Within Spitting Distance Of An Outrage

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(I work at a small but very popular pizza restaurant in Daytona Beach. We do not have managers, only owners who do not show up until five am, so we’re basically all our own managers. During spring break, around 2:30 am, we have a lot of phone calls, who have all selected loud and very bass-y songs to be playing in the background. I am working with two other people that night. I am currently running a credit card and taking an order on the phone at the same time, and I can barely hear the call. All of a sudden I hear:)

Customer #1: “HEY, B****! I’m talking to you!”

Me: *puts phone on hold and looks up at the angry lady* “Yes, ma’am, I’m sorry I couldn’t hear you over the person on the phone — who I was dealing with before you — and they also had extremely loud music. How can I help you?”

Customer #1: “All I want is my f****** slice cut in half!”

Me: “All right, let me take that back and get it cut for you. I’ll be back in just a few seconds.”

Customer #1: “NO. I know what b****es like you do with customers’ food, especially with how snippy you’re being. You’ll spit in our food!”

Me: “Okay, first of all, I would not risk getting a felony over your rudeness. What would you like me to do for you?”

Customer #1: “Just give me a plastic knife; I’ll cut it myself!” *she struggles for a couple of minutes to cut pizza with a plastic knife while I finish my phone calls* “HERE, B****! HAVE YOUR F****** PLASTIC KNIFE!”

(I roll my eyes, take a deep breath, and go help my coworker take the next customer.)

Coworker: “What was that lady on?”

Me: “No idea.”

(The next customer comes up.)

Customer #2: “I’ll have two slices, and please spit on them!”

(We all laughed. Now, every time he comes in, he asks us to put some “special sauce” on his food.)

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Computer Ignorance Is A Virus

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Way back in the 1990s, when computers were new and floppy disks roamed the earth in great herds, my parents bought a new game for us all to play on the family PC.

We installed it, booted it up, and a happy little computer chip appeared on the screen, welcoming the player. Then, he dramatically announced the arrival of the game’s villain: his exact words were, “A Virus Has Been Detected!”

Cue my dad shutting down the game, uninstalling it, and running diagnostics on the family computer for the next several hours.

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(I’m waiting on a family member when this occurs with a lost customer)

Worker:Okay? Where are you? *procedes to give directions*
(20 minutes later)
Worker: it’s in (plaza name) not in a mall.
(15 minutes later)
Worker: Hello, are you (names)?
Customer:We have a 10:00 massage.
Worker: Okay, because you were late, it will cut into your time.
Customer; But we have a 10:00 massage and called to say we were lost. And we would like to add time to them.
Worker: I understand that ma’am, but you had a 10:00 appointment and it’s 10:27, and (name) will have to reschedule his massage if he wants to have the longer time, the masseuse is fully booked and we didn’t know he was coming.
Customer: But we have 10:00 massage! I called to say we were lost.
Worker: Yes, but we didn’t know you were together, you’re under two different last names.
Customer: It’s your fault you didnt know we were together! I book at same time!
Worker: I understand that, but we werent aware you were together, (name) will still need to reschedule as we have him down as a no show no call.
Customer: I called to say we were lost! I will call cooperate to see what they will do and cancel my subscription!
Worker: You will still get charged the fee, ma’am…
Customer:You can’t do that! I will call cooperate and cancel my subcription! I called to say I was lost!
Worker: you can do that, I can also call our manger, but…
Customer: I’m cancelling my subcription and calling cooperate! *storms out with the man she came with*
Worker: … Cooperate is gonna tell her the samething…

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(I work a Hotel & Casino, as a Customer Care Agent, and receive calls for reservations or for players of the casino. I received a call during my shift.)

Me: ” Thank You for calling, Hotel & Casino, Hollywood. My name is Gunny (Not my real name). How may I be of service?”
Customer: “Wait! Hollywood in California or in Tampa?”
Me: “Um, in Hollywood, Fl. (There’s no Hollywood in Tampa!!)
Customer: “Oh?! ooohh” (sounds disappointed.) Hangs up.

No Telling What They Will Do

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(I work in an amusement park. I am standing at the entrance to the attraction I work at. It’s a busy day in the park, so we are posted at a forty-minute wait.)

Guest: “Wow, is it really forty minutes?”

Me: “Yes, sir. It’s a busy day today.”

Guest: “Isn’t the wait time usually much shorter for this ride?”

Me: “Sometimes it is, but today we are busy. The location of the end of the line indicates a forty minute wait at this time.”

Guest: “But [Other Marquee Attraction] is only at a thirty-minute wait. Can we do that, instead?”

Me: “If that’s what you’d like to do. I really don’t know what you all want to spend your time waiting for.”

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