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Me: Hi , how are you today !

Customer: No answer

Me: would you like this is the bag?

Customer: the peaches are $0.50 lb at save a lot

Me: ok , do you have the ad ?

Customer: no , don’

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Me: hello

Customer: I need to cash a check *shoves check in my face*

Me: takes check looks to see its $750 , sir I cannot cash this check here because we are not aloud to cash checks at registers anymore and also we do not have that much money in the till….

Customer: I can cash checks at any register I want

Me: let me call a manager * call manager and she says no go to customer service or money center*

Customer: no I’m doing it here!

Me: there is no line in money center you can do it there

Customer: holds my line up for 30 minutes arguing with me and manager then finally leaves

When A Cake Gets Destroyed You Know It’s Getting Ugly

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(My boyfriend’s younger sister is pregnant. My boyfriend is super overprotective of his younger sister, and she once told me a story of my boyfriend completely kicking a guy’s a** for trying to get a photo of her chest. I go with my boyfriend to her gender reveal. While the pregnant sister is mingling, we hear a conversation with the older sister.)

Older Sister: “Yeah, I mean, it’d serve her right.”

Their Grandmother: “Don’t say that!”

Older Sister: “Why not? She got married and pregnant before me! She doesn’t deserve to be pregnant! She should get an abortion.”

Boyfriend: “What did you just say?”

Older Sister: “I said, [Younger Sister] shouldn’t be pregnant. She should get an abortion, or at least miscarry, or something. It’s not fair.”

Boyfriend: “Just because every hint of semen that even goes near you immediately realizes how f****** bitter you are and turns the h*** around doesn’t mean you can be a b**** to [Younger Sister]!”

(His older sister gets super offended and goes inside. Ten minutes later, we hear a scream of anger and the younger sister comes outside bawling.)

Younger Sister: “[Older Sister] just destroyed the cake, and told me it was a girl!”

(My boyfriend went rigid and then bolted inside the house. I didn’t follow him, unsure of what to do, but I could hear him screaming at his older sister from outside. Apparently, the family doesn’t talk to her much now, besides her parents.)

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It’s 9:15 and I leave at 9:30 so my manager tells me to shut my register light off because my line is really long and no one else to release me from my shift

Me: shuts my light off and looks around the corner to see who the last person in line is so if anyone else gets in line I will know

Me: 10 minutes past and I look up to see more people in my line

Pizzas And Hotels, That Great Double Act

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Me: “Thanks for calling [Pizza Place]. This is [My Name]; how can I help you?”

Customer: “[Pizza Place]? I was trying to reach [Local Hotel]!”

Me: “Oh, well, sorry, but you called us.”

Customer: “…”

Me: “…”

Customer: “Well, can you transfer me?”

Me: “No, because we’re [Pizza Place] and they’re [Hotel].”

Customer: “Well, give me the number, then!”

Me: “I don’t have it.”

Customer: “You don’t have it?! Why not?”

Me: *pause* “Because I don’t?”


Me: “Because people at the hotel like pizza, I would guess.”

Customer: *click*

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