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I was working Drive Thru at night, around 11 pm. During the day we will break a 100 dollar bill but after 10 we don’t in case of robbery, which has been known to happen in our area. A customer orders a large hamburger combo and pulls through. He hands me a 100 dollar bill.
Me: “I’m sorry sir, I can’t take this, we don’t break 100 dollar bills after 10 pm.”
Customer: “Are you fucking serious?! You can’t fucking break this? That’s ridiculous.”
Me: “I’m sorry, I can’t take it.”
At this point I hand him the bill back, and my manager overhearing the fuss, comes over.
Manager: “I’m sorry sir, due to the high number of times we’ve been robbed we can’t take 100’s after 10.”
Customer: “My daughter runs a lemonade stand and is giving change all day! You’re a Drive Thru and you can’t give me change?”
We continue to apologize but he is clearly still aggravated. He pulls out a 20 and hands it to me. I gather his change, which includes bills and coins, and try to hand it to him. He proceeds to roughly grab the money from my hand and throw the coins on the street. I gather his food and give it to him, and he drives off without saying a word.

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Customer: I have a question about something else.

Me: Yes?

Customer: I’m searching for ancestry.com.

Me: Er, the website?

Customer: I don’t know, someone told me you sell it here.

Me: No, that’s a website.

Customer: A what?

Me: A website. You use a computer to access it.

Customer: Oh, are you sure?

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(Some background on this story. I am 17 at the time but work tier 1 escalations, tier 2 escalations and corporate customer care, meaning I am both a team lead and if you complain in any shape or form you’re going to talk to me (or a teammate) no matter how high up you go, so many don’t know how young I am.)

One of my agents, an older, very sweet woman calls me, crying hysterically on the phone telling me the man was extremely abusive and demanding a supervisor. Right away this has already put him at a huge disadvantage, I am not inclined to go out of my way to help anyone that abuses my agents. I take the call and tell her to take a few minutes to recover.

Me: Thank you for calling **** customer support. My name is (my name) and I am the supervisor here, how may I assist… (Gets cut off)

Client: *goes on the graphically describe how he is going to sexually assault me and blow up the building, and I mean disgustingly graphic. This goes on for a good 10+ minutes, and while we have the right to hang up if the client gets abusive I know he will just call back and get another one of my agents.*

Me: Sir.

Client: *Keeps going*

Me: *tries a few more times before I put on my no nonsense cut through his tirade voice* Sir! If you continue speaking with me this way I will disconnect the call and if I disconnect this call then no one is going to assist you. Now, please give me your name and phone number and I will need to place you on hold to look into this matter for you.

Client: *Silent for a minute then gives me the info I ask for*

Me: *click hold and walks over to my boss* Hey, I know that we are supposed to put word for word what the client says in our notes but can I use asterisks, I don’t feel comfortable typing out what he said.

Boss: Oh come it, it can’t be that bad, what did he say?

Me: Tells him exactly what the client said after explaining I don’t even feel ok saying it.

Boss: *Starts laughing thinking I am joking until he see that I am not smiling or joking* Seriously? Why the hell is he still on your phone? *Suddenly this gets the attention of all my co-workers, it should be mentioned that they are almost exclusively male and older than I am, many have kids older than me*

Me: Because if I disconnected he would have called back and abused one of our reps instead, I can take it, most of them can’t. Now do I have to spell out the words or not.

Boss: Abbreviations are fine, now get him off your phone, we need to report this.

Me: *goes back to the client and explains we need more time to research this but we would give him a call back shortly then hangs up and logs the call*

Co-worker 1: I’ll call him back for you.

Co-workers 2: You are not speaking with the man again, if we need to call back one of us will take it. *this is echoed by everyone I work with*

This gets reported up the chain. Come to find out that shortly before calling the client was removed from one of our stores by the police after he lost it as the store employees. All because he bought an upgrade to a product he didn’t own, so it obviously didn’t work. However this client owned nearly $40K worth of our products, all registered. I was informed that legal was taking over from there. I don’t know the exact details but I do know that he was threatened with multiple charges against a minor unless he voluntarily let us blacklist him and all of his software from the company. I had multiple people from world head quarters call and check on me and received a hand written apology from the president of the company of having to deal with that. I to this day don’t understand why he would risk so much over a simple mistake on his part. But to this day whenever I get an escalation from someone I chuckle and say, it can’t be the worst I ever had.

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(I work for the largest telcom company in the US. I’m at my desk when I get a call.)

Me: “Thanks for calling [Company]; this is [My Name].”

Caller: “Hi, I’m calling from [Competing Telcom Company], and I wanted to talk to you today about how I can save you a bunch of money by switching your phone and Internet services to us.”

(I pause for a second, first because she clearly didn’t listen when I answered the phone, and second because the likelihood of one telcom calling another telcom to sell them Internet/phone service is pretty small.)

Me: “Well, like I said when I answered the phone, you’ve reached [Company] and we provide our own phone and Internet services.”

Caller: “Oh, my gosh, I’m calling a [Company] number?” *laughs* “What are the odds? Okay. Have a nice day!”

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Makes You Want To Elbow Her In The Oboe

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(I work part-time at a small mom-and-pop music store that sells, rents, and repairs musical instruments. I am only here when my boss is unable to come into the store. He takes an annual two-week trip in the summer every year. He is the only one who repairs clarinets, flutes, and oboes. A woman comes in with her shy, middle-school-aged daughter.)

Woman: “My daughter’s oboe isn’t working and I need it repaired by the end of the week.”

(The end of the week is tomorrow.)

Me: “I am sorry, but the man who fixes oboes is on vacation and will not be coming back for another week and a half. You can leave it with us and he will look at it as soon as he comes back, or you can bring it back in when he gets back on [date].”

(The woman turns to her daughter)

Woman: “When is your next practice session?”

Daughter: “Next Wednesday.”

Woman: “My daughter needs this done by next Wednesday. This is unacceptable. We have rented lots of instruments from you over the years and we cannot not have service. I will be coming back in as soon as your boss gets back to return the instrument. We will not be renting from you anymore.”

(The lady ushered her daughter out before I could say anything else. If she had stuck around for five more seconds I would have told her that I could give her a loaner oboe that her daughter could use while she waited for the instrument to be fixed, but I guess that would have taken too long for her.)

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