Not Having His Day Means Neither Is Anyone Else

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(At our reception, we work with a team; not everyone is working every day. We have a decent system, like a log, so people know what happened the day before. One of the team members, [Coworker], never uses the log and doesn’t do most of his responsibilities. He once left an accidental spill unattended for hours, instead of calling for cleaners or cleaning it up himself — regular cleaning mopped it up for us in the evening. We mentioned this to him and our manager, but there is little change. Because we are understaffed, management can’t let him go. One morning, I enter the building for opening up. The door is unlocked. The blinds are up. The heater –which should never be left unattended — is still blazing. Important documents are spread out over the table, right in the open. A few minutes after cleaning things up and checking the log — no entry — management comes in.)

Me: “Excuse me, [Manager], who was on duty yesterday?”

Manager: “[Coworker], why?”

(I manage to hold back a “Why am I not surprised?” and tell him how I found things. The manager sighs.)

Manager: “He already mentioned yesterday he wasn’t having his day. When I noticed [chore] hadn’t been done yet, I asked him if he needed help. I hadn’t seen him yet and boy, he looked awful. He got beaten up due to mistaken identity and he said he wasn’t feeling good. But even so, he should’ve done his standard chores.”

Me: “Or asked for help? Or mentioning it beforehand?”

Manager: “I’ll talk about it to him… again.”

(I know we are understaffed, but this is seriously not working. I’ve requested if he can be transferred to another department, with fewer responsibilities. You simply can’t leave an office unlocked, with a fire hazard burning!)

Needs To Work Harder At This Whole “Work” Thing

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Recently we had an intern who was almost finished with his studies; all he needed to graduate was this internship.

On his first day, he arrived an hour late, but as it was his first day and he had a semi-acceptable excuse, we cut him some slack. He proceeded with his day by dashing his tasks off and browsing the Internet instead of telling us he was finished.

On his second day, he hadn’t arrived at 11:00 am; he was scheduled to start at 8:00 am. I told our boss, and he asked me to send him straight to him. He arrived mid-afternoon and our boss had a few words with him about his work ethic.

On the third day, he didn’t arrive at all. When I told our boss, he allowed me to call him. His explanation was — I wish I was kidding — “[Boss] told me if I come in late tomorrow again I’d better not come at all. So… see you tomorrow.”

He seemed genuinely confused that he was fired during that phone call. From his point of view, he just did what he was asked. I still feel sorry for him, as I’m not sure he was able to graduate after failing his internship. But, dear Lord in heaven, how can anyone be so oblivious that he doesn’t understand that working two to three, or even zero hours a day when you’re paid for eight is unacceptable?

Not So Easy-Peasy Japanesey

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(I go on various forums for expats living in Japan, looking for advice.)

Me: “Hello. I am a woman from Latin America moving to Japan for work. The company hiring me already told me I should bring fitted sheets from home since they are very expensive in Japan. Are there any other things I should bring, so as to not make my move too expensive?”

Person #1: “Japan is a first world country; you can get anything here.”

Person #2: “Japan is way more technological than that.”

Person #3: “Japan does have some things that are more expensive, but you can get anything here.”

Person #4: “There are more things here than where you live, lol.”

(So far, not one useful answer.)

Better Luck Tomorrow

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(I order something online to pick up in a store. I get an email saying that the order can be picked up that day, while the pickup slip that I need to show says the day after. Since the store is on my way and it’s more convenient for me if I can pick it up that day, I decide to take a gamble and just go. If it’s not there, I can always go tomorrow. I get in line with for cashier, which is also the pickup point. It’s quite crowded, so I patiently wait.)

Me: “Hello. I received an email saying I could pick up my order, but the slip I need to show says tomorrow. I was wondering if it was already in.”

Cashier: “Let me get the manager for you.”

(I step out of the line and wait for the manager. When he comes, he carries along several crates of shipment; clearly, he was unpacking things. He asks my name and order number.)

Manager: “I think I saw it with our shipment. [Employee], could you look for it in the back, while I unpack this?”

Employee: “Sure, can I see the slip?” *I show the pickup slip* “This says tomorrow; you have to come back tomorrow.”

Me: “Oh, but…”

Manager: “[Employee], I think I saw it in the back. Please check.”

Employee: “But the slip says tomorrow! It can’t be there yet!”

Manager: “Please go and check.”

(The employee sighs, goes to the back, and returns after a while. Meanwhile, the manager decides to go in the back, as well.)

Employee: “Yeah, I couldn’t find it. Like it said: it will be delivered tomorrow and not today. It says so on the pickup slip, so you need to come back tomorrow!”

(The tone is quite know-it-all, but I decide to just come back tomorrow.)

Me: “All right, thank you for checking, anyway. I will come back to—“

Manager: *carrying two boxes* “[Employee], it’s the top one.”

Employee: “What? But…”

Manager: “Please give the top box to the lady.”

(The employee gets the box and hands it to me. Not a “here you go,” or whatever, just a sigh.)

Me: “Thank you. I’m glad it showed up. I will let customer service know about the confusing email and slip.”

Employee: “It’s not confusing! It said tomorrow!”

(Clearly not getting anywhere with this employee, I headed to the cash register and checked out my order. When I got home, I had a notification that my order had been picked up successfully that same day!)

Medium To Largely Lazy

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(I stop into a fast food place and order a combo meal that comes with, among other things, a medium drink. I then get handed a cup, and I stare at it for a moment.)

Me: “Uh, excuse me… Isn’t this a small?”

Cashier: “Yeah.”

Me: “Right… but I ordered the [meal] which comes with a medium drink.”

Cashier: “We’re out.”

Me: “You’re… you’re totally out of medium cups?”

Cashier: “Yeah, lots of folks ordered.” *takes a tone like he’s talking to a child* “You really should have come earlier.”

Me: “Right. Then am I getting a refund?”

Cashier: “For what?”

Me: “I ordered a medium drink, and you gave me a small. So, either I get something else to make up the difference, or I get some of my money back.”

Cashier: “Oh, just take the d*** soda!”

Me: “How about you get the d*** manager, instead?”

(The cashier huffs and disappears into the back. Eventually, someone comes up with my tray of food, and I ask if they’re the manager. Nope. The cashier has just up and vanished without telling anyone. Eventually, the actual manager comes up.)

Manager: “What’s the problem, sir?”

Me: “I was told you’re out of medium drink cups after I ordered, and—“

Manager: “What?” *calls to someone in back* “Hey, [Employee], grab another box of medium cups from the supply room!”

Me: “Are you saying he was just too lazy to even ask someone to restock?”

Manager: “Apparently. Sorry about the trouble; this isn’t the first time he’s been lazy.”

(The manager then handed me a large cup and insisted I take it. Honestly, I would have been happy just getting what I ordered, but hey, bonus soda. While I was eating I suddenly heard a lot of shouting in back, and after a minute the cashier went storming out, cursing up a storm and throwing his hat and apron around. Might not have been his first time being lazy, but I guess it was his last!)

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