Textbook Case Of Creepiness

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(My older brother and I have a typical brother-sister relationship, though most everyone I meet says we’re way closer than a lot of siblings. One day, my cousin, who lives nearby and has always been best friends with my brother, comes over. They’re both three years older, and we all live at our homes. My girlfriend comes over, too.)

Brother: “[My Name]! [Girlfriend] is here!”

Me: “Thanks!”

(My cousin walks into the room just as I greet my girlfriend, and we move to go upstairs.)

Cousin: “Hey, what’s a pretty girl like you doing holding those textbooks? Let [My Name] carry them!” *laughs, grinning at my girlfriend and my brother*

Brother: “Actually, you should let me carry them.”

(I’m shocked because it sounds like my brother is flirting with her, and I thought he would never do that.)

Girlfriend: “No. I’ve got them, thank you very much.”

(She sneers, though I know she’s scared, because my brother is probably a foot taller than us, and my cousin isn’t much smaller.)

Brother: “Please, just one?”

(He winks at me, where my cousin can’t see, and I nod to my girlfriend. My brother takes the books and whirls around, hitting my cousin in the head.)

Me: “[Brother]!”

Brother: “Leave. Now.”

Cousin: “What the f***, man?

Brother: “You’ve always been a creep, and I put up with it when it was about porn stars and s***, but my sister’s girlfriend? No way! Get the f*** out of my house and don’t come back!”

Cousin: “You’re a [LGBT slur], [My Name]? No wonder you’re so ugly! I—“

Brother: “SHUT. THE. F***. UP! NOW!”

(My brother throws the book on the floor, and grabs my cousin’s hair, which is past his ears.)

Brother: “[My Name], door!”

(I scrambled over the railing, dropped a foot to the floor, and ran to open the door. My brother pulled our cousin along and threw him outside. I moved to slam the door, but my cousin grabbed my arm and started screaming cuss words. He tried to yank me outside, but my brother punched him in the face, and as soon as our cousin let go of me, slammed the door closed, locking it. Obviously, we didn’t drive him home, and things were a bit tense at Christmas.)

I’m Going To Pencil You Down As A “No”

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(I’m a cashier in a grocery store that does a lot of donation drives, so sometimes customers get really upset when they happen back to back. That was the case for this story:)

Me: “All right, your total is going to be [dollar amount] today. We’re doing a back-to-school donation drive to give supplies to local schools. Would you like to give a pack of pencils for—“

Customer: *interrupting me* “NO! I’ve been a teacher for nineteen years. Kids don’t use pencils to write; they use them to stab each other!”

Me: *pause* “Okay.”

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(A woman comes through my line with a cart full of supplies for her new puppy. Her total comes to almost $300. She gives me a $20 bill, and the rest of the total in $1 bills.)

Me: Haha, you must be a waitress.

Customer: I’m a dancer, actually. I just don’t like to stick around at the end of the night to trade my money in for larger bills.

Their Comprehension Is XXS

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(A customer enters wearing expensive yoga clothes that emphasize how lean she is. She walks to the clearly-marked plus-size section, so I go to greet her. She ignores my greeting and cuts me off before I can guide her to clothes that will fit her.)

Customer: “What does 4X mean?”

Me: “It’s one of our larger plus sizes, ma’am.”

Customer: “Is that smaller than a large?”

Me: *pause* “No, ma’am. That’s much bigger than a large.”

Gushing With Kindness

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(I’m a minor working the closing shift at a grocery store. Around 30 minutes before closing, a customer comes through my line with a box of Gushers candy. I’m tired, but I still try to be nice and make small talk.)

Me: “Wow, I haven’t had Gushers in a long time. I still love them, though!”

Customer: “Do you want some?”

Me: “A-are you sure?”

(He has already started to open the box.)

Customer: “Yeah, why not?”

Me: “Oh, no, it’s fine! You don’t have to.”

(He proceeds to put two bags of Gushers on the counter.)

Customer: “There’s one, and there’s two.”

Me: “Thank you so much!”

(He quickly left the store. Later, my friend from customer service came over and I gave one of the Gusher bags to her. That guy really made my night! If you’re reading this, thank you!)

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