Keep The Change And Be The Change

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I am working a closing shift, the first I’ve worked on my own since being promoted to the management team. Just after I send my last insider home, leaving only me and one delivery driver, we get slammed back to back with orders out of nowhere. I’m trying to keep my cool, but apparently, my stress is showing through my customer service mask more than I’d like it to when I open our pickup window to help a customer. After I give her the total:

Customer: “Hun, are you okay?”

Me: “Yes, ma’am, I’m fine. Just a little frazzled, I suppose.”

Customer: “Are you sure? You seem upset.”

Me: “I really am fine. It’s just my first night closing the store on my own and we got hit with orders at an unexpected time is all.”

The customer nods and counts out the money for her total. Then, she hesitates, adds a couple more dollars, and hands me the money.

Customer: “Here, hun, keep the change. I hope your night gets better.”

Me: “Really? Thank you so much! I really do appreciate it.”

Customer: “No problem. Take a deep breath, smoke a bowl of green, and you’ll be fine!”

I laughed my a** off as she pulled away. That one customer made my night so much better, and not even because of the $2 tip. I wish some of my other customers would understand how far a little kindness and a sense of humor go!

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Time To Throw In The Towel

, , , , | Working | February 3, 2021

I work overnights at a hotel. I mostly do desk auditor duties, but we’ve lost our laundry attendant and a few housekeepers. Our higher-ups told my managers to not hire a new laundry attendant, so I’ve been doing laundry at night.

I start work at 11:00 pm. On this particular night, there is so much laundry to be done and I feel slightly overwhelmed at the sight. I get started, but every five minutes, there’s a ring from our desk bell or a phone call from a guest upstairs. After an hour, I finally give up on trying to do laundry since there’s so much activity at the front desk. 

Then, I get a guest who rings our bell insistently until I arrive. Their key isn’t working, so I recode it and give it to them.

Guest: “I think it’s so rude it took you so long to get here.”

I smile feebly.

Me: “I’m really sorry about that; I was in the back trying to get some laundry folded—” 

Guest: “Seriously, don’t they pay other people to do that?”

Me: “We used to have a laundry attendant, but we don’t right now, so my coworkers and I all do our part to help.”

Guest: “That’s just ridiculous. You’re a desk person so you should only be doing desk duties.”

Me: “Again, I’m really sorry about the wait. I hope the rest of your night goes well.”

The guest took my hint and left in a huff. A couple of days later, a review came in saying that the hotel needed to hire a laundry attendant since it’s unfair for paying guests to “wait so long for the desk person to return.” 

The higher-ups still won’t let us hire a laundry attendant.

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Wears His Heart On His Long Sleeve

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I work for a company known for flannel and outerwear, and it’s been cold and snowy for two weeks already this year.

Me: “Thanks for calling [Store] at [Mall]. This is [My Name]; how may I help you?”

Caller: “Do you have any fall shirts in store? Like long-sleeve shirts?”

Me: “At the moment we have long-sleeve plain T-shirts and some long-sleeve button-ups, but we’re primarily winter items right now, mainly fleece and flannel.”

Caller: “Do you have any polos in store?”

Me: “No, polos are a summer item for our store.”

Caller: “Even long-sleeve ones? That’s ridiculous! How come you never have any products for the current season in-store! Would they be at the outlet? I bought one in your store years ago!”

Me: “We carry different products than the outlet, sir, so you’d have to call them to ask. You might also be able to find them on our website, or it’s possible that they’ve been phased out.”

Caller: “So you’re telling me they don’t sell well enough in stores to be sold there? That’s ridiculous! I’ve been shopping at [Store] since I was a child and I’m fifty years old now! I’m as middle-class as they come!” *Hangs up*

Me: “What the eff?”

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When Their Brain Has An Ignition Failure

, , , | Right | January 31, 2021

The store where I work cuts keys for our customers. An older man walks in with a car key.

Customer: “I need a copy of this.”

Me: “All right, what kind of car is it?”

Customer: “2012 [Make].”

Me: “Oh, I’m sorry, most newer cars need a chip in the key in order to start the ignition. I can make you one that will unlock the door, but it won’t start the car.”

Customer: “Well, just make me one and I’ll bring it out and try starting my car. If it doesn’t work, I won’t buy it.”

Me: “Sir, I promise you that our keys won’t start your car. I can’t cut you one if you are just going to return it. It will be a waste of a key.”

The man insists that his key won’t need a chip, so I pull out the key manual. I find his exact vehicle and show him that the key requires a programmed chip. He still refuses to listen.

Customer: “Well, my car has a remote, so it doesn’t need no chip. Just cut me one; it’ll work.”

Me: “I can give you the address of a place that does these keys, or you can go to a dealer. But I can’t cut you a key. I’m sorry.”

The man finally stormed out, not even wanting to know about the places where he could get his key copied. Some people just can’t be helped.

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One Can Dream…

, , , | Right | January 19, 2021

I’m the idiot customer in this tale. I am at a big chain store buying groceries and a new phone on one of those pay-as-you-go plans. The cashier can’t get the phone to work through her register for some reason and has to send me over to customer service to see what we can do about the phone. She hands me a receipt that has my grocery items on it, as well.

Me: “Oh, my God, did you guys pay for my groceries?”

Cashier: *Pauses* “No, this is to bring to customer service, too, so you can get your groceries paid for there, as well, so it can be all in one transaction.”

Me: “Oh… sorry.”

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