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(This is with my Kindergarten class.)

Student: Ms Teacher! I’m about to have a baby! A little baby girl!

Kids These Days… Waiting Their Turn!

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(My husband and I have just settled in at an RV park for vacation and I realize we are out of bread for sandwiches. As it is almost lunch time, I quickly run to the grocery store across the street. I grab a bag of bread and head to the check out. A woman is currently in the process of checking out, with a massive amount of items on the conveyor belt. The two ladies in front of me also have a cart that is piled high with food. An elderly couple bring their cart into line behind me, which is about half full. One of the women in front of me speaks up.)

Younger Woman: “Excuse me, would you like to cut in front of me?”

(I look up from looking at the snacks, thinking she might be speaking to me. Instead, she is leaning around me to speak to the elderly couple behind me. I’m a little shocked, but quietly stand between them as they talk.)

Elderly Man: “Oh, were you speaking to me?”

Younger Woman: “Yes. Would you like to cut ahead of us, sir? Since you don’t have as many items.” *pointing at his cart*

Elderly Man: “That’s all right. We don’t mind waiting. Thank you for your offer.”

(The elderly man’s wife leans in and has a hurried whispering conversation with him, gesturing towards the ladies’ cart. At that moment, a manager walks up.)

Manager: “Hi, I can take whoever is next on this register over here in a minute!”

(I’m about to respond, when the two women ahead of me start arguing about if they should pack up what few items they already have on the belt and move over to the other line. The elderly customers behind me start beaming and immediately respond.)

Elderly Man: “Why, thank you very much!” *to his wife* “We’ll move to that line, sweetie.”

Me: *meekly* “Um… I think I was next… and all I have is one item, so…”

(All of them suddenly look at me like I just popped up out of thin air! The elderly couple give me a sour look as I scurry over to the open register and put my one bag of bread on the belt. The wife makes a big show of huffing and sighing the whole time. The manager then walks away, and we wait several moments, with the elderly woman glaring daggers the whole time. A cashier comes hurrying behind the register and quickly checks me out in less than a minute. As I stuff my bread into my shopping bag and quickly leave, I hear a parting shot:)

Elderly Woman: “Kids these days! No respect for their elders!”

(I didn’t realize that by politely waiting in line with my one item, I had been so disrespectful!)

They Totally Mismanaged That, Part 2

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(We hire a seasonal worker who is in high school. She only works weekends, yet after only three weeks she gets promoted to product co-manager because she knows higher-ups. She comes into the store a few times, very smug about her promotion. She often shoves her work onto us, as she doesn’t believe it is worth her time. For example, she refuses to take out garbage even though all the tills are full and the garbage is overflowing. Even the DM takes out the garbage sometimes so it isn’t unreasonable. However, because she isn’t actually in the store that often, she doesn’t always know the answer to questions customers have even though she’ll pretend to.)

Customer: “How much does fudge cost?”

Product Co-Manager: “Oh, it’s like $10.”

Me: “Actually, it’s $5.99, and we’re having a buy-one-get-one deal.”

Product Co-Manager: “Right, so it’s around $10. Don’t you have somewhere else to be, [My Name]?”

Customer: “Actually, can I ask you a few more questions?”

Product Co-Manager: “Sure!”

Customer: “Oh… I meant her.” *meaning me*

(The product co-manager glares at me and storms away. A few days later, my manager pulls me into the back room.)

Manager: “We got an anonymous customer complaint about you.”

Me: “What?”

Manager: “They said you were rude, and would always send them to other people because you were too busy on your phone.”

Me: “When?”

Manager: “Tuesday at eight.”

Me: “[Manager], I called in sick this Tuesday. It couldn’t have been me.”

Manager: “Really?”

(My manager looked up the records and saw that I called in sick Tuesday and Wednesday, and wasn’t scheduled Monday. There was no way that complaint was about me. They sent back an email asking to verify the employee they were complaining about. The next day I saw my manager yelling at the product co-manager in the back room. It turns out the product co-manager sent an anonymous complaint about me to get me written up or moved. My manager saw her email open on her phone, and she had the email the company sent to the “anonymous customer.” The product co-manager was fired immediately.)

They Totally Mismanaged That

A Poultry Knowledge Of Food

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Caller: “I need one large cheese pizza, please!”

Caller’s Friend: “No, no! Get half pepperoni!”

Caller: “NO! My son is vegan, and he would want a whole separate pizza, then!”

Caller’s Daughter: “Mom, he does eat meat! He eats ham!”

Caller: “No, ham is not a meat; it’s a poultry!”

Not The Best Passing Thought

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(I am a manager at a popular theme park in Florida. A customer is complaining about the price of a princess dress. I have already started ringing it up and scanned their annual pass.)

Customer: “Oh, I didn’t realize it was that expensive. Can I get a discount?”

Me: “Well, you already get a discount with the annual pass.”

Customer: “Can I get more of a discount?”

Me: “I am sorry. The costume is in pristine condition; there is nothing wrong with it. I cannot justify a discount.”

Customer: “Fine! Let me talk to your supervisor!”

Me: “She’s on break. I am the manager on duty right now.”

Customer: *leaning in close* “If you don’t give me a discount, I won’t ever come back to the park again.”

Me: “So, you’re going to waste your annual pass because I won’t give you a discount?”

(His face turned red and he shoved over the bills to pay for it. Obviously, I yelled after him, “Have a magical day!” in a cheery voice.)

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