Discrimination Is Not On The Menu

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(I work at a fast food place that also has sit-down service. It is a cheap chain place, but somehow I manage to attract a few regulars. A group of eight people — not regulars — come in and sit down. They’re my only table so I get their drinks fairly quickly.)

Me: “Okay, are you all ready to order?”

(The customers are looking at their phones and ignoring me, except for one person.)

Customer: “Oh, no, I ain’t ready.”

Me: “Okay, I’ll be back in a few minutes.”

(A family of regulars walks in. They always order the same thing — chicken tenders — except for the dad who orders a sandwich. They seat themselves in my section, and I immediately call back the chicken tenders to the kitchen so they can start cooking them. I get their drinks, and take the dad’s order and put it in about a minute later. I go back to the original table.)

Me: “Do any of you have any questions on the menu?”

Customer: “Oh, uh, we might have two more people come; we’re tryin’ to text them now.”

Me: “Okay, just let me know if they’re coming or not, and I’ll take your order.”

(A few minutes pass. I refill both parties’ drinks. The large party still isn’t ready to order; meanwhile, the family’s food is ready and I take it out to them. The large party calls me over.)

Customer: “We need to talk to your manager.”

Me: “Oh, I’m sorry, is there a problem?”

Customer: “Yeah, we were here before they were, and they already have their food! That’s discrimination!”

Me: “Oh, I’m so sorry you feel that way; I know how frustrating that can be. I’ll get my manager right away.”

(My manager was in the office making the drop, while watching everything on the cameras. I tell her what happened, and she comes out.)

Manager: “Hello there, folks, I have been told that you feel that we are not giving you equal service?”

Customer: “Yes! We have been sitting here for fifteen minutes, and other tables who ordered after us have gotten their food!”

Manager: “I’m sorry to hear that. We always try to prepare our food in the order the requests are received, but sometimes smaller or easier orders come before others. When did [My Name] take your order again?”

Customer: “Oh, no, she hasn’t taken our order yet.”

Manager: “Oh, so, you haven’t been helped? Who got your drinks?”

Customer: “She did, but we weren’t ready to order.”

Manager: “Oh… Are you ready to order now?”

Customer: “No, we are waiting on two more people. We can’t order until they show up. But we were here first, and those other people already have their food!”

Manager: “That is because they put their order in when [My Name] asked for it. If you would like to receive service, you have to give us an order first. We will not make other parties wait on you to receive service.”

Customer: “Well, we feel discriminated against, so you should give us free food right now!”

Manager: “I thought you couldn’t order until the rest of your party showed up?”

(The group got up and left. My regulars, having heard the whole thing, gave me an extra bit in the tip.)

The Couponator 8: The Fabric Of Reality

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(It is a fairly slow Saturday. It is the rainy season, and we are out of Snow Bird season. A customer is making two separate purchases; one is for her and one is for her daughter, who looks approximately my age — a young adult. The first transaction goes smooth as butter, and they seem nice enough. The second transaction is all foam, like the kind you would put in a couch or restuff a chair.)

Mother: “And use this coupon on it, as well.”

(She pushes forward a coupon for “50% off one regular-priced fabric.”)

Me: “Oh…”

(I study it a moment, then look at my screen to see if the entire purchase really is just foam. Then I look at her, smiling.)

Me: “I’m sorry, this only works on fabric, and unfortunately foam doesn’t count.”

Mother: “Do it anyway.”

Me: “All right.”

(I scan the coupon, because it doesn’t hurt to try. I hit total. The coupon doesn’t take anything off.)

Me: “I’m sorry, ma’am. It doesn’t work on foam.”

Mother: “Yes, but it says one cut of by-the-yard merchandise counts.”

(She points at some teeny tiny text under the big word, “FABRIC.”)

Me: “Yes, ma’am. I understand that, but it’s a fabric coupon.”

Mother: “They always honor this. ALWAYS.”

(I have no idea what else to do, as it would be a huge discount; foam is pricey.)

Me: “Since this is a rather large discount, my manager will have to authorize it.”

Mother: *pleasant* “That’s fine.”

(I call my poor manager to the front and help other customers that got in line. My manager looks at the coupon, looks at the lady, says, “All right,” and lets her explain before making any assumptions.)

Mother: “The coupon won’t take off, but it specifically states that a cut of by-the-yard merchandise counts for this coupon.”

(The manager blinks and tries the totaling again; of course ,the coupon doesn’t work.)

Manager: “I’m sorry, ma’am, but it’s for fabric.”

Mother: “I used to work here. We would always honor this coupon. It specifically states a cut of by-the-yard merchandise works.”

Manager: “Yes. But it’s for fabric. They put that there so customers know it will work on only one cut of fabric.”

(I was left wondering why she thought that was right when the title of the coupon says, “FABRIC,” very clearly on it and she zeroed in on the tiny text.)

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Has No Heart For Your Condition

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(My father was recently diagnosed with a genetic heart condition, and his doctors want all of his children to be checked for the condition. I make an appointment with my doctor so I can get a referral to a cardiologist.)

Doctor: “What are you here for today?”

Me: “My father was just diagnosed with [heart condition], and his doctors have ordered all of his kids to be tested for it. I just need a referral to a cardiologist.”

Doctor: “You’re way too young to be worrying about that. A heart condition wouldn’t affect you right now.”

Me: *initially speechless* “Well, I’d rather get the tests done so it isn’t a problem later.”

Doctor: “As I said, you’re too young. I’ll see you back in a few months for your annual.”

(The doctor left. Needless to say, that doctor did not see me back again. When the practice asked why I was attempting to switch doctors — something they usually don’t allow — I happily told them the whole story and requested that it be put on the doctor’s file as an official complaint. I eventually got the referral and did not have the genetic condition, but they did find a minor issue that just needed to be noted and checked every few years.)

Return Fender Bender Back To Sender

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(A light has just changed and I’m slowing down as I approach it so I can stop. I see a truck barreling towards me, but I can’t move out of his way fast enough. He hits me with enough force to send me across the entire intersection. Thankfully, I am all right. Ironically, he does it in front of two cops. This happens two weeks after, when my insurance already has started on getting payment from the other guy.)

Insurance Rep: “This is [Rep] from [Insurance]. We need a recorded statement from you. Unfortunately, the other driver is fighting this and says you were at fault for the accident. As none of us have a copy of the police report, we need recorded statements from all involved parties.”

Me: “Oh… Okay. Would you also like a copy of the report? I’ve got it saved to my computer and can email it to you right now.”

Insurance Rep: “You are now my favorite person. Yes to that, as well!”

(A month later, I heard the other guy lied to his insurance company, and said I was weaving in and out of lanes and that’s why he hit me. He had them take me to arbitration, ending with me getting $2,000 and him probably being dropped by his car insurance.)

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I am a counter person we have a small but great menu

Customer: hi do you have peel and eat shrimp?

Me: no we dont, sorry.  However we offer fried shrimp and some other popular options.

Customer: so you don’t have peel and eat shrimp?

Me: no, sorry.

Customer are you sure?

Me: yes i’ve been here for a while.

(The customer hems and haws then decides on a drastically altered version of our most popular item)

Customer: oh and i am local, can i get the discount?  I work at the psychic place around the corner !

Me:  ok, wait you work where?  Un nevermind….(price with discout)**  facepalm**

I suppose she can not see the future if its a resturant.

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