It’s Worth The Cost To Be Kind

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I’m the customer in this story. A new small bakery opened up in my town, and I tried it. It was owned by a lovely immigrant family who all helped to run it. The pastries were delicious and the family would always try to find something that you would really enjoy. I decided to order a few cakes from them for an event, and I was in a hurry the day I picked them up, so I didn’t notice until I got home that the amount on the bill was too low.

One of the daughters was running the counter that day, and she answered when I gave them a call.

Me: “Hi, I was just in there picking up some cakes, and I just noticed that you only charged me for two cakes, not three. Can I give my credit card information over the phone, or do I need to come back in?”

Employee: “I’m sorry… Was something wrong with the cake?”

Me: “No, the cakes were fine. I just didn’t get charged for one of them.”

She sounds very, very confused.

Employee: “So you… want a refund?”

Me: “No, I want to pay for the cake that was left off my bill.”

She finally seems to get it.

Employee: “Wait, you want to pay more?”

Me: “Well, I just want to pay what I owe you. I don’t want you guys to lose money.”

She finally looks back at the transaction and realizes what happened, and we manage to get it all sorted out. She sounds like she’s about to start crying.

Employee: “Thank you so much! I would have been in so much trouble!”

I moved out of the area soon after, but I visited a couple of years later and was happy to see that the bakery had gotten so popular that they were able to purchase the building next door and add on a cafe!

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You Can Order Cake By Mail?!

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I work the counter of a very small bakery. There are two other people I share shifts with, the owner is one of two bakers, and I’m technically the cake decorator but I work the counter so that I can earn consistent money. Small. You get it.

Despite this, we get many orders for cakes and other goodies. Unbeknownst to me, the man who called us yesterday placed an order for a cake to be mailed to him one state away. I only learn this when he calls to complain that it hasn’t arrived.

Me: “Good morning, [Bakery]!”

Caller: “Hi, I’m calling about a cake that was supposed to be delivered to [Town] yesterday. It hasn’t shown up yet.”

Me: “I’m sorry. I don’t know anything about the order, but I can give you my boss’s email address and you can send her a message. She’ll be able to help you better than I can.”

Caller: “I don’t have time to email anyone! I’m at work and I’m busy!

Me: “Sir, I’m sorry, but I can’t help you. I don’t know anything about the order.”

Caller: “Where’s the girl that took the order?! Can I talk to her?!

Me: “I don’t know who took your order, sir. There’s like five of us here who answer the phone.”

Caller: “Where are the other five, then?! Are they anywhere around you?!”

Me: “No, I’m the only one here.”

Caller: “Well, that is just disgusting. How do you—”

Me: “Sir, we are a very small bakery. I’m the only person here and I’m trying to help you as best I can. I can give you the owner’s email and she will be able to help you.”

Caller: “Okay. Yes, I’ll email the owner. What’s the email?”

Me: “It’s [email address].”

Caller: “Thank you. I’ll email her.”

Me: “Okay, have a nice day!”

I texted my boss about it, just to let her know what had happened. She called me later to hear the full story because she was going to call and reprimand the caller for their behavior toward me. And the best part?

She checked the tracking number for the package. The cake had been delivered at 11:17 the morning before, when it was supposed to have been delivered.

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Reaching Your Baking Point 

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In Germany, to become a baker, you need to finish a three-year apprenticeship. If you pass the final exam, you can call yourself a journeyman. After several more years and another rather expensive exam, you can call yourself a master craftsman. You need at least a passed apprenticeship to be allowed to open a bakery and must be a master craftsman to offer apprenticeship.

I always liked working with food and have a knack for baking, so I decided to either become a cook or baker. I pass my exam as a baker as best of my class but I discover during my apprenticeship that I suffer from such severe skin sensitivities that I cannot work with flour and dough on a daily basis.

Also, due to the rapidly declining respect for blue-collar jobs, I find myself unwilling to endure the horrible working conditions bakers, cooks, and other labourers have to endure. So, I finish further education and enter a white-collar career.

Still, I love to bake and often bring my very professionally made baked goods to parties, potlucks, and other events. These are the silliest reactions and dialogues I have gotten as a reaction.

Guest: “Hmmm! This bread is delicious. And it looks good! Is it homemade or from a real baker?”

Me: “Yes.”

When I give some of my recipes after people asked for them:

Colleague: “Oh, my, your cake looked so good and had such a great taste! I tried your recipe recently and it didn’t work at all. What brand of [random ingredient] do you use?”

Me: “Well, mostly [Generic Brand].”

Colleague: “That can’t be; that’s just cheap trash! I used [Overpriced Stuff with unnecessary additives] that’s much better!”

Or, if a special brand has to be used:

Colleague: “No, no, no, that can’t be so important. All kinds of [ingredient] are the same! That’s just an overpriced brand!”

Finally, my favourite comment:

Acquaintance: “Uh, a certification as a baker? Who needs that? Everyone can bake. You just need to throw stuff together. They should just scrap all that nonsense and let everyone just open a bakery if they want to. You learn all that stuff in passing.”

No, dear people, that’s not how it works and many really can’t.

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What You Call Things In Your World Has No Bearing On The Real One

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A woman comes up and slams her hand on the bakery case and gives me the “come over here” finger.

Me: “Hi there, how can I help you?”

Customer: “Come over here, now.”

We walk over to the donut case where she waves her hands at the donuts.

Customer: “Y’all got any of those corsage donuts?”

Me: “I’m… not sure. Do you mean our croissant donuts?”

Customer: “No! Corsage donuts!”

Me: “Can you describe them to me? I’ve never heard of a donut with that name.”

Customer: “I call them corsage donuts! How do you not know what I’m talking about?! Corsage donuts!”

Me: “O-okay. Let me go talk to our donut maker. I’ll be right back.”

I go into the back and ask my donut guy if all the donuts he made for the day are out in the case. He says yes, so I go back to the woman.

Me: “All right, ma’am, I’m really sorry, but it looks like all the donuts have been made for the day, so what we have is what we have.”

Customer: “But you don’t have the corsage donuts! I want the corsage donuts! This is ridiculous! CORSAGE DONUTS, YOU STUPID GIRL!”

She stormed off. I still have no idea what kind of donut she was looking for. Our grocery store does have a policy where we can give people items for free if they’re unhappy, so if she had just described them to me, I probably could have found something similar and given it to her for free.

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Cake Of Bridezilla

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A mother and her bride-to-be daughter were in to look at the wedding cake they’d ordered for the wedding that was scheduled in two days. Seeing a cake on the counter, the bride started ranting and raving about how this cake was wrong and it wasn’t at all what she ordered. She then proceeded to smash the cake with her fists.

Well, she was right. It was nothing like she ordered. It was what another couple had ordered for their wedding.

The police let her clean her hands before they put on the handcuffs.

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