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(I work in an equine consignment shop and I have a mini spiel I give to people who ask how it works)
Me: (last line of spiel) so everything has to be clean, in good repair and saleable condition.
Customer: So can I bring in dirty tack or do I have to clean it first?
*face palm*

Totally Useless Humor

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I work in a secondhand/thrift store. I’m approached by a teenage girl.

Teenager: “You work here? Come with me.” 

I don’t even get the chance to say a word before she walks past me and leads me to the furniture aisle, where her mother is waiting with a lamp in her hand.

Me: “You had a question, ma’am?”

Mother: “Yes. I want to buy this lamp along with this side table over here, but the lamp is a bit wobbly, see?”

She shakes the lamp hood which wobbles a teeny bit.

Mother: “I want a discount! Can I pay [price] for the set?”

Me: “Well, as it is a store with used and secondhand products, there can be slight imperfections. And since we already are giving you the lowest price possible, I think, we usually don’t do a lot of discounting. But I’m not the one doing the pricing on these things. You can ask my more qualified coworkers by the counter—”

The mother cuts me off and talks to her daughter.

Mother: “Honey, you dragged the wrong one here!”

Teenager: “So you are completely useless!”

They both smile as if it’s a joke. I don’t think calling someone ”useless” is a joke.

Me: “Or I could walk to the back storage and ask my supervisor. Just a second.”

I walk to the back, which is closer for me to walk to than the front counter, anyway, and go to my supervisor. I am glad I don’t have to deal with them anymore.

Me: “[Supervisor], can you go help these ladies there with a question about a lamp and a table?”

She goes out to help them while I resume my usual work in the storage. My supervisor comes back and seems pleased. 

Me: “Did you give them the discount?”

Supervisor: “Oh, yes! They were so polite about it, I thought, ‘Why not?’” 

Me: “Well, at least I’m glad they treated you politely. When I couldn’t provide them the answer they wanted, the girl called me ‘useless.’”

Supervisor: *Eyes narrowing* “They did? Oh, my… Now I regret that discount.”

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Behaving Antisocial About Being Social

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Our registers are spaced along a counter, rather than at individual kiosks. A customer is at the register next to mine, chattering to my supervisor about what she’s going to do with her craft purchase. I’m not paying attention, partly because I’m not interested, but mostly because another customer has come to the tills.

I greet the next customer and start ringing them up. We’re a little way down the counter and I’m not talking loudly enough to drown her out, but apparently, the customer takes offense.

Customer #1: “Excuse me? Excuse me! HEY!”

She reaches over and raps my register monitor sharply.

Customer #1: “Are you listening to me?!”

Me: “I’m sorry, ma’am, but no. I was helping another customer.”

Customer #1: “Well, you need to remember your manners! Close your mouth and open your ears, because I’m talking and you’re supposed to be listening! I was saying that I’m going to—”

Me: “Ma’am, I have a customer to help. I cannot socialize.”

Customer #1: “You’re being very rude! I learned in elementary school that when one person talks, you’re supposed to listen!”

Customer #2: “And I learned in elementary school that when you’re at work, you do your job and don’t stand around socializing. Leave the poor cashier alone.”

Customer #1: “You stay out of this!”

The supervisor, who initially kind of froze up, speaks up.

Supervisor: “Ma’am, you were talking to me. My employee was not part of our conversation, so she was not required to listen. Now, here is your change, and you’re going to need to leave, as we have other customers to assist.”

[Customer #1] huffed but stormed off. She didn’t send in a complaint, as far as I know.

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Well i am working at a local thrift store right now and aout a week maybe a little more ago our cash broke (we only havr one cash at the store) and well we waited for the part we had hoped to fix it came in we used it to hold cash as that was all it was good for and then we got the part and tryd to get it working but unforintly it didn’t fix the till so we had to send it into be fixed and so we started using the drawers that are right below where the till use to be to hold the money and debit receipts. Well i was doing it all day with every transation and well i had one custmor come and did all there stuff and added it all up and took their money. Then about 15 or so minutes later we had an OPP officer walk in and well i had a few people to serve he stood aside and then when i was competed helping them i asked him what was going on and he said “we had a report that you were stealing the money” well i explained to him what was going on and he wrote it all down and asked to speack to my manager to verify everything i had said so i got her and she explained it to him and he apologized and left

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Me and my friends were considering to sell some of our stuff at a Cash-Converter store.
First we tried to sell a AAA Motherboard, but they wouldnt take it because it was “too specific”, even though the store has other motherboards, sometimes of completely unknown brands.
Next we tried to sell his 120$, like new, in box Keyboard, and they wanted to give us 20$ for that…

You may have waited for the big twist:
They bought an old as laptop HDD for 30$…

As i am an IT guy myself, I just got some old ass HDD drives and sold them

Guy with the job to rip people off gets ripped off in his own business.