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I volunteer in a charity-run café in a hospital when I am fifteen. It is pretty close to the psych ward, which leads to some… interesting encounters:

Customer: “I’ll have two sausage rolls, please.”

Me: “Okay, so that will be [total].”

Customer: “F*** you! This is my last £20!”

The customer waves the note in my face.

Me: “Miss, please calm—”


(note, she was obviously over 60, and could not have had a baby)

Me: I cannot lower the price. I can cancel the transaction or return one of the sausage rolls if you want.

Customer: *screeches and swears at me, demanding a discount*

I repeat what I said before, which is what I do when I get stressed/overwhelmed. The customer continues her screaming fit.

Coworker: I’m sorry, but you cannot speak to my coworker like that. She has no control over the price, and also is a child. I need to ask you to leave.

The customer runs away screaming. I later see her being put into a wheelchair by a nurse wearing the psych ward uniform. After she left I burst into tears, and my co-worker bought me a slice of cake and sent me through to the back to calm down.

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(I’m a 23-year-old white girl working as a barista/hostess. I was 21 at the time, with much shorter hair and heavy makeup. I still like heavy eyeliner and bold lipsticks, but my hair is much longer because I wanted to grow it out for once.)

Me: Hi, how may I help you?

Customer, an older woman dressed up all fancy: Coffee.

Me: What kind of coffee? We have cappu…

Customer: Plain black coffee. Now. I don’t have time for whores with no education. Didn’t your mother teach you to read the bible?

Me: She died (she didn’t really) and that’ll be $2.50.

Customer: Typical. Women need long hair to be worthy and shameless. Your hair is a disgrace! You look like a slut!

Me: Here’s your change and your coffee. Have a great day and stuff *deadpan*.

Customer: Take this *she hands me a bible, those tiny ones with only the last half*

Me: I’m actually an atheist? But, thank you anyway.

Customer: You mean *store* is hiring pagans now? I need your manager!

*I call over the manager on duty, a rather devout Muslim woman with whom I have no problems and am friends with to this day.*

Manager: What’s the problem, ma’am?

Customer: Oh my god! More LIARS and DECEIVERS?! I’m calling corporate! They will know of this blasphemy! I will not give my money to a company that hires slutty women! She sleeps with black men! I won’t have this! *she stormed out, but not before giving us bibles and spitting on us. She slammed the door behind her.*

*a week later*
Me: So, did we ever get anything from corporate?

Manager: Yes, an apology. Oh, and she’s banned from this store.

*We had great laughs about that and still do*

Every Coffee Shop Has Its Own Not-Ben

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We’re a well-known cafe that writes the person’s name on the cup and calls the person’s name when their order is ready. This happens on a particularly busy day.

An elderly lady customer has just ordered a hot latte, specifying both hot and latte about five times.

Me: “Ben! Grande mocha frappuccino!”

Lady: “Did someone call me? Is this mine?”

She takes the frozen coffee and sips it and wonders off. She comes back after sipping about half the drink.

Lady: “This isn’t mine. I ordered a hot latte!”

Me: “I’m sorry, Mrs. [Not Ben]. Your drink will be ready in a few.”

I made sure her drink was next to avoid any further confusion, and then remade Ben’s drink.

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Not Being A Goody Two-Shoes

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In the tearoom, it’s a common policy to take off your shoes and put them in the shoe locker. First-time visitors usually don’t know this so we ask them to do it. But when it’s too busy we sometimes miss them. This is one of the very busy days.

Customer: “Hey, I want a shisha.”

Coworker: “Okay. Oh, can I ask you to take off your shoes and put them in the locker, please?”

Customer: “Why? I will put them next to my table.”

Coworker: “Please put them in the locker.”

Customer: “Why? I want my shisha.”

Coworker: “Because they would be in the way. I could trip over them and hurt myself or someone else.”

Customer: “I don’t care. I want my shisha!

I was speechless. In the end, one of his friends did it for him.

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Mmm, Pepperoni & Vanilla

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I work at a very busy tourist place in the capital. The cafeteria has all kinds of food — warm or cold, sweet or salty — including twenty different-flavoured ice creams that are made at the same place.

All kinds of nationalities come to visit this place and sometimes we can get quite funny and weird questions about the food.

A group of teenagers, who clearly aren’t from this country, are all standing in front of the ice cream, talking together in a language we don’t understand. One of them comes forward and starts asking me about the ice creams.

Customer: “Is there anything from pigs in your ice cream?”

Me: *Very confused* “Um… What? Pigs?”

Customer: “Yes! It’s very important. Is there anything from pigs in your ice cream?”

Me: “Well… no. We don’t use pigs in our ice cream.”

Customer: “Are you sure? Nothing from pigs? Are you totally sure?”

Me: “Yes, we don’t use pigs in our ice cream. In fact, there is a sign in front of this glass where it says what we make our ice cream of. There is nothing from pigs.”

The customer accepted this and most of the teenagers bought some ice cream, mostly without any kind of special flavours. It turned out that most of them were Muslims and didn’t know much about this country’s customs or food, so they wanted to be totally sure it didn’t break their rules.

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