I Shall Diminish, And Go To The East(er)

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(It is the Saturday before Easter. I work in a flooring store at the front desk reception. After a busy day, we are closing the showroom and the president of the company is leaving. As he is walking out the door, he is waving goodbye.)

Me: “Bye! Have a happy Easter!”

Boss: *smiles and laughs while he waves out the door*

(I was a little puzzled by his reaction, but then I remembered… my boss is Jewish. I had just wished my JEWISH boss a HAPPY EASTER! I laid my head on my desk, utterly mortified by what I had just done.)

It’s A Mad Mad Magdarame World

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I work in a small call centre with my friend. One of the shows we are selling today is an Easter play depicting the Crucifixion of Jesus. A few minutes ago, [Friend] got a call from a woman who asked us if the crucifixion being depicted was a person really being crucified, as opposed to an actor pretending to be crucified. [Friend] explained that it was just an actor and the woman was apparently disappointed.

The woman had a Filipina accent; people who are especially religious in the Philippines actually crucify themselves there each year. It’s only for a few minutes, mind you, but it is a real crucifixion. Apparently, she was hoping to see the same thing here in Canada.

Passing Up That Opportunity

, , , | Friendly | April 19, 2019

(I’m on a major university campus, though I don’t attend the school. My bus home runs right through, and I get off to find some food. While wandering, I’m stopped by someone holding a Bible.)

Guy: “Hi there! Are you a new student?”

Me: “Oh, no–”

Guy: “Have you found a church here? [Church] has a lot to offer!”

Me: “I’m just passing through, thanks.”

Guy: “Oh, we’re really all just passing through life!”

(I tried very hard not to laugh as I walked away.)

Well Suited For Friendship

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(I’m on the bus to work, and I have a crochet project out. As it’s rush hour, the bus is close to full. Two young men in suits get on and sit next to me. One watches me work for a bit.)

Suit Guy: “Wow, you’re making it look easy!”

Me: “After a bit, it’s more muscle memory than anything. I’ve been crocheting for four years now, so I’d hope I’ve got something down by now!”

(We talk for a bit about various art-related hobbies. I mention doing some cosplay work while living on the west coast.)

Suit Guy: “Oh! I’m from Idaho! What brings you out here?”

Me: “My grandma wanted me to live closer to her, and offered to pay for the move. What about you?”

(He suddenly looks nervous. The guy with him just kind of nods. He turns so I can see his name tag, where I can read, “Latter-Day Saints.”)

Me: “Oh! Okay! That makes sense.”

Suit Guy: “Sorry, we get a lot of people who get loud and in our faces about religion. It’s… frustrating after a while.”

(I turn my bag to show them the pride patch I’ve put on there.)

Me: “I completely understand being treated badly because of loving who you are. And you’ve given me no reason to see why I should have anything against you.”

(We ended up exchanging numbers before they got off the bus. We’ve run into each other a few more times and they’re always happy to see my current project!)

Passionate About Horror Films

, , , , | Friendly | April 16, 2019

(“The Passion Of The Christ” has just come out. I’m discussing it with my coworkers.)

Coworker: “Was it any good?”

Me: “Typical horror movie ending. You think the guy’s dead, but he’s not.”

Christian Coworker: “I’d be mad, but that was actually pretty funny.”

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