Can’t Pay For A New First Impression

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(I work in a private cafe for a multi-billion dollar company in their office. Only office workers or people approved by security are allowed to access the cafe, so we tend to know everyone there by name, besides the few strays. We also tend to have people grab condiments, cups, and extra supplies of ours thinking they’re free to use because they work there, but we’re strictly contracted with the company and aren’t funding by the company itself. On one particular day, I have an interesting first impression of a new office worker.)

Customer: “Do I have to pay for this?”

Coworker: “Yes, of course, you do. Just around the corner there, where the ‘one way’ sign is.”

Customer: “Oh… okay.”

(I am at the till waiting for her to cash out.)

Me: “Your total is $3.55.”

Customer: “Do I have to pay for my coffee, as well?”

Me: “Of course; you pay for everything here from condiments to meals.”

Customer: “Oh, I walked out with a coffee yesterday and I didn’t know you had to pay! It was my first day, and there were so many people in here.”

Me: “I did see that, but since I have never seen you before and was clearly too busy at my till cashing people out, I didn’t run after you, but now you know, right? Would you like to pay for the coffee from yesterday now?”

Customer: “Why? It happened yesterday, though.”

(First impressions last a lifetime, especially in this cafe, since we’re considerably extremely personal with our customers. I assume she’s not going to last too long with her attitude.)

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(After returning from a rather sunny two week holiday I return to work with a rather fantastic tan. I work at a museum cafe and its been a fairly slow day.)

Me: Hi there, what can I get you?
Customer: *Stares at me confused*
Me: Sir?
Customer: *continues to stare*
Me: Would you like tea, coffee or maybe a sandwich?
Customer: This is a Scottish museum right?
Me: yes, sir it is.
Customer: Oh. Not much authenticity in the staff then.
Me: *I’m confused at first but then figure hes complaining that I’m not ginger or wearing tartan* What do you mean?
Customer: like in Chinese restaurants they hire Chinese people.
Me: uh huh, and?
Customer: * getting embarrassed*Never mind. I’ll have a latte.
Me: Okay, that’s £X.XX, please.
Customer: *pays* So what part of India are you from?
Me: …

(I’m Caucasian)

For When The Coffee Just Isn’t Enough

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(One evening, a man walks into our cafe, and I recognise him as a customer from earlier that day.)

Me: “Hello! How can I help you?”

Customer: “I think I left a small box here. Did you happen to find it?”

Coworker: “I found it; let me go get it.”

(My coworker fetches the box and gives it to the man.)

Customer: “Thank you so much! My antidepressants are in it.”

Me: “I’m glad we could help.”

(The man starts to walk away and I think this is it, but after two steps he turns around.)

Customer: “Actually, it’s ketamine. Want some?”

(My coworker and I stared at him in shock and somehow managed to mumble, “No, thanks,” and the man left. Who offers horse tranquilisers to strangers?)

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It is relatively busy at the café I work at. I woman in sunglasses enters.

Me: Hi, how can I help you?

The woman then proceeds to recite a long and complicated order, not pausing for even a second between the different items, including coffee.

Me: Would you like sugar in your coffee?

Customer: I will not repeat myself. If you were actually listening, you’d know what I ordered.

Me: *speechless*

Customer: I’ll be back in a minute.

A coworker follows her out to get the correct coffee order, but the customer wouldn’t say. She was angry that we wanted to clarify part of her order!

In the end, we just gave her what I wrote down (no sugar). That was the worst customer I’ve ever served, but I’m sure down the road there will be some more nasty ones.

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Occasionally on my way to work I stop and get my breakfast from a food place a couple of minutes away from work. I’ve just entered and placed an order and I am off to the side waiting for my sandwich. This is the sort of place you pay before you receive your food. The two employees at the counter are serving a pair of ladies, and one man who looks to be in his thirties and is in a nice looking suit. I’m actually playing a game on my phone until I look up and hear the following:

Male Customer: Why did they [the two ladies] get their food before me?

Employee: Well my colleague was serving them and-

MC: I ordered before them! This is outrageous!

Note: not only did both of these orders take less time than mine, i.e. about 2 mins tops, but he is literally being handed his order as he is saying this. And remember, he has already paid. He continues to shout over her for about a minute or so about him being in a hurry.

Employee: Sir, I’m sorry, but here is your- [tries to give him the food]

MC: [Shouting now] Never mind, keep it! I’m never coming back!

The sandwich is left on the counter, and I sympathise with the lady at the counter. Shortly, as I am receiving my order, we hear angry footsteps approaching. The man comes back in, snatches his sandwich up, glares at every person around him, and stomps back out. I promptly cracked up, as did the customer behind me and one of the ladies at the counter. I hope whoever he was working with that day didn’t suffer like the ladies working here did, and just wish I had the wits about me at the time to say to him ‘I thought you said you were never coming back’!

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