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(I’ll admit, sometimes we do sell stuff that was left over from the day before. However, that only applies to certain products – for example, products containing eggs and such will never be offered a second day – and this will only happen if they are in absolutely perfect condition. If a customer places a pre-order for a certain day, these products will always come out of that day’s shipment, no exceptions. This is company policy. Still some customers don’t believe that… It’s around 11am when this happens.)

Customer: “Hi, I have a question. I’ll be going on holiday tomorrow and want to pick up some cake before I leave. Will you have [bread], [cake 1] and [cake 2] tomorrow, too?”

Me: “I suppose, but the safest way will be if you place a pre-order with us. I can do that right now and this way everything will be ready at your desired time.”

Customer: “Yes, but I want it fresh!”

Me: “Yes, it will be fresh from tomorrow’s shipment. The only difference is that you can pay for it right now and everything will be ready tomorrow, so you just have to hop in and pick it up.”

Customer: “Hmm. Well, I’ll probably be here at around 9am and you still have what I want, that’s going to be similar tomorrow, right?”

Me: “Probably, but I cannot tell you for sure if we will even order these cakes for tomorrow. We like to vary our selection from day to day. If you want these cakes, a pre-order would be the safest way. Other than that I cannot promise you we will have what you’d like tomorrow.”

Customer: “But I want it fresh!”

Me: “Yes. It will be fresh. We will get a fresh shipment tomorrow from which your cake will be put away for you. The only difference is that this way we will definitely order that cake and everything will be ready when you come in.”

Customer: “Hmm. I just don’t want to be given today’s cake tomorrow!”

Me: “This will not happen, I can promise.” (I really could, because a) company policy and b) the cakes she wanted wouldn’t be sold a second day anyway.)

Customer: “Yes, because I want it fresh!”

(I eventually convinced her that no, she won’t get old cake, and she placed the order. I’m a little glad I’m not going to be there when she picks it up, because I guess she’ll give my coworkers another hard time…)

Have A Good-Bi While You’re At It

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This wouldn’t be much of a story if it wasn’t for who it happened to.

Anyone who works retail knows that when you say a thing so often that it becomes habitual, you tend to speed through it. Part of my spiel after serving someone is, “Have a good day!” 

Of course, those words getting rather smushed together means my genius mouth comes out with, “Have a gay!”

This has happened twice.

The first time was to two little old ladies, who, thankfully, didn’t seem to notice and left.

The second time was to the local priest, who stopped and stared at me as I froze.

My boss gave me an extra break because he was laughing so hard he had to go hide out the back for a bit.

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How Do You Deliver That Information?

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A woman in a severe business suit sweeps in to pick up a fairly large custom order early one morning.

Customer: “I’m here to pick up the order for [Company].” 

Me: “Oh, yes, good morning! I have it right here.”

I open one of the boxes to show her the intricate decorations. She glances briefly at the box and blows out an exasperated sigh.

Customer: “Ugh, next time, we’ll just have you deliver them. I can’t believe I had to come all the way out here.” 

Me: “Well, we aren’t actually able to offer delivery. We’re only a small company, and it’s pretty much just me running things.”

Customer: “Yeah. It’s way too far for me to come, but my client will probably—” *rolls eyes* “—want to use these, anyway. So, how does delivery work?”

Me: “I’m sorry, but we can’t deliver; I’m here alone twelve hours a day.” 

Customer: *Glaring* “I’m asking how it works.” 

Me: *Helplessly* “It… doesn’t?” 

Customer: *Pursing her lips condescendingly* “Well, what courier service do you use?” 

Me: “We… don’t? If you require shipping, we use the USPS and ship first-rate Priority. I can’t really tell you how much it would cost off the cuff, however, bec—”

Customer: “I’m not asking how much it costs.”

She huffs impatiently and rolls her eyes.

Customer: “Whatever. Just ring me out so I can drive all the way back now.” 

Me: “Yes, ma’am. Your total is [total].” 

Customer: “That’s not what the girl on the phone said. She said it would be [significantly lower total].”

Note that “the girl on the phone” was me, and I know precisely what I quoted her. At this point, however, she is so hostile and acerbic that I just want to get her out of the shop.

Me: “Sorry for the confusion, ma’am. That will be [lower total], then.” 

Customer: *Sarcastically* “I need a receipt.”

She took the receipt and swept out of the shop again without another word.

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Some Customers Keep You Late But This Takes The Cake(s)!

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I’m a fifteen-year-old female. I work in bakery, sort of as a waitress but I also clean and make coffees, etc. I’m the youngest employee and often have to deal with the entitled Karen’s because they think I “have to respect my elders.”

It is during the school holidays. I have worked eight-hour shifts for five days straight and I am on my last shift for the week. We have already closed and I am just tidying up the front while my boss is counting money in the back. I have just finished wiping down the front pastry cabinet when I hear footsteps behind me. As we have already closed, I ignore them, thinking it is my boss’s kid.

I move back behind the counter to check the till and I get this eerie feeling that someone is watching me and suddenly I hear that sound that every Karen makes.

Customer: “…ahem.”

I slowly turn around and standing before me is a typical Karen; from the haircut to the entitled smirk, she sure as h*** fits the bill.

Me: “Oh! Sorry, ma’am, we’re actually closed.”

Customer: “What?! So you can’t serve me anything?”

Me: “Well, I guess I could get you a few cakes—”

Customer: “Hmph! That’s what I thought, missy.”

I HATE being called names as a form of condescension, especially when I haven’t done anything to deserve it, but I know that if I tell her to leave my boss won’t be very happy with me; I’m the youngest so I can’t tell any of the customers to leave no matter what they say.

I suck it up and start to place the cakes she orders into a box. While I’m doing this, I can see that she’s tapping her foot and checking her watch.

Customer: *Sighs loudly* “What’s taking so long?!”

Keep in mind this is on my time and she’s ordered eight different cakes. I slowly reply through gritted teeth.

Me: “Because you ordered so many cakes, I have to walk from cabinet to cabinet to find them.”

She sighs loudly again. I finally finish getting the cakes and ring her up on the till.

Me: “You realize we closed over half an hour ago; if you could come just a little bit earlier I would be able to serve you more things.”

Customer: *Scoffs and laughs* “It’s not my fault you didn’t lock the door, and you’re young so you have to serve me anyway.”

She smirks at me. I cannot believe the audacity of this woman. I feel like telling her to get the f*** out, but again, she’s already paying, so I know I can’t.

Customer: *Wiggling her fingers* “Toodles.”

I told my boss about the encounter and all she said was that at least she’d bought a lot. I hate people like this woman so much!

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I was closing that night, just clocked out and I see two women in the bakery. Knowing how WONDERFUL general merchandise are at helping our department I ask
“Something I can help you find”
Woman A “We need a cake order for a baby shower”
So I go and fetch an order form and we go through the usual name, number, pick up or delivery before
Woman B ” She (the lady having the baby, not present) wants a pickle flavored cake”
Stumped, I reply with the standard ” that is something I’d have to ask the bakers… I can leave a note and have them get back to you in the morning”
There was much debate, at least 15 minutes of it, but they settled on chocolate. Pickle flavored cake? ICK!