Not A Fan Of Remakes

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(I’m at a busy coffee restaurant. My name is called, but when I get there one second later, I don’t see it.)

Me: “Excuse me? I heard my name called and there’s nothing here with it.”

Worker: “Oh, yeah, I put it out, but someone must’ve taken it.”

Me: “Okay?”

Worker: “I guess I’ll remake it…”

(I wait, but he does everyone else’s that was behind me in line first! I try to catch his attention again, but he ignores me. I try to catch the attention of the manager, but he avoids my eye. By this time, I’m late for my job.)

Worker: “Okay, here you go.”

Me: *sarcastic* “Thanks.”

Worker: *dismissive* “Mhm.”

(Luckily, my boss was in a good mood. I wouldn’t go back even if they paid me a million dollars to do so, and I mean that.)

Doesn’t Have A Son-ny Disposition

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(I work at a law office that does one type of law. There’s only one lawyer, though his son once did another type of law out of the same office. Due to the number of clients each side got, the son chose to move his practice to another office so there’d be less mix-up and confusion for the clients. We still get calls for the son and we usually give his phone number to them. Recently, however, we have gotten a lot of angry phone calls about his number being wrong in the phone book.)

Me: “Good morning, [Father’s Law Office].

Caller: “I need to talk to [Son].”

Me: “I’m afraid you have the wrong number, ma’am. This is [Father’s Law Office]. [Son] moved his office over a year ago.”

Caller: “This is the number in the phone book. Are you sure [Son] isn’t there?”

Me: “Yes, ma’am. I can promise you that [Son] is definitely not here.”

Caller: “Can you give me his phone number?”

Me: “Sure, let me Google it.” *finds our Internet is down* “Oops, no, I apologize. I’m currently not able to bring his phone number up.”

Caller: “You don’t have it?”

Me: “No, unfortunately not. We used to have it written down on cards, but they disappeared. We fear our cleaning staff may have thrown them away. It’s always been easier just to look it up on the Internet than to write it down again.”

Caller: “Well, I’ll see if I can find it.”

(Five minutes later…)

Me: “Good morning, [Father’s Law Office].”

Caller: “I looked in the phone book and this is the only number I can find for [Son].”

Me: *thinking* “Why would you call back the phone number you know isn’t the correct one?”

Me: “It’s strange they would put the incorrect phone number for him in the phone book, but I can promise you it’s not the correct one.”

Caller: “And you can’t give me his number?”

Me: “I’m not able to use the Internet until I get a connection. All I know is the area code is [number] and the first part of the phone number is [number]. I can’t help more than that.”

Caller: “It’s a start, at least.”

(Three minutes later…)

Caller: “Are you able to Google it now?”

Me: “Ma’am! I do have other calls coming in. You can look the phone number up yourself, you know.”

Caller: *sniff* “It’s not my place to do your job. You should have that number handy.”

Finding The Bags For The Old Bag

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(My wife works in a hotel and she relayed this story to me.)

Wife: “Bell department, [Wife] speaking. How may I assist you?”

Customer: “We lost our luggage ticket but need you to bring our bags up.”

Wife: “That’s not a problem, ma’am. Please describe the bags, and tell me how many you have?”

Customer: “Yeah, it was two big black bags. Get them and bring them up right away!”

Wife: “All right, ma’am, I will start looking for those right away, and as soon as we find them a bellman will bring them up.”

Customer: “Hurry up.” *click*

(She looks through the dozens of racks for a grouping of two black bags, then checks the name. This is a big hotel and there are hundreds, if not thousands of bags. After looking through the entire downstairs area for about ten minutes, she calls to get help to look in the upstairs area; she has no luck there, either.)

Wife: *calling the guest back* “I apologize, ma’am, but we were not able to locate two black bags under your name. Could you possibly tell me anything else about them?”

Customer: “For crying out loud, do I have to come down there myself? It’s two black bags; how hard could it be?”

Wife: “Ma’am, this hotel has thousands of rooms; I literally have hundreds of black bags down here from our guests. I just need a bit more to go on. Any luck finding the ticket?”

Customer: “No. Fine, it was two black bags, a grey bag, and a blue suitcase. Sheesh. Why is this so hard?”

Wife: *gritting her teeth and wanting to strangle guest through the phone* “Oh, so it was four bags: two black, one grey bag, and a blue suitcase. As soon as we locate them, the bellman will be up to your room. Give us about ten minutes.”

Customer: “I don’t have all day.” *click*

Wife: *head-desk*

In This Instance, Your Father Is Not The Law

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I work as a sysadmin in a lawyer’s firm. There’s a department for civil law and a department for handling business law. I don’t know a thing about law; all I need to do is make sure no one has access to documents they don’t need.

I have set up a scheme of permissions to various folders and the owner has tested and approved it. Anyone working in the Business Law department has no access to files in the Civil Law folder and vice versa.

The son of the department manager of civil laws is having an internship for his IT training and his father thinks I can help him. I don’t think that this is a good idea given the confidentiality of the data on the servers, but I am overruled because the owner is okay with it – or at least that’s what I am told.

So, stuck with an intern, I try to put him to work installing PCs and laptops, but the boy isn’t really interested in working. He sits and plays with his phone until it’s time to go home. After two days, I’ve had enough of it. The next morning, I call him into my office and tell him that if he doesn’t intend to do anything there’s no reason for him to stay here.

So, he leaves. Half an hour later, his father calls me to his office. There I find the son sitting at his dad’s computer browsing through confidential folders and files like it’s his daily job. The dad starts complaining about how I’m not taking care of my intern. I explain that it isn’t my intern but his son and that his son simply refused to do anything I ordered him.

According to the father, I shouldn’t have ordered the boy to some work; I should have asked him. I see the boy smirking in the background, still browsing on the server and reading confidential and sensitive information about our clients. It is my job to prevent unauthorized persons from viewing this information, so I must take action.

I walk over to the computer, shut it off, and take the wireless mouse and keyboard with me.

Next, I’m off to the owner’s office, informing him that an unauthorized person has been reading confidential documents on our server.

The dad comes in and starts berating me, but he’s silenced by the owner. I’m told to go back to my office and find out what files the boy has been tampering with. I find out that he deleted files and folders and has been changing several documents. He did this mostly by typing some vulgarity in the documents, and in some documents he has changed dates and replaced names with lots of four-letter words. I print the changed documents, recover the deleted documents, and decide to restore yesterday’s backup. But this means that everybody most close the documents they are working on and that, in some cases, everything they did today will be lost. Also, they can’t work during the time I’m restoring files.

The owner calls me, asking for a “damage report.” I bring him the printouts of the changed documents and tell him what I have to do. The owner agrees and tells me to go ahead.

Sometime later, everything is as it was before. I call the owner to tell him that everyone can start working again. The owner tells me that the intern won’t be coming anymore and that I have to disable the computer account and the mail account of the civil law department manager.

The next day, I find out the owner made a deal with the department manager that if he’d resign no one would ever know the real reason why he left the firm. The owner later told me that he didn’t even know about the internship and that he never would have allowed it.

We Can Give The Power Or Take It Away

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I work in a law office. A client of one of the partners of the firm emailed and asked for a copy of his mother’s Power of Attorney. This should be a really simple process. I emailed him back that all he needed to do was send us a copy of his ID to confirm his identity and we either needed to talk to his mother or have some kind of evidence that she had lost capacity.

Apparently, this was too much work for him. He proceeded to send eight increasingly angry emails and several phone calls demanding the POA without giving us the required information, saying he was too busy to waste his time on “unnecessary work.”

I kept telling him that it was not even our rule, but a requirement from the Law Society. Eventually, he sent a copy of his ID but insisted that “he didn’t want to bother his mother with something so trivial.”

By now his behavior was more than a little suspicious, so I sent him a last email telling him that because he had been impolite and uncooperative, I would not deal with him and he would have to speak to the managing partner.

It would probably take at least a week before the managing partner would have time in his schedule to deal with this guy, and when he did, I knew he wouldn’t be nearly as nice as I had been.

Basically, this guy could have taken five minutes to give us the required information and had the POA by the next day but now, if he kept going the way he had been, he wouldn’t get the POA for weeks.

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