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The Roadhouse I work at has a cafe attached. This day we’re currently experiencing a power cut, and relying on a backup generator. This means anything that uses a lot of power or has an element has been shut down – so we have no hot water, coffee machine, deep frier or sandwich toaster – just the hot plate as it’s gas. To let people know, we’ve placed a sign on the counter explaining this and what we can still serve – intentionally placed so it blocks most of the menu on the wall when you stand in front of the counter. At the very bottom (about eye level) in big bold letters it says: NO TOASTED S/W, NO COFFEE.
Customer: (Walks to the counter, sees sign. Moves a step to the left so he can read the menu on the wall) I’ll take a ham and cheese toasted sandwich and a coffee please.
Me: (pointing to the sign) Sorry sir, we’re currently experiencing a power cut and can’t provide those right now
Customer: Oh, I didn’t see that!

(Sadly, this conversation happened at least 10 times before the power came back!)

Love On Autopilot

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(I work at the cafe at the university my boyfriend and I attend. One evening, we schedule to meet up and he arrives at the cafe about 30 minutes before my shift ends. He decides to get a coffee while he waits. I am working the register and there are about ten people in the queue before his turn comes up, so I am on complete autopilot.)

Me: “Welcome to [Shop]. What would you like to order?”

Boyfriend: “One coffee, please.”

Me: “What size?”

Boyfriend: “Medium.”

Me: “Would you like a sandwich or pastry on sale with your coffee?”

Boyfriend: “No, thank you.”

Me: “Would you like to have it here or to take away?”

Boyfriend: *amused* “Take away.”

Me: “All right, that will be a total of [total]. Will you be paying cash or credit?”

Boyfriend: “Cash.”

Me: “May I have a name with that?”

(I stared at him for a second and it wasn’t until my coworker burst into laughter that I realized I’d just asked my boyfriend of over a year for his name.)

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Impossible To Filter Out This Much Ignorance  

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(I work at a small cafe. You come up to the till and order, and there is a menu on the counter next to the till for the customers’ benefit, even if half the time they don’t read it. This customer is one of them.)

Customer: “Can I have a white filter coffee?”

Me: *a bit confused, as there are several white filter coffees we do* “Sure, what type of filter coffee would you like?”

Customer: *rather rudely* “What white filter coffees do you do?”

Me: *pointing the menu as I speak* “We do cappuccinos, lattes—”

Customer: “No, I don’t want them. I just want a white filter coffee!”

Me: *getting increasingly confused* “They are white filter coffees. If not, you can have an americano with milk. That’s a filter coffee…?” 

Customer: *getting increasingly annoyed* “I don’t want any of them! Is there not a simple white filter coffee? Are there any more?”

Me: “A flat white? It’s like a latte, but without the milk froth?” 

(This goes on for a bit, with me naming all the filter coffees we have, and her getting annoyed at me for not wanting the coffees I name.)

Customer: “Do you do any other coffees?”

Me: “We have instant coffee, but it’s… not a filter coffee…?”

Customer: “Yes, I’ll have one of them. That’s what I meant in the first place! How hard is it to get a coffee here?”

(I didn’t say anything after that, just continued the transaction. I made myself a cup of tea after I had made her drink, and realised I was glad it wasn’t busy at the time.)

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Didn’t Know The Coffee Was Supposed To Taste THAT Good

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(At this cafe, we sell coffee beans that we can grind as well as drinks. A regular comes in for his morning coffee.)

Regular: “Hey, do you have a bag of Kama Sutra?”

Coworker: *pauses* “What?”

Regular: “Kama Sutra.”

Coworker: “Do you mean Sumatra?”

Regular: “Yeah, that. What did I say?”

(A bit later, while the regular was drinking his coffee, his brother came in and we shared the story. I have a feeling he’s not going to hear the end of it for a while.)

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Two Ounces Of Coffee, Less Than An Ounce Of Sense

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(I work as a barista. One day, a woman I’ve never seen before enters the café.)

Me: “Hi. What can I get for you?”

Customer: “I’d like to try some of your coffee.”

Me: “Sure, will that be a drip coffee, or–“

Customer: “I want coffee, but I don’t want to buy it. I just want a sample.”

Me: “If you’d just like a taste, I can give you a sample of our drip coffee in our two-ounce cup.”

(I hold up the cup so the customer can see.)

Customer: “No, I want a sample but in that size cup!” *points to our regular-size paper cups*

Me: “I’m sorry, but we only do free samples in the two-ounce cups. Did you still want the sample?”

(The customer huffs and puffs but finally agrees, and I pour the sample for her. She takes the cup and then makes her way to the self-serve area where the cream and sugar are kept. I watch with curiosity — which soon turns into dumbfoundedness — as this woman takes a sip of her tiny sample of coffee to make room, and then pours half-and-half into it, then another sip, and then pouring some more half-and-half, etc. After drinking her coffee in this fashion for at least twenty repetitions of sipping and diluting her sample, she marches back to the register, face flushed with anger.)

Customer: *slamming the cup down on the counter* “I demand you remake me a free cup of coffee! This one was disgusting!”

Me: “That can happen when you pour twenty creamers into a two-ounce cup of coffee.”

Customer: *storms out, shouting profanities*


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