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I work in a store themed to one fandom. In the middle of the store are 3 outfits designed to just be displayed and dont go o any characters but everyone always tries to say “this outfit was this characters” etc. Usually when i tell people they’re originals for the store they accept it. One day while I was on register (and have a full view of the 3 outfits) this one woman would not give up on trying to put a character to each.

customer: who wore the dress in the middle?

me: no one, its an orginal design to be displayed in the store.

customer: but someone wore it, who?

me: no one, it was designed for the store.

customer: i know, i get that. but that’s [character 1]’s (points to far right outfit), thats [character 2]’s (points to far left), but who wore the middle one? [character 3]?

me: no one wore any of then, they are [fake store owner to theme with fandom] originals designed to be displayed in the store.

customer’s child: she’s told you that 3 times.

customer: i understand what youre saying, but it was based of [character 3]’s dress?

me: NO! its an original! no one wore it!

customer: oh

she leaves with her children who look as fed up and frustrated as i feel now. i didnt realize it was so hard to understand that NO ONE wore the outfit on display, it was designed FOR the store. lol

Just Enough Spanish To Make Them Wonder

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I’m a cashier at a well-known Southern grocery store chain known for super nice employees. I like to chat with my customers as they come through my line. This particular customer has just whipped out her cell phone and started talking.

Me: “Hi, how are you today?”

The customer ignores me and switches her conversation to Spanish. I am part Hispanic myself, although very light-skinned.

Me: “Plastic or paper, ma’am?”

The customer, still speaking Spanish, starts talking about “this stupid girl at the store who keeps interrupting me.” I understand almost every word, but I continue as though I can’t.

Me: “Okay, ma’am, your total is $102.40. Will that be credit or debit today?”

The customer swipes her card, all while continuing to insult me in Spanish. I hand her the receipt.

Me: “Gracias, señorita, buenas noches!”

The customer looked up quickly and I smirked at her. Her face turned red and she ran out of the store.

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The Perfect Place For A Coronary!

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A friend of mine and I are hanging out on the weekend in the next town over, and we stop to get lunch at a deli that’s just opened up that someone else I know has been raving about. The place is small, with several tables close to where you place your order, and all of said tables are full. We walk up to place our orders.

Server: “What can I get you guys today?”

Me: “Can I get a [Special] on white, with no mayo and extra onion?”

Server: “Sure thing!” *Turns to my friend* “What can I get for you, sir?”

My friend is a bit of a picky eater, so it takes him a second to respond. And he tends to like meat and cheese… a lot of meat and cheese.

Friend: *Still skimming the menu* “Yeah… Can I get [Sandwich], no veggies or condiments, with double meat, triple bacon, and quadruple cheese? And some salt.”

The server gives him a strange look and I just snicker.

Me: “He’ll have a heart attack on a bun, basically.”

The server and my friend laugh, and one of the tables behind us pipes up.

Random Person: “Just so you guys know, we’re off-duty.”

I turned around to see who was talking to us; seated directly behind my friend and me was a group of off-duty EMTs, still in uniform! My friend, the server, and I all cracked up laughing for a good minute, and so did the group of EMTs. One of the funniest stars-aligned moments I’ve had to date!

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One day at work I was going through the shirts in my section and counting them to make sure we had the right number of each size out (we usually don’t worry too much about it as long as we have each size out but it was pretty slow at this moment). As I’m going through the sizes of one shirt, someone walks up to the shirts directly to my right (so were like shoulder and shoulder). I keep counting the one size so i dont lose place with the intent of saying hi and letting them know if they need anything just to ask but then a man (im guessing by voice) comes up behind them but kinda to the side so technically inbetween us but one step back.

Man: *whispering* come on baby, there’s more to see.

Even though I knew he wasnt talking to me, I still tensed and it was awkward and my brain was like “NOPE! I’M OUT!” I continued to count shirts and they left a few moments after that

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I work in a theme park in a shop that has a few different movie replicas for show in the shop to fit our theme. One of these is a large cabinet (you could fit 2 people inside). 2 teenage girls walk in and start having a discussion.

Girl 1: it said the cabinet was in here!

Girl 2: is that it? (points to cabinet)

Girl 1: (looks) no. omg this is so upsetting. (looks ready to cry in a way that makes me assume she spoiled)

They stand there for a minute or so not talking or anything. suddenly the upset girl turns and leans over the counter to me.

Girl 1: do you have (cabinet) in here?

Me: yep its right there (i gesture to the same cabinet her friend poked to)

Girl 1: yay!! (runs over to cabinet)

Girl 2: i said that was it!

Girl 1: (overjoyed and i suspect not really listening) i didnt see it