It’s A Smaller World Than You Think

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I met up with a friend; let’s call him John Jones. John Jones is married to Mary Smith and they recently gained new acquaintances. This is the story of how they met those acquaintances.

My friend, living at, let’s say #1 Maple Street, received a registered letter, and without thinking signed for it as it was addressed to John Jones. The mailman did check his ID as is required and all. After the mailman left, my friend inspected the letter more closely and, checking the sender, started wondering why [Company] would send him a letter by registered mail.

That is when he checked the address. The letter was sent to John Jones living at #1 Maple Lane. The same ZIP code is used for the whole village — cities have more than one ZIP code — so the ZIP code was the same.

Being a good citizen, my friend brought the letter to John Jones living at #1 Maple Lane. John Jones at #1 Maple Lane, married to Mary Smit, and my friend found out at that moment that they had been getting each other’s mail for a while. As it was mostly companies sending targeted mailings, they didn’t really notice until the registered letter arrived.

Both families see each other on a weekly basis now, swapping their mail.

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A Sign This Will Not Go Well

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I work for a postal retail outlet. A young boy needs an adult to sign for a parcel, as is the rule. I politely ask if he has a guardian who can sign for him, and he comes back with a very irate grandmother.

Grandmother: “Excuse me. We are picking up the parcel and he is going to sign for it!”

Me: “I’m sorry, but we can’t allow kids to sign for anything; you need to be eighteen or older.”

Grandmother: “There is no age when it comes to signing for parcels. I know this. Every post office knows this!”

Me: “That simply can’t be true; I was told you need to be of age by my training.”

Grandmother: “No, that’s not right at all. I know for a fact that any age can sign for a parcel.”

Me: “I’m telling you, ma’am, the post office told me directly that you need to be an adult to sign for a parcel and unless you sign for him, I can’t release it to him.”

Grandmother: “I’m telling you you’re wrong. I can’t believe this. You’re telling me he can’t get his own parcels?”

Me: “If it requires a signature, I am not allowed to let him sign for it himself; he needs a guardian’s signature.”

Grandmother: “Fine. I will be calling the post office about this. I will sign this time, but I will be complaining about this.”

She signs for the parcel, finally.

Me: “Thank you kindly. Have a great night.”

Grandmother: “Whatever.”

Gran stomped off in a huff with the parcel and child in tow after my polite retort to her attitude.

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Desperate Times Call For Quick Responses

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During the recent health crisis, my husband has to drop off some packages at the post office. He takes our ten-month-old daughter with him since I am at work. A woman towards the front of the line sees him.

Old Lady: *To her daughter* “I can’t believe he brought a baby out during this! What is he thinking?”

Husband: “Next time, I’ll just leave her in the car!”

The woman quietly finished her transaction and avoided looking at him as she left, but the usually stern postal employee chuckled.

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Unfiltered Story #195009

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(I am waiting at a UPS store to get a paper notarized and I overhear one of the employees on the phone with a customer.)

Employee, after being in the phone for a few minutes: Wait, what? You can’t come in and get a paper notarized for your sister…. because you’re not your sister, that’s why. No, you can’t just pretend to be your sister, that’s not how that works…

(This goes on for a while.)

Employee: For the love of God, I cannot notarize a paper for your sister without your sister actually being here!

Customer: I’M PAYING YOUR SALARY YOU ASSHOLE! You’re telling ME that I can’t get my paper NOTARIZED just because I’m not my sister! Well I’m sorry that I’m not her! ALL ANYONE EVER CARES ABOUT IS MY SISTER. PAY ATTENTION TO ME FOR ONCE! I’M A F*CKING PRINCESS!

(No wonder her sister seemed to be more well-liked, as she later came in and apologized for her sibling’s bad behavior over the phone, and was surprisingly nice about it. The funny thing? She didn’t even need that paper notarized, she needed it mailed, which her sibling totally could have done for her without her screaming breakdown over the phone.)

Thought You Were A Schmuck But You Turn Out To Be A Mensch

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I’m a customer in line at a post office. A mother, her young son, and a baby in a carrier are with her; the baby is on the floor, as there are no desks. The young son and the mother are speaking in Hebrew. I’m wearing a simple black T-shirt and wide punk-style rave pants.

Boy: *In Hebrew* “Mom, that girl is staring at [Baby] weirdly.”

Mom: *In Hebrew* “Just ignore her. You know how non-Jews are. They’re all stupid idiots. Just ignore her.”

I reply to them, grinning widely.

Me: *In Hebrew* “I can speak Hebrew, too.”

Both mother and son turn to stare at me in shock. The employee behind the counter grins as well, but otherwise says nothing.

Me: *In Hebrew* “Hi! Your baby is adorable.”

I’ve never seen a family rush out of an establishment so quickly before. The employee behind the counter gave me a free stamp.

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