You Just Made My Dayquil!

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I have been chatting with a regular customer about the nasty cold I got over the weekend. The customer leaves with his materials. About a half-hour later, I get a call from our security guard.

Guard: “Where are you?”

Me: “In the warehouse.”

Guard: “Stay there; [Customer] is on his way over.”

Customer: “I felt bad that you were sick so I stopped at the store.”

He handed me a bottle of Dayquil. If all my customers were like that, I might actually enjoy my job!

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A Close Shave To Get Those Teeth Clean

, , , | Healthy | September 10, 2020

It’s my first day working as a care assistant in a home for adults with learning difficulties. Every resident is treated as a member of the family. A more experienced colleague is showing me around.

Colleague: “This is John. He needs a lot of personal care, but he’s a great guy. He’s quite happy and easy to take care of.”

Later, we are putting him to bed and my colleague is demonstrating to me how to clean his teeth. John won’t open his mouth for the toothbrush.

Colleague: “He really doesn’t like the taste of toothpaste. We have to be patient.”

Two minutes later, he still hasn’t opened his mouth.

Colleague: “Would you switch on John’s shaver? It’s on the shelf there.”

Me: “Huh? We haven’t finished cleaning his teeth yet.”

Colleague: “Just switch it on and watch carefully.”

Confused, I switch it on. Then, I look at John to watch the reaction. He grins and opens his mouth wide. My colleague puts the toothbrush in and cleans his teeth without issue.

Colleague: “You see, he hates getting his teeth cleaned, but he loves getting shaved. The sound of the shaver is enough to distract him. Getting shaved is his reward for letting us clean his teeth.”

I was amazed that something so simple would work! Several months later, I enjoy working with him.

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Three’s Company, But It’s Also A Family

, , , , , | Right | September 7, 2020

It’s a busy morning and we have multiple customers waiting for prescriptions.

Once one of them is ready, I call out the surname on it. Three women simultaneously step forward to claim it, and immediately, all three look confused. I then call out the first name and one of the women steps back. I now have two confused women laying claim to the prescription, which is marginally better than three.

After a few moments of conversation, we work out what is happening. 

Of the three women, two shared a surname but not a first name, and two shared a first name but not the surname. Additionally, the third lady’s surname was similar enough to the other two that it was easily mistaken if you weren’t paying close enough attention, e.g. if two of the women were named Smith, the third was named Smits.

As if this wasn’t enough of a coincidence, the two women who shared a surname (who had never met) realised that they were distantly related by marriage and quickly struck up a new friendship, agreeing to meet later on for coffee.

In well over a decade of working in the industry, I’ve never had such a coincidence!

And yes, all three ladies eventually got their own correct prescription and they all went on their merry ways.

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Finally, Someone Who Knows How To Make Change!

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My mother and I have just landed at an airport in Maryland. We plan on taking the city’s public transportation to our final destination, a relative’s condo about an hour away. The bus at the airport is on an hourly schedule. We catch the bus at 10:00 am exactly and begin to board when we realise we only have a card to pay the bus fare. The fare is $7.50 per person so a flat $15 for my mother and me.

Me: “I’m sorry, miss, but we only have a card; do you accept a card?”

Bus Driver: “Sorry, we don’t, but there should be an ATM just inside the airport. I’ll wait while you go grab some money okay?”

My mother waits on the bus while I zip into the airport and find the ATM. The ATM will only allow me to withdraw in increments of twenty, so I take a $20 bill from the ATM and run back to the bus. Thankfully, a few people are still waiting to board.

Me: “All right, miss, I have a twenty here!”

Bus Driver: “Oh, unfortunately, the machine only accepts exact change. I’m sorry about that.”

My mother and I resign ourselves to the loss of the extra $5. A rider walks up and is about to put his $7.50 into the machine when the driver speaks up.

Bus Driver: “Excuse me, sir, can I see your money?”

She takes the money and gestures the rider to a seat, and then she addresses us.

Bus Driver: “All right, here’s what I’ll do. I’ll put your $20 bill in the machine along with this gentlemen’s $2.50 in change and charge you for three tickets, but then you can have his $5 bill, giving you change back.”

We did this and thanked her. It was a real kindness for her to help us, and we very much appreciated it!

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Prom-pted To Do Good

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I go out to an Italian restaurant with a big group of friends before our senior prom. We are going the low-budget route where we carpool in our moms’ minivans and most of us are wearing homemade dresses. We do each other’s hair and makeup at my house before we go out, and we are dressed to the nines. 

We order our food, and our waitress skillfully manages the dozen of us with little trouble. We enjoy our meal and ask our superb waitress for the check.

Waitress: “Oh, that table over there already paid it in full! You’re all set!”

Us: “Wait, what?!

Waitress: “You don’t know them? I just assumed they were your parents or something.”

Us:No! Oh my gosh! Thank you!

People At The Other Table: “Enjoy your prom! You all look so lovely!”

We were practically crying and so excited. The total had to have been over $200. We left our waitress a big tip anyway, just because.

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