Making A U-Turn On That Assumption  

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I’m working the evening shift alone. It’s the policy that when we’re alone and need to use the restroom, we wait until every customer has left and then we lock all of the doors. It’s a little after 10:00 pm and I’ve been waiting for two hours for the store to clear so I can take a quick pee break.

I lock the doors, put a sign up explaining what is going on, and take care of business.

A few minutes later, I open back up and help the customers that have been waiting outside.

A man comes to the counter. He’s a regular but doesn’t talk very much. He’s physically very intimidating, so I’m a bit nervous.

It turns out that he just wanted to make sure I was safe. He saw the people outside, but didn’t see me, so he pulled a U-turn on the highway and rushed over to make sure I was okay.

Thank you, sir.

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Will Keep It Forever, Cross-Stitch My Heart And Hope To Die

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I went to visit my dying aunt. We talked for a long time, and I mentioned that I still had the embroidered plaque she’d made for my birth. I was ashamed; I hadn’t taken the best care of it and it was quite dirty. I thought she might be able to tell me how to clean it.

My aunt started crying, and I apologized for my actions.

“It’s not that,” she sobbed. “My children threw theirs away. You’re the only one who kept it.”

I honestly didn’t know what to say to that, but I made sure I visited her as much as possible before she passed. I have an entire drawer dedicated to her letters, and a wall dedicated to her embroidery. It’s not going in a box or in the trash.

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No Clever Title Required, Because Chocolate DOES Make Everything Better  

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(It’s my time of the month with a heavy flow and I have a very nasty sinus and ear infection, so there are a ton of medications in my system. I still get myself to work at the fabric store as I don’t feel that bad. A half-hour into my shift, I suddenly become very weak and my legs become very shaky. Still, I put on a brave face to not worry my coworkers and customers and just lean on the counter and carts for balance. I’m catching my breath when I notice a customer coming up to the counter.)

Me: *assume an acting face* “Hi. How can I help you?”

Customer: *not convinced* “Are you all right? You weren’t looking that good a moment ago, and you’re pale.”

Me: “I’ll be all right; it will pass.”

Customer: “Are you sure? Do you need anything, like water or food?”

Me: “Maybe, but I’ll hold off until my break. How much do you need?”

Customer: “Four yards, and I’ll be right back.”

(I begin to measure out her material while she runs up to the front. She returns a few minutes later with a chocolate bar in hand.)

Customer: “There you go.”

Me: *shocked* “Oh, wow… You didn’t have to.”

Customer: “Chocolate makes everything better. Your blood sugar might be low so this should help.”

(She was right. After a few nibbles on the chocolate and a quick break, my strength returned and I was able to finish my shift with no problems. I saw the same customer a few days later and she was very happy to see that I was doing better and that the chocolate had helped.)

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Two Jobs, Zero Money, One Act Of Kindness  

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(I often go to a surplus store. Every time I’m there, I see a woman who always looks sad as she’s giving away her samples. We talk and she tells me about the problems she has and I listen because I know what it’s like to have troubles at home and just need to vent. This particular day she is talking about her financial problems.)

Me: “I know how hard it is to be working two jobs and still be broke. Here, take this.”

(I hand her five dollars, since I don’t have very much, either.)

Worker: “Oh, no, I couldn’t.”

Me: “Please? Please take it.”

Worker: “No, no.”

(I keep pleading until she takes it.)

Worker: “You know you don’t have to do this.”

Me: “You’re right, I don’t. But we all can use a little something.”

(The woman actually cried and I had to hold back tears as I hugged her and told her to stay strong. I felt really good afterward.)

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Last Call And Having A Ball

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(I work in a call centre for an energy company. When we work the “late” shift — with a finish of 6:30 pm — we are supposed to wait until the call queue is clear and it is at least 6:31 pm before we log out. After a relatively slow shift, a call drops to me at 6:21 pm.)

Me: *to myself* “Oh, here we go.” *to the customer* “You’re speaking with [My Name]; how can I help you?”

(The customer then states her issue, which is that her bills revert from emailed bills back to post bills.)

Me: *to myself, sarcastically* “Great, I’m going to have time for another call.”

(As I’m fixing the issue, the customer and I start chatting.)

Customer: “Nearly clock-off time.”

Me: “Almost at 6:31 pm; there are still a few calls in the queue, though.”

Customer: “Bummer. Hey, I also want to check the email address you have on file?”

Me: “Sure, it’s [email].”

Customer: “Great, what about my mobile number?”

Me: “It’s [mobile].”

Customer: “Awesome, is my husband, [Husband], listed to call about the account?”

Me: “He sure is.”

Customer: “What time is it, and how many calls in the queue?”

Me: *confused at why she asked* “It’s 6:29 pm, and there are four calls.”

Customer: “Can I add a home phone number?”

Me: “Of course.”

Customer: “It’s [number].”

Me: “All done.”

Customer: “Time and how many now?”

Me: “It’s 6:31 pm and there are no calls left.”

Customer: “Great! Thanks so much for the help and the chat. Clock out and have a great night!” *hangs up*

(I dealt with a LOT of rude and horrible calls during my time working there, but I fondly remember this lady who wasted her own time so I could get out of work on time!)

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