The Cheese Has Melted And So Have Our Hearts

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(My husband and I are at a restaurant we go to every month or so. We almost always get the same thing, so we order without looking at the menu, including an appetizer that’s a sort of breadstick bite, which is supposed to come with two types of sauce to dip.)

Server: “Oh, I’m sorry, they just discontinued those.”

Me: “Oh, no! Well, bad luck for us. We can just get regular breadsticks then.”

Server: “Well, if you like, I can see if they’ll still make them for you? They might still have everything we need.”

Husband: “We really don’t want to be a pain.”

Server: “I promise you aren’t! Just let me check with the kitchen first.”

(She returns shortly after and says the kitchen can make the appetizer easily, but it will only have the marinara sauce to dip, not the cheese sauce, which we are fine with since we only ever eat the marinara anyway. We thank her profusely, and a little while later we get our appetizer. All is well, and then a woman comes running out of the kitchen with a small plate.)

Employee: “Here you go! We tried to make you the cheese sauce anyway with what we had.”

Husband: “Oh, you didn’t have to do that!”

Employee: “No, no, we wanted to! It, um, might not be very good though, but we thought we’d try.”

(She dropped the plate and hurried off. When we looked we had to laugh. The sauce is supposed to be a kind of garlicky beer cheese sauce for dipping. What they brought us was what looked like quite literally just a block of melted cheddar cheese with a handful of garlic on top, quickly congealing back into a grease-covered lump. To be polite, we did TRY to eat it since they went through the trouble for us, but it really was terrible. The whole thing was hysterical, though, and we were touched that they went through the effort to first accommodate us with the appetizer, and then TRIED to make the sauce even if the result was mostly inedible. We tipped generously and sent an email in to the company website telling them how great their staff at this location was. They may not be able to improvise a cheese sauce on the spot, but at least they cared enough to try!)

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Transformers: Workers In Disguise

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I’m attending a Transformers fan convention that’s taking place in a hotel associated with a very famous theme park. Said park has offered convention attendees some extra perks, such as discounts on park passes, but has also issued one rule — we’re forbidden from wearing our costumes in the theme park itself. This strikes quite a few people as an odd rule, as the company that runs the park doesn’t own the Transformers brand (yet), but as far as I know, all attendees comply.

The morning of the convention, before the dealer room opens, several people don their Transformers costumes and go down to the lobby for a photoshoot. The shoot soon progresses from simple pictures to the cosplayers posing in “battle” poses, to some mild play-fighting… until all pretense of a photoshoot is forgotten. Now there are people in Transformers costumes running around the lobby, mock-fighting, dodging behind furniture, and in general, getting really into character. Soon, a group of GI Joe cosplayers shows up, and the “battle” gets even crazier.

In any other hotel, I’m sure these antics would get everyone involved thrown out. But instead, the play-fight attracts a huge crowd, not just of convention-goers, but of regular families staying at the hotel on vacation, who have no idea what’s going on but want to watch anyhow. People are taking pictures and cheering the participants on and having a good time.

I’m watching the proceedings when I hear someone mutter behind me, “Is this some kind of promotion for a new ride or something?” And that’s when I realize that the non-convention-goers think that the fake battle is being staged by paid cast members of the park, not ordinary people who are just here for a convention and not getting paid a dime for putting on a show for park-goers.

The “battle” soon ends, and some of the cosplayers take the time to sign autograph books for the kids before heading to the convention hall. This site is full of negative stories about people being mistaken for employees… but this was a “mistaken-for-employee” situation that turned out to make just about everyone involved happy.

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Damaging Their Reputations

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(I’m in college. There’s a librarian at my local public library that’s been there since I was a little kid and has always given me attitude for some unknown reason. A week ago, I took out a book that had a little bit of water damage. I am turning it back in at a different location. As I walk in, I see the cranky librarian from my usual location. I internally groan but walk in anyway.)

Me: *puts the book at the check-in desk* “Here you go. Just the one return today, please.”

Librarian: “Hold on there! This book has water damage.”

Me: “Yes. It was like that when I took it out.”

Librarian: “No, it wasn’t.”

Me: “Yes, it was.”

Librarian: “We’d never check out a book in this condition!”

(The book is in very good condition, other than the one or two water-damaged pages.)

Me: “Well, you weren’t here to stop me, so…” *shrugs*

Librarian: “You need to pay for this.”

Me: “Excuse me?”

Librarian: “You damaged it, you buy it!”

Me: “I didn’t damage anything! It was like that when I took it out.”

Librarian: “It was not like that!”

Me: “Did you personally check out this book to me? No. Can I talk to someone else?”

Librarian: “No. If you don’t pay for this book, I’m putting a hold on your card, and you can’t check out anything else.”

Me: “You do that. I have a job. I can buy my own books now. Bye!”

(He glared at me on my way out.)

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A Pizza Of Very Few Words

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(I am working at a pizza place. One night three teenagers come in, very obviously high. I take their order and give them their number. They sit down and I start folding silverware. After about two minutes, the cook motions behind me. One of the kids is standing behind the drink station. All I can see is the top half of his head over the station.)

Me: “Can I help you with anything?”

Customer: *mumbles incoherently*

Me: “I’m sorry?”

Customer: “Waiting.”

Me: “Your pizza will be out in a few minutes. Do you need a refill?”

Customer: *quiet for a moment, then points to the ovens* “Waiting.”

Me: “O… kay?”

(He stood there until the pizza came out and they ate the whole pizza in about five minutes.)

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Wanted Insulin, Not Insurin’

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(I work for a home inspection company. The phone rings and I answer, expecting to speak with someone asking to schedule a home inspection.)

Me: “Hi. This is [My Name] with [Company] Inspection Service; how can I help you?”

Customer: “Hi. I live up north and my insurance company told me to call.”

Me: “Okay, sir, how can I help you?”

Customer: “Well, I have diabetes.”

Me: “I’m sorry? What can I help you with?”

Customer: “They told me to call you to get my medication.”

Me: “Um… We are a home inspection company.”

Customer: “So, you can’t give me my meds so I don’t die?”

Me: “I’m afraid not… You have the wrong company.”

Customer: “Isn’t your number [number]?”

Me: “Uh, no, not one digit was the same. I’m so sorry.”

Customer: “So, I’m going to die?”

Me: “I bet if you call that number you won’t.”

Customer: “Okay, thanks… Bye.”

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