Hold It!

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(It’s a very busy day. While I’m in the middle of helping someone, another patron approaches me.)

Patron: “I was looking for my wife’s hold, but it’s not on the shelf. Could it still be in the back room?”

Me: “It might be. Once I’m finished helping this patron, I’ll go check for you.”

Patron: “Oh, don’t worry, then; I’ll go check.”

(I watch, incredulous, as the patron proceeds to wander into our staff area and start examining the shelves, none of which would have any holds.)

Me: “Umm… actually, this is the staff area. We need you to wait out here. I’ll be with you in just a second.”

Patron: “But it’s just back here!”

(He glared at me for a moment before storming out. Not a minute later, his wife came in and waited politely for me, something that was apparently too difficult for her husband.)

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I stopped into a local grocery store to pick up a few things on Sunday after church. I’m just browsing the aisle when an angry older woman asks me why there isn’t any of a certain brand of maple syrup on the shelf. When I tell her I don’t know she starts to yell at me. I tell her it’s not my job to know and she tears into me further. I’m left just giggling as she stomps off. I’m dressed in a skirt and dress shirt mind you in no way dressed like an employee.