A Beacon Of Light On A Day So Black  

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(It’s my first Black Friday in retail. I’ve heard horror stories from coworkers about people fighting, screaming matches, and general nonsense. I’m at the registers at a fabric store, and even with someone on EVERY register, our line is still to the back of the store. We’re still trying to move people through quickly, and giving everyone great customer service.)

Me: “Did you find everything all right?”

Customer: “Oh, absolutely! You guys have been amazing today!”

Me: “I’m glad to hear! Do you have any coupons?”

Customer: “Yes, I do! Can you help me figure out the best ones to use?”

(I manage to find a coupon she didn’t see that took a few extra dollars off her total. After she pays…)

Customer: “Is there a manager I could talk to? You’ve been amazing today and I’d love to let them know!”

(I page a manager, and she comes over after a short wait. She’s expecting the customer to yell at her, but she doesn’t.)

Customer: “I really want to say how amazing your staff has been today. The line is long but it’s been moving, and I don’t think I waited more than ten minutes. [My Name] was very kind and helped me save some money without any hassle.”

Manager: “I’m happy to hear that! We do have a survey online you could fill out to tell us and our corporate office!”

(She filled out the survey, and I got recognition from my district manager for it!)

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The Happiest ID On Earth

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(I go to Anaheim for a convention and then go to buy my annual ticket to Disneyland. Most, if not all hotels in Anaheim have a clerk available to sell tickets to Disneyland in the hotel lobby. After the clerk helps two customers in front of me, it’s my turn.)

Me: “I’d like one single-park ticket for Disneyland, please.”

Clerk: “Sure! What brings you out here?”

Me: “I came out here for Blizzcon and now I’m going to spend a day at Disneyland.”

Clerk: “Oh? Did you know Blizzcon attendees get a discount on their park ticket? I just need to see your badge, wristband, or ticket.”

Me: “Oh? I did not know that. Let me run up to my room and get my badge and wristband real quick.”

Clerk: “Of course!”

(I then make my way back to my room, get my badge and wristband, and come back downstairs. The clerk is helping another couple in front of me. They are buying one single park ticket. When it comes time for him to pay, I notice his ID card.)

Me: “Retired military? What branch?”

Man: “Air force.”

Me: “Nice. My father retired a few years ago. Army.”

Man: “Very nice!”

Clerk: “Oh? Sir, since you were military, you are entitled to a military discount.”

Man: “Really?”

Clerk: “Oh, yes! You actually qualify for a three-day pass and it costs two dollars less than the single day pass you just got. I just need to see your military ID.”

Man: “Okay! Let’s do that, then!” *looks to me* “Thanks for that!”

Me: “Oh, it’s not a problem.”

(She proceeds to refund the man his two dollars and print two new tickets, these for three days in Disneyland instead of his original single day. After they leave…)

Clerk: “How did you know he was military?”

Me: “My father was in the Army, so I easily recognize military ID cards.”

(So, not only did I get a discount for going to a convention, which was enough for me to get the photo pass, but I also inadvertently help a couple get a better deal at Disneyland: three days for the price of one. It was a good weekend all around.)

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Love And Candy Go Hand In Hand

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(I’m working in the women’s department. We only sell clothing and a few accessories, but we have a small dish of candy that customers can take from for free. A mother with a daughter who’s about five and a son of eight comes into the department.)

Boy: “Mom, is anything in here free?”

Mother: “No, nothing in life is free. Only the candy in this store is free.”

Girl: “Momma, love is free.”

Mother: *to boy* “Your sister is right; love is free, but that’s it.” *to the girl* “Good one!”

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This Story Will Pierce Your Heart

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(I work in a popular alternative clothing store. I am pretty accustomed to getting customers with tattoos and piercings, but usually when a customer is “new to the scene” we end up having conversations about tattoos and piercings. I’m helping a woman in her late 40s pick out some studs for her nose.)

Customer: “Oh, I like your tattoo! What does it say?”

(I’m very used to this. I have a large script tattoo that covers the entire inside of my bicep.)

Me: “It says, ‘If we’re stuck on this ship and it’s sinking, then we might as well have a parade.’ It basically means we are all here for now and we should enjoy life before it ends.”

Customer: “Oh, I absolutely love it! You know, I lost both of my sons and my husband in a car accident. I miss them so much, but instead of being depressed about it, I try to live my life by having as many good experiences as I can. I know they’d want that for me. I know since they can’t live life anymore, I should live mine for them. I actually just got my nose pierced and I got a tattoo, because I figured, hey, try everything once. And you, you’re still young. Before you know it, you’ll be as old as me. So, live your life as best as you can and enjoy it. And love your loved ones every day, and appreciate them, because you never know when they’ll be gone forever. I love that you have that tattoo; it makes me hopeful for you.”

(This lovely woman’s words have stuck with me ever since that day. She really warmed my heart and made me learn to appreciate my loved ones and new experiences — and my tattoo — more than I already do. Her kind words will stay with me forever. And I hope, if I never see her again, that she lives the rest of her life as fully and as happily as she can.)

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Now This Is How You Deliver On Delivering

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(I find a box set video game from a well-known online marketplace that I have been after for a while. It recently went on sale, so I decide to treat myself. I live in a block of flats with a communal mailbox area, rather than each apartment having a letter box. This occasionally leads to delivery people putting post or packages into the mailbox that has the same number as the building — e.g. the building address is 111, and there is also an apartment 111 — so I always make a point to write in the notes which mailbox to use, even though it should be clear enough in the address. A few days later, on Friday, I get a notification saying it has been delivered, and when I get home I excitedly check my mailbox. Surprisingly — or maybe not so much — it isn’t there, so I peek through the mail slot of the other mailbox, and sure enough, I can see it in there. I text my neighbour, who agrees to pass it to me when they get home, but that won’t be until Monday. In the meantime, I call the customer service for the online marketplace.)

Agent: “[Online Marketplace], how can I help you?”

Me: “Hi, I ordered an item and it has been posted in my neighbour’s post box. He won’t be back until after the weekend, so I can’t get it. It wouldn’t have happened if the driver had just read the actual address, so I would like you to pass the message along.”

Agent: “So, I see it says the package was delivered, but you didn’t get it.”

Me: “Well, I sort of did. I just can’t physically reach it without breaking into my neighbour’s mailbox.”

Agent: “No problem. I will arrange a replacement to be sent out to you. You should get it tomorrow. I apologise for the inconvenience.”

Me: “What? No, you don’t need to do that! I just have to wait a few days, that’s all. I just wanted to pass along the message to stop it happening again.”

Agent: “Oh, no, ma’am, this is a clear failure to deliver as it was not delivered to you. I’ve already authorised the redeliver for you.”

Me: “Oh, well, then, how do I sent the other one back?”

Agent: “No need. It wasn’t delivered to your address, so the failure is ours.”

Me: “Okay… thanks?”

(I hung up, slightly baffled. The next day, I got my game as promised — they sent it overnight — and after the weekend, I got the original order from my neighbour. I was worried that if I tried to return the game they would refund me, so I just gave the spare game to a friend who had also been eyeing it!)

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