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Working at a pharmacy store is rewarding way to help customers with their questions or assist their needs. However, it can be a big ouch for those that are just bored & very selfish simply because all they want is to feel pity for them. This is my real experience that I recently had with this elderly woman at the dental care section. When she pressed a button for assistance:
Me: “Hello, how can I help you?”
Customer: “I’m looking for the brush replacement of Philips (sonicare) company.”
Me: “We have them here.” (I point to the section where it exactly was.) “Do you know what type of Philips sonicare brush replacement you’re looking for?”
Customer: (Hands me a wrong replacement brush, I put it back.) “You’re no help at all.” (Gives me a retarded, dirty look attitude.)
Me: “Well, I’m sorry for your situation have a nice day, bye.”
Seriously, then there was no point to ask me or others for about it. Customers can be pain in the brain & a**. This person was clearly got more issues than vogue, and I’m pretty sure she never had a one positive life or to be grateful for. These bad or negative customers are not welcome and certainly gives a sick vibe to our staff & good valued customers a toothache!

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I’m working as usual and a small group of highschool boys come in. Aside from being noisy and making a mess, they weren’t too much obnoxious than normal until a regular customer who happens to wear a headscarf opens the door. I don’t know her religion but she doesn’t constantly wear the scarf that covers her head and hair.
Boy to his friend, “Look out, here comes ISIS.”
I didn’t say anything because she hadn’t heard what had been said, and I didn’t want her to either, but when I told my manager he told me that had he heard it, he would have kicked them out. He also went out of his way to be friendly to her when she was there. But still, the nerve of some people.

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I work registers at a chain fabric and craft store. On a busy day with endless lines I ring out a woman with a stack of notions and a couple of magazines. After ringing up all of the items and coupons and bagging everything-
Me: Your total is *total*
Woman: No, no no! I had a return! (grabs at one of the magazines in her bag, pulling it out and pulling a receipt out of it).
Me: Oh ok, soryy! You didn’t mention it. The magazine is the return item?
Woman: Yes
Me: Ok, let me take that off of the purchase for you and I’ll run the return after.
(we finish the purchase and I go through the receipt to find the return item. I can’t find the item)
Me: Do you happen to have another receipt? The magazine isn’t on this one.
Woman: What? The other woman circled the items for you already!
Me: You mean the fabric at the bottom? I thought you were returning the magazine?
Woman: NO! I’m returning fabric!
Me: Ok, we can do that. Did you bring the magazine from home then?
Woman: No! I want to BUY it!
(After a deep breath I managed to do her return and ring her up for the magazine and get her out of there. Apparently someone doesn’t know how to listen…)

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briefly worked for an independently owned fast food franchise and on my first day a lady ordered an “All American” meal which was not in the register or listed on our menu. I was desperately trying not to argue with her but I didnt know what she wanted and she refused to tell me. I was all alone at the drive thru register in the back freaking out & getting yelled at while I tried to ask questions to figure out what she wanted (“I want the All American!!”) when eventually someone up front started wondering why I was taking so long & came to the back. Turns out an “All American” is a made-up meal at this specific franchise consisting of a plain hamburger, with a small fry and a small drink. Why the woman herself didn’t just tell me she wanted a plain hamburger with a small fry and small drink, I will never know.

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My cable box is in need of replacement, and I am told I have to go down to the local branch store to pick up a new one. When I get there, there is a long line of people, all obviously tired of waiting, and a customer at the service window.

Customer: “…and I need [something], too.”

Clerk: “Sorry, sir, I’m not allowed to do that, and my boss is out at the moment.”

Customer: “I said I need it!”

The clerk looks a little flustered.

Clerk: “I’m very sorry, sir, I really can’t do what you’re asking.”

The customer gets indignant, and suddenly, someone in the back of the line starts yelling.

Line Guy: “Just give it to him, lady! I want to get out of here!”

This incites a riot, and everyone in line starts clamoring and yelling at the poor clerk. I’ve had enough.

Me:People! Quiet down! She’s just doing her job! Relax!”

Things quiet for all of a minute… and then the yelling starts again. I finally reach the window.

Me: “Sorry about them. It’s insane.”

Clerk: *Smiles* “That’s okay. I really appreciate you trying to help, though. Now, how can I help you?”

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