hour shift that day)

Pico De NoNo

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I am waiting to pay for my burrito at a certain well-known Mexican restaurant when an older man walks up to the counter with a plastic ramekin of salsa and hands it to the cashier.

Customer: “Here, I didn’t use all of it.”

He walks away.

Me: *To the cashier* “We have trash cans for a reason. Why did he give it to you?”

Cashier: “I think he thinks maybe someone else will want it?”

Me: “Eww. No one wants your nasty used salsa, dude. What’s wrong with people?”

Cashier: “Yeah, let me just put this back in the dish. No. They do this all the time.”

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