Unpaid And Unafraid

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(My friend and I are both female, and we work at a store that sells fruit arrangements with the popular option of adding chocolate-dipped fruits to the order. While most orders are called in days ahead of time, we do occasionally have orders from people who want to pick up or have their purchase delivered the very same day. On this day, a man calls in two hours before the closing time and asks for a pricier arrangement that is almost completely full of chocolate strawberries and wants to pick it up and pay for it at the store. My friend informs him of the store hours, and he agrees to pick it up an hour before closing. We build the arrangement and wait for the customer while cleaning up the kitchen area for the night. After thirty minutes past his pick-up time, my friend calls the customer but gets his voicemail, and she leaves him a message reminding him of his purchase and of the store hours. The time passes until it’s official closing time for the store, and the customer still has not arrived to pick up his order. Since it’s just the two of us left, we decide to keep the shop open for a bit longer in case he was held up by traffic or some sudden emergency. We wait for twenty minutes and decide to finally close up when the customer comes in.)

Customer: “I’m here for my [Arrangement]. It should be under [Customer].”

Me: *annoyed that he has kept us waiting past the store hours without an apology, but trying to remain professional* “Of course, yours is the only one left. Let me get that for you.”

(I leave my friend to ring him up as I go to the back to get his order. When I return a minute later, the customer seems to be aggravated.)

Me: “Here it is, sir, one [Arrangement]. If you have paid with my coworker here, I’ll just ask you to sign the receipt and we can all be on our way home!”

Customer: “No.”

Me: “Pardon?”

Customer: “This is bulls***! I already paid for this overpriced crap; you’re not getting more money out of me!”

Me: “Oh, I thought your order was listed as ‘Unpaid.'”

Customer: “That’s complete bulls***! I already paid for this!”

Me: “Sir, please lower your voice and refrain from swearing. Do you remember how you paid for your purchase? Did you call back after you ordered?”

Customer: “Of course not! I paid over the phone and gave some girl my card number when I made the order! If she’s saying I didn’t pay for this, then she screwed up and you’re trying to scam me out of more money!”

Me: *suspicious* “Just to be clear, sir, you’re saying that you gave the worker your card information in order to pay for your item, on the phone, when you first made your purchase that you agreed to pick up at six. You did not call our store back at any time between then and now?

Customer: “No, of course not! That b**** clearly can’t do her job properly.”

Friend: “Well, sir, I frankly have to disagree with you.”

Customer: *livid* “EXCUSE ME?!”

Friend: *smiles* “Perhaps you don’t recognize my voice, sir, but I am the one who took your order over the phone a few hours ago. I specifically recall you saying that you didn’t trust giving your information over the phone and wanted to know if you could pay for your item when you picked it up.”

Customer: *becoming red with fury* “How dare—”

Me: “Since you’ve confirmed that you never called back to make a payment or even contacted our store to inform us you would be arriving later than scheduled, there is no way that another of our coworkers could have botched your payment process. And even if she did, the payment wouldn’t have gone through, so your card wouldn’t have been charged and you would still have paid nothing for your order.”

Customer: *sputtering*

Friend: “In addition, sir, I informed you of our hours twice in that phone call and you chose to pick it up at six. I even confirmed with you that you would be able to pick it up at the designated time, and reminded you of our closing time, which you will notice is long past. We tried contacting you half an hour past the pick-up time and left a reminder when we could not reach you, and even generously stayed open long past the closing time.”

Me: “Sir, as explained, your order has been listed as unpaid because you specifically asked to pay for it when you were supposed to pick it up over two hours ago. Until you give us some form of payment, we can not allow you to walk out of this store with [Arrangement].”

Customer: *yelling* “You little s***s, I refuse to give you any more of my money! This is outrageous; you cannot talk to me this way! I am the customer! I am not giving you my card so you can rip me off!”

Friend: *calmly* “Very well, sir. Without payment, I will have to end the transaction. [My Name], can you put [Arrangement] in the back again?”

Customer: “You can’t do that! It’s mine!”

Me: “Well, sir, unless you pay for it, it is not actually your order, so the store is allowed to resell it to someone else willing to actually pay for it.”

Customer: *smacks the counter and leans over threateningly* “You stupid s***s don’t know who you’re messing with; I will have you both fired for this! You are going to give me my order and you have no right to stop me!”

Friend: *doesn’t back down from his obvious threats* “Unless you pay for it, sir, it’s no longer your purchase. Also, I should inform you that if you decide to take the arrangement by force without paying for it, we will be authorized to contact the police for theft. We have security cameras around the store recording this entire conversation.”

(The customer looks up and seems to realize the cameras for the first time. He grows pale quickly.)

Me: “I’m sure the police would be very interested in this conversation, in addition to throwing in a harassment charge.”

(He seems to realize his position and, still fuming, pulls out his wallet and pays for his item. The transaction goes through without a problem and he signs the receipt, cursing and mumbling under his breath the entire time. Finally, he roughly grabs his order and stalks off.)

Friend & Me: *as sweetly as possible* “Have a great night, sir!”

(He glared at us and cussed before heading out. A few weeks later, he attempted to harass another female employee at the store and managed to make his way without paying for his item. We contacted the police and, thanks to his last purchase, were able to give them his identification! They promptly arrested him and charged him for both occurrences!)

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Customer: *walks up to the front desk*  Excuse me? Can I still order room service, even if I’m not in my room?

Me: Sure, you can walk right on over to our restaurant. *points literally a few feet away*

Customer: OH! Awesome! *walks into restaurant*

Customer #2: That was a weird question.

Me: You’d be surprised!

*The customer proceeded to sit and eat a complete meal in the restaurant.*

Delivering Their Unjust Desserts

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(The company I work for has put out a special where you can order a large, one-topping pizza and get a free dessert. We advertise this special heavily, complete with a fuzzy chocolate square mascot in the commercials. After arriving at a delivery on the other side of the next town over…)

Me: “Hi there! Here is your order. It’s going to be [total].”

(The customer gives me a sour look and turns away to get the money, leaving me on her doorstep holding the order and waiting. After coming back and giving me exact change — ugh — she takes the food off my hands.)

Me: “Thank you very much. Have a nice day.”

Customer: “Where’s my [dessert item]?”

Me: “Excuse me? I’m sorry; did I forget something?”

(I take a moment to look at the order slip and make sure I handed her all of the items.)

Me: “This looks like everything I was sent out with. Are you sure you asked for it when you ordered?”

Customer: “I didn’t ask for it. They’re supposed to be free, when you order a large pizza.”

Me: *internal eye twitch* “I’m sorry. It is free, but you need to order it. I don’t have a way to keep them in the car, and we can’t bring them out if you don’t let us know you want them.”

Customer: “The commercial said they were free.”

Me: “They are… but you have to ask for them.”

Customer: “You should just bring them to me. I shouldn’t have to ask.”

Me: *now internally screaming* “I’m sorry, ma’am. Like I said, I don’t keep any in my car. I’ll let management know about your concerns when I get back.”

Customer: “What am I supposed to do about my [dessert]?”

Me: “Make sure you ask for it next time?”

(I eventually left and got back to my store, only to hear that she called back and complained about not getting her dessert like the commercial. I had to drive back out to drop it off, for free. The sad part was that while this special ran, I had at least one incident like this a night.)

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(I work in a well known OFFICE supply store. It’s close to closing when the phone rings.)

Me: “Thank you for calling [store], how may I take care of your business?.”

Caller: “Hi, I was wondering if you had any snorkel gear on sale?”

(Note: We never carried any type of snorkel equipment as we are an office supply store.)

Me: “Uh, pardon?”

Caller: “Do you have any snorkels or diving equipment on sale?.”

Me: “Uh, no sir, [Store] has never carried any type diving equipment.”

Caller: “Well, I called before and a guy told me you did.”

(At this point I knew it had to be a prank call)

Me: “Well, I don’t know what associate would tell you that, but [store] is named [store] for a reason, and snorkels are not office supplies.”

Caller: *pause* “WELL THEY SHOULD!” *Click.*

Rude Doesn’t Recognize Itself

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(I’m working in the concessions part of the theater, and there are only two cashiers, including me. Anyone that orders food from the kitchen is asked to wait all the way at the end of the registers for their food number to be called and delivered. There is a sign there that clearly says, “Hot Food Pickup.” There’s about seven people in my coworker’s line. My register is past my coworker, coming from the kitchen, so as I walk by, I gesture to the person immediately behind the people my coworker is already helping.)

Me: “Sir, I can help you right over here. Sir, welcome to [Movie Theater]; how may I help you?”

Customer #1: “Yes, can I have—” *gets about halfway through his order*

Customer #2: *to my coworker* “THIS IS RIDICULOUS! I’ve been waiting in this line for five minutes and no one has come to help me, but that girl—” *points at me* “—just called the next person over from this line to walk over there!”

Coworker: “Um, I’m sorry, ma’am, but that’s not a line; that’s where people go to pick up their food.”

(My coworker looks over at me, baffled, seeing that there hasn’t even been a cashier near a cash register over on that side delivering orders in a couple minutes, only our manager passing out food.)

Customer #2: “Well, I want you to help me right now! My movie has already started! I’m about to never come back to this theater; the service here is horrible!”

Me: *listening as I’m filling up my next customer’s popcorn bag, I turn around* “Ma’am, I’m sorry for the inconvenience, but there are twenty minutes of commercials; there’s a good chance your movie hasn’t even started.”

(The rude customer ignores me and starts shouting orders at my coworker; she now has to apologize to the next people in line as she takes this lady. At this point she’s made so much of a scene other people in line start talking about her and pointing; everyone knows she’s the one who made the mistake, not us. [Customer #2] quickly snaps around to a younger couple who’s explaining what happened to an older couple that just came back from the bathroom.)

Customer #2: “Are you talking about me? How dare you?! It’s incredibly rude to point. What is wrong with people nowadays?! I don’t think I’ll ever come back here.”

(After [Customer #2] finally leaves, I go back to the kitchen to tell my manager what happened. Amazingly, he didn’t hear a thing, despite [Customer #2]’s loud voice.)

Manager: “Well, you know sometimes we get people here like that. They just don’t know any better.”

Me: “[Manager], if she had come up to me with that tone, my response would have gotten me fired on the spot.”

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