How To Get Ahead Of The Search

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I’m a pet groomer, and I’m working on a client when a lady comes in to get her invoice for her pet that another coworker groomed. We’re making a bit of small talk and she’s absently digging through her purse on the counter.

Customer: *Exasperated sigh* “I just can’t find my glasses.”

Trying to find the most delicate way to put it, I ask:

Me: “Ah, is it a different pair than the one on your head?”

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You Do You And We Get Screwed

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I’ve worked at the front desk for a motel for nearly ten years. We are the closest town to [Winery], which hosts big-name concerts throughout the summer — think names like Santana, BB King, ZZ Top, etc. I worked the swing shift (3:00 pm to 11:00 pm) during one of those prior to this story, and it was h***. We worked solo most of the time, and big events like this made for very long days. Outside temps got 100 degrees, and our lobby had one small air conditioner that was too far away and too small to do any good. It was eight hours of being hot and miserable on a good day; the concert crowd was just the icing on the cake.

The next summer, I looked at the schedule and saw that I was off when a huge country singer was playing the winery. I was excited, not because I could go to the concert (not my flavor), but because I didn’t have to deal with the shift.

Then, my boss told me that she needed me there, because it was [Coworker]’s scheduled shift and he needed help. While [Coworker] had been with us a few months, he had a tendency to be late to his shifts by as much as an hour. He always had an excuse, and we were hurting for people (because, to be honest, the job sucked, the pay was terrible, and the manager wasn’t great), so he didn’t get fired.

The concert day arrives, and I show up to work the shift, but [Coworker] is nowhere to be found. I’m not surprised. [Boss] tells me to give him a call, so I do, leaving a voicemail. [Boss] then leaves, and I begin doing what I can to stay ahead of the impending storm.

By 4:15, concert-goers are all lining up, ready to check in before getting their country on. My lobby is full, my line is out the door, and people are starting to get impatient. I call [Coworker] again, leave another voicemail, and then get back to it.

By 4:45, I see that I’m running dangerously low on key cards, so I call my boss and tell her I need more; they’re locked in her office. I also mention that [Coworker] still hasn’t shown. She has me call again. I do so and leave another voicemail.

It is now 5:30. [Boss] arrives, gets me another box of key cards, and starts handling guests, as well. The phone rings.

Me: “[Motel], [City], how may I help you?”

Coworker: “Hey, it’s me. I got your voicemails.”

Me: “Hey, [Coworker]! Great! Are you on your way? I really need your help tonight.”

Coworker: “Yeah, about that… I’m quitting.”

Me: “Wait, what?”

Coworker: “Yeah, I’m just not making enough to make it worth coming in.”

Me: *Pauses* “I’m going to hand you over to [Boss].”

I hand the phone over and [Boss] goes into the office while I deal with the still sizable line of increasingly angry guests. After a few minutes, [Boss] comes out and helps finish the line. She then vents for a couple of minutes.

Boss: “Of course, [Coworker] isn’t making enough money! You don’t make money when you don’t come in on time!”

With all the concert-goers finally taken care of, she left.

I don’t miss that job.

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Mobility Issues Or Not, No Need To Be A Jerk

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I work in a thrift store.

Caller: “Do you have any pet beds?”

Me: “Unfortunately, we’re out, ma’am. But we do get them in pretty frequently.”

Caller: “Do you know any other places that might carry them?”

Me: “Well, there are [Store #2], [Store #3], and [Store #4] in town you could try.”

Caller: “Oh, good. Text me their numbers.”

Me: “Uh… pardon?”

Caller: “Their phone numbers, text them to me.”

Me: “I can’t do that, ma’am. I suggest you Google them on your phone.”

Caller: “Listen to me, young lady. I have limited mobility, so I need you to text me the numbers so I can call them without having to dial.”

Me: “Sorry, ma’am, no can do.”

Caller: “Why not?!”

Me: “Well, this is a landline.”

Caller: “Excuse me? It’s a what?!”

Me: *More clearly* “It’s a landline. It’s not capable of sending texts.”

Caller: *Angrily* “So, what am I supposed to do?! I have limited mobility! It is extremely difficult for me to Google things and dial them by hand!”

Me: “I’m sorry to hear that, ma’am, but there is literally no way I can text the number to you. Even if I were to Google the number on our computer, you’d still have to write them down or type them into your phone.”

Caller: “Fine. Then text me the information from your cell phone!”

Me: “Uh, no.”

Caller: “Why not?!”

Me: “Because my cell phone is in my locker and I am not comfortable giving out my personal number to a stranger.”

Caller: “This is terrible customer service!”

I am tired of her nonsense, so I take on a stern schoolteacher tone.

Me: “Be that as it may, you have two choices; either you look it up yourself, or I read it to you and you write it down. There are no other options.”

In the end, with a great deal of complaining, she eventually wrote the numbers down by hand after I did a quick Google search for her. While I am not in a position to judge whether or not her mobility really was that limited, I’m at a loss as to how this would make our phone magically capable of texting just to accommodate her.

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Dollar Thieves Are A Dime A Dozen

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I work in a thrift store where we take turns at the registers and then work on our departments. During one of my stints, my manager comes up to me and lets me know that a woman buying a specific pair of pants has “lost” the price tag, but the manager quoted her $6. A few minutes later, the woman shows up with an armful of clothes.

Customer: “Oh, and these pants are $1.”

Me: “Actually, ma’am, my manager told me that she quoted $6 for these pants.”

The woman pauses briefly and then tries again.

Customer: “Yes, but I just remembered that before I lost the price tag, there was a $1 clearance sticker on it.”

Me: “Ma’am, even if I believed you, the clearance sticker would still have to be attached to the pants in order for you to get them for that price.”

We use snap lock pin security loops to attach our price tags to the clothes, so while the price tags can be torn off, it prevents people from tag switching with clearance. If the clearance tag isn’t attached or is clearly tampered with, it will not be applied. 

The woman huffs.

Me: “Do you still want it?”

Customer: *Grumbling* “I guess.”

I ring her out and then let the manager know what she tried.

Manager: *Laughing scornfully* “I figured she would try that. And that’s why I told you what the price was.”

Some people.

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The Curse Of The Babyface, Part 2

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I have just gotten to work and I go into the locker room where I ran into one of my coworkers. She begins to ask me about my boyfriend, who works in a different department. He is three years older than me. Also, my mother works at the same store, as well, in yet another department.

Coworker: “You and [Boyfriend] have been together for a while now, haven’t you?”

Me: “Yeah, coming up on two years in July!”

Coworker: “You work opposite shift times, right?”

Me: “Yeah. It means we don’t get to see each other that often. Sometimes we can go weeks before we can hang out.”

Coworker: “When was the last time you saw him?”

Me: “Last week on Tuesday. I went over to his house and we watched movies.”

Coworker: “And… your mom is okay with that? With you hanging out alone with him and staying the night with him?”

Me: *Confused* “Um… yeah?”

Coworker: “Wait, how old are you?”

Me: “Thirty-two.”

Coworker: “OH! You’re an adult!”

I started laughing. People often think I’m a lot younger than I am, but I can’t help but wonder if people really thought that my boyfriend was some creep.

The Curse Of The Babyface

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