Suffocating Under The Weight Of Lazy Doctors

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I have a medical condition that makes colds and the flu very dangerous for me. I could die from either. I catch the flu despite having gotten vaccinated; the shot doesn’t always work 100%. I am prescribed antiviral medication and actually start feeling better.

But then, I wake up in the middle of the night feeling like I am trying to breathe through Jello. The flu has triggered bronchitis, so I pack a bag and go to the ER.

The doctor there isn’t taking it seriously at all but I know I am in no shape to go home with oral antibiotics. The ER doc has been on the phone with my specialist. 

ER Doctor: “Doctor [Specialist] said to send you home with oral antibiotics.”

Me: “Absolutely not. This is probably the sickest I’ve ever been. You never even listened to my lungs, so how can you give my doctor an accurate picture of what’s going on? I’ve had doctors listen to my lungs when I come in for a sprained ankle!”

ER Doctor: “Well, the hospital is pretty full right now, so we’re not going to admit you.”

Me: “Yes, you are! Figure it out, because I’m not going home!”

ER Doctor: “Uh, well… I’ll see what I can do.”

He had a nurse come in and put a pulse-ox monitor on me to measure my pulse and oxygen level and then had me walk. I didn’t make it twenty feet before my oxygen tanked. The doctor was shocked. He thought that everything would be fine and it would prove to me that I was healthy enough to go home. But I obviously wasn’t fine, so they admitted me.

I had a room upstairs about an hour later. He never did listen to my lungs which infuriated my specialist. I spent a week in the hospital and another month recovering at home. I also filed a grievance against that ER doc.

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All These Emails Took More Effort Than A Refund Would Have

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(I do a lot of my shopping online from [Big Retailer]. They have started using third-party sellers like [Online Retailer] does. I order a 1500LM spotlight. When it is delivered I get a 500LM lantern. [Big Retailer] says to contact the third-party company for a refund. From the emails, it slowly becomes obvious this company is very shady.)

Me: “I was sent the wrong item and would like a refund.”

Company: “Thanks for your email and sorry for the inconvenience.

We are the third party on [Big Retailer]. Sorry, could you please kindly tell us how we can help you? Please don’t worry; we will provide solutions as you wish after we confirm the problem. We wish your kindly understanding and wait for your reply.


Me: “The spotlight I ordered didn’t come. I got a lantern of some kind that isn’t even a flashlight.”

Company: “Thanks for your letter.

Please don’t worry. Your request will be accepted. But could you kindly describe the problem in detail?

Have you received the item you ordered? Or have you received the wrong item? We will give you a response as soon as possible. Looking forward to your letter. Have a nice day.

Best regards.”

Me: “I did not receive the item I ordered. The wrong item was delivered. I don’t want a replacement. I want a refund. If you will email me a return address label I will gladly send the item back.”

Company: “Thanks for your letter and sorry for this inconvenience.

Please don’t worry; we will provide a good solution for you.

But could you kindly provide us a picture of the received item and the SKU label on the product packaging?

Looking forward to your letter. Have a nice day.

Best regards.”

Me: “Here are pictures of the box. There is no SKU label on the box that I see.”

Company: “Thanks for your letter. Please don’t worry.

The item you received is the same as advertised.

You could take it out and check if it is workable.

If you have any other problems, please feel free to contact us. Have a nice day.

Best regards.”

Me: “No. The item is not as described. Not at all. Here are the two pictures side by side. The first pic is what I ordered. The second is what I received. Not the same thing. Not sure what the problem is but it’s not the same and I want a refund ASAP.”

Company: “Thanks for your calling and sorry for this inconvenience.

Please don’t worry; we will provide a good solution for you. But could you kindly provide us the picture of the received item and the SKU label on the product packaging? Looking forward to your letter. Have a nice day.

Best regards.”

Me: “I’ve already done this. I sent the email with the pictures of what I received and somebody emailed me back saying it was what I ordered. It was not. Sure, here are the pictures again. It is not the same thing and I want a refund ASAP. Best regards to you. Better when you refund my money.”

(I call [Big Retailer] customer service and read them all these emails. They refund my money. Then, I get another email.)

Company: “Thanks for your letter.

Could you kindly check if it is workable? If it is still workable, we would like to provide you a $3 refund as compensation. Looking forward to your letter. Have a nice day.

Best regards.”

Me: “You should have to send a full refund, not a $3 refund as compensation for something you did wrong! I have settled this matter with [Big Retailer]. I will add my online review to the many other negative reviews of your company.”

Company: “Thanks for your letter and sorry for this inconvenience.

We would like to provide you a $13 refund.

And you could keep the item.

Could you accept it?

Looking forward to your letter. Have a nice day.

Best regards.”

(I send another email. Here is proof that there is no way a person is reading these emails.)

Me: “Your offer is $13? Let me think about it. I think… no deal! As a struggling actor, I need all the breaks that I can get.

Looking forward to your letter. Not really.

Regards and Liberty Biberty to you.”

Company: “Thanks for your letter.

We have arranged a full refund to you. And you don’t need to return the item. It usually takes about three to five business days for the refund to appear on your credit/debit card. If you still haven’t received the refund that time, please ensure that five to seven business days have passed from the time that the refund was initiated. If you have any other problems, please feel free to contact us. Have a nice day.

Best regards.”

(I have my doubts they have any intention of sending a refund.)

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Not Logging Into Your Bank Of Brain Cells

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(I recently cancelled my checking and savings account with my bank but still have their credit card, so I kept my online account. One day, I get an email that my User ID is locked for some reason; my account was reconfigured for credit only during the cancellation, so I figure it is due to that. They reset my account and I am able to log in again. The following week, I get the same email even though I haven’t logged in since the previous call. I call again to figure out what is going on.)

Me: “Hello! I’ve gotten a couple of emails that my User ID is locked. I got it fixed last week but it’s been locked again for no apparent reason. Can you see why it keeps getting locked?”

Customer Service Rep: “Sure, I can reset your account and get you back in.”

Me: “Thank you, but that’s not what I asked. I want to know why this keeps happening. Are you able to see anything on your end as to the reason it’s locked?”

Customer Service Rep: “Um…”

Me: “Is there a reason for the lock showing up on my account? It was recently reconfigured for credit only and I just need to know if I need to do anything on my end to fix it.”

Customer Service Rep: “There’s nothing different for credit-card-only accounts.” *after several minutes on hold* “It looks like it’s locked because of too many login attempts.” 

Me: “What?! I haven’t logged in at all this week. Could it be recognizing my attempts from last week before I called the first time? Can you see when these attempts were made?”

Customer Service Rep: “Your account’s been reset. Can I help you with anything else?”

Me: “Yes! You haven’t answered my question of why my account keeps getting locked!”

Customer Service Rep: “It’s getting locked because of too many login attempts.”

Me: “As I said, I haven’t logged in at all for over a week so I don’t think it’s me who’s been trying to log in! Can you see if there is a glitch somewhere, or maybe someone else is trying to access my account? Are you able to see when or where these logins were attempted?”

Customer Service Rep: “It just says you logged in unsuccessfully too many times.” 

Me: “I am literally not the one who was trying to access my account! I haven’t even gone to the website — or used the app — in over a week! When were these login attempts made? And can you see where they were made from?”

Customer Service Rep: “…”

Me: “Look, obviously something is wrong, whether it’s a glitch in the system or someone else is trying to access my account.” 

Customer Service Rep: “It’s getting locked because of too many login attempts.”

Me: “You’re not listening to me. What, if anything, are you able to see on your end as to when these login attempts were made?”

Customer Service Rep: “…”

Me: “Are you, or are you not, able to look further at the login attempts to see when or where they were made?”

Customer Service Rep: “Three attempts were made Friday, two attempts on Saturday, and eleven attempts on Sunday.” 

Me:Thank you. I definitely did not access my account on those days. I will be changing my username in addition to my password.”

(I have not gotten another “User ID Locked” email since then. SMH.)

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Boxed In By Boomers

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I am a merchandiser for a popular card company. This means I go by myself to each store and set up our card display. The day after Valentine’s, I am doing a changeover from said holiday’s cards to the next holiday. It’s a six-hour job, so my boss sends me someone else to help out so we can do it in three.

I arrive at the second store first and, per my boss’ suggestion, box off the area we will be working in. I also tell the store manager — whom I do not work for — what my boss suggested, and he tells me to do what I need to do. I am missing something, so I call my boss to see if I’m looking in the right place.

An older lady walks up and sees my barrier. I have already started taking cards down and have about eight open boxes to look for what I’m missing.

Old Lady: “Can you move some boxes so I can get through?”

I tell my boss to hold on and turn to the old lady.

Me: “So sorry, I’ve had to block off this area to reset it. There are lots of boxes and trash so it could be dangerous. Would you mind going around?”

Old Lady: “I have a f****** cane! This is ridiculous!”

My Boss: “What?”

While the lady is walking down the other aisle, so she’s probably within earshot:

Me: “Sorry, [Boss], I was getting sworn at.”

Each section of cards is four feet, meaning the aisle is sixteen feet. One side of the aisle I was working on was eight feet and the other six, so I had a cart slanted in the middle of the aisle for customers to shop on the other side. Basically, I got sworn at because this lady didn’t want to walk not even twenty-five feet. And they say my generation is lazy!

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Got A Complaint? Take A Number

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A craft/fabric store in our town has recently started using a ticket numbering system for the fabric cutting counter. The first time I see it I think it’s a great idea, since you can take a number and continue browsing while waiting for your number to be called instead of standing in a long line.

So, the first time I need fabric cut, I walk up to the counter where one woman is getting fabric measured, and I take a number. I see my number is 26 and the big overhead screen shows they are currently serving 22. Cool, I’ll look at the clearance fabric next to the counter while I wait. I’m still right there; I just have my back to the counter. 

After what seems like a long time of not hearing any other numbers called, I turn to look since I’m curious why that one woman’s order is taking so long. To my surprise, someone else is getting fabric cut, and there’s a line of three little old ladies at the counter. Confused, I walk up and see that yes, they still say they are serving 22.

When I ask the employee cutting fabric what’s going on with the number system, she laughs and tells me that corporate made them put it in and she thinks it’s a stupid system. I look up at the screen and then at the ticket in my hand, and I ask, “What happened to 23 to 25?” The employee shrugs and tells me to get to the back of the line. I decline, put my fabric down, and head towards the front door.

On the way, I see a manager, and I complain about them having all these signs telling people to use the new “avoid the line!” ticket system when they aren’t actually using it, because I wasted time waiting for my number to be called when it was never going to be. The manager looks confused.

The next time I go into that store I walk past the fabric counter. “You need a ticket!” an employee shouts at me. I look over, confused since I don’t even have any fabric in my hand. The employees behind the counter start ranting about how they got in trouble because a customer complained they weren’t using the new system, and how “dumb snowflake didn’t want to wait in line.” A customer who was walking up to the counter with a bolt of fabric joins in mocking this mysterious customer who was too spoiled to wait in line.

Again, I left without buying anything. This time I called in to talk to a manager. I get that change is hard, but I’m still surprised I got so much hate from the employees for trying to read the signs and follow instructions.

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