Wish You Could Chew This Customer Out

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Me: “Hello, this is [Doctor]’s office. How may I help you?”

All I hear are very loud chewing and crunching noises. I wait for a half a minute, in case the caller was just finishing up a quick snack before they called.

Me: “Hello? Are you there? Can you hear me?”

Nope, still eating. I wait another half minute. The whole time, the caller doesn’t say anything but keeps eating. The sounds are making me feel nauseated, but I don’t want to just hang up on them.

Me: “Would you like to call back when you’re finished with your lunch?”

The caller chews faster and then swallows very audibly.

Caller: “No, thanks, I’m done now!”

The phone number to this office doesn’t have a hold queue, and most of the regular patients, including the one who called, are aware of this. I get that people are busy and can only call the doctor during their lunch break, but there is no excuse for calling while you’re in the middle of eating.

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Behaving Antisocial About Being Social

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Our registers are spaced along a counter, rather than at individual kiosks. A customer is at the register next to mine, chattering to my supervisor about what she’s going to do with her craft purchase. I’m not paying attention, partly because I’m not interested, but mostly because another customer has come to the tills.

I greet the next customer and start ringing them up. We’re a little way down the counter and I’m not talking loudly enough to drown her out, but apparently, the customer takes offense.

Customer #1: “Excuse me? Excuse me! HEY!”

She reaches over and raps my register monitor sharply.

Customer #1: “Are you listening to me?!”

Me: “I’m sorry, ma’am, but no. I was helping another customer.”

Customer #1: “Well, you need to remember your manners! Close your mouth and open your ears, because I’m talking and you’re supposed to be listening! I was saying that I’m going to—”

Me: “Ma’am, I have a customer to help. I cannot socialize.”

Customer #1: “You’re being very rude! I learned in elementary school that when one person talks, you’re supposed to listen!”

Customer #2: “And I learned in elementary school that when you’re at work, you do your job and don’t stand around socializing. Leave the poor cashier alone.”

Customer #1: “You stay out of this!”

The supervisor, who initially kind of froze up, speaks up.

Supervisor: “Ma’am, you were talking to me. My employee was not part of our conversation, so she was not required to listen. Now, here is your change, and you’re going to need to leave, as we have other customers to assist.”

[Customer #1] huffed but stormed off. She didn’t send in a complaint, as far as I know.

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Unfiltered Story #207887

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(Working as triage for a passport facility we have to make sure everyone has all the documents and every applicant is present. Our office is a first come, first serve office which means we get really busy really fast. We use to give out all numbers and make the applicants wait until their turn or they will have to wait longer. The wait depending on their number can take up to 3 hours. They cannot leave with a number and sometimes when they do they don’t always return. We recently cut back on numbers in the morning so people won’t have to wait that long and made a waiting list. The waiting list allows people to come back at a later time with out losing their chances of getting the number. It allows them to run errands or do any last minutes for the checklist. We give the applicants an ETA. If they do not show up we give the number to the next applicant on the waiting list. We never know if the person on the list are coming back or going to a different facility.)
*Man arrives with his wife and child right when the number stops. I put him on the wait list and tell him to check in by 10:00AM. A few other people arrive and I tell them to check in by 10:00AM. Every person that came after the man either waited or checked in before 10:00AM. His wife showed up 5 minutes after 10:00AM. The man walked up to my desk.
MAN: I was wondering if I lost my place when I left because I noticed a lot of people that arrived after me are being seen before me.
ME: No, well, Yes. I told all those people to check in by 10:00AM and they all arrived before 10:00AM
MAN: So, just curious on how the system works cause normally for instances, if someone comes in at 9AM and another at 9:15 and so on, you shouldn’t give away that number.
ME: Uh huh. Yeah I told you to check in by 10:00AM.
*Man keeps trying to complain like it will change the situation or make the day any better. ….Hey guy, how about when someone tells you to come at a certain time, you come at a certain time.

Greenlit This Kid For The Future

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I work at a big department store and I am walking by our toy department when I witness a boy, around eleven or thirteen, throw a soft rubber ball at the woman watching him.

Woman: *To me* “Did you see that?”

Me: *Doubling back to the aisle* “I did.”

Woman: “Do you see how I’m treated?”

Me: *Chuckling a little* “That’s not cool, dude.”

Boy: “But I was excited! I was expressing my excitement.”

Woman: “By throwing a ball at me?”

Boy: “It’s green, and I was happy there was a green option. It’s my favorite color.”

Me: “If it’s your favorite color, why would you want to throw it away from you?”

Boy: “I was sharing my excitement.”

Woman: “Okay, right. Well, we have to go meet your mother. Let’s go.”

The woman takes the ball and sets it down in a bin of puzzles immediately in front of her.

Boy: “Seriously? Seriously.”

Woman: “Yeah, let’s go.”

Boy: “Can I just show you something?”

Woman: “No.”

Boy: “Just watch.”

He picks up the ball and counts his steps back down the aisle.

Boy: “One. Two. Three. Four. Five. Five steps.”

He puts the ball back in its place.

Boy: “It’s not that hard.”

Woman: “Your parents raised you well. Now let’s go.”

Laughing, I gave the boy a fist-bump and wished them both a great night.

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H2-Woah, Part 6

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I work as a barista in a coffee shop where we got a lot of… odd characters. A guy walks in, uses the restroom, and then looks at the bar with the water dispenser and sugar syrups on it. The following interaction with my coworker occurs:

Customer: *Completely serious* “So, all these syrups, are they for flavoring the water?”

Coworker: “Uh, well, no, they’re sugar. For the coffee.”

Customer: “Oh, okay.” *Pause* “Can you put them in the water?”

Coworker: “I guess so? It would just be sugar water, though.”

Customer: “Oh, okay.”

He picks up a half-and-half container.

Customer: “Is this tea?”

Coworker: “No, that’s cream. For the coffee.”

Customer: “Oh, okay.” 

The guy waited until my coworker went back into kitchen and then poured some cream into a water cup and tried it. Deciding he liked it, he poured THE WHOLE CONTAINER into his cup, added some syrup, put a sleeve on the (cold) cup, and walked out, saying, “Thanks, dude!”

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