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It’s a late Sunday morning. I am a customer approaching the Deli counter. They have a  section that has reduced pastries, but you have to look close to see what is in there. To my right, there is a man of about 60 looking at the bread. As I am looking he moves very close to me.

Man: Excuse me, I was looking too!

Me: (Not wanting to cause a fuss even though I was actually there first.) Oh right, sorry.

The ma gives me a dirty look and the woman behind the counter approaches me, knowing that I was there first.

Woman: Hello, how may I help you?

Just as I was about to respond the man huffs loudly and walks off complaining. The woman and I just look at each other both confused and amused.

It’s A Dog’s Life (And Death) In Charity Retail

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(I am a volunteer at a local charity shop. We get a few odd customers in who try to get reductions for no reason, but this guy really sticks out in my mind.)

Customer: “Excuse me. How much is this statue?”

(I walk over to where he’s pointing. We sell stock which was donated, along with stock from manufacturers. This customer is interested in a cheetah statue. It is beautiful and rightly priced at £39.99.)

Me: “That is £39.99, sir.”

Customer: “Well, that’s ridiculous! Why is it that expensive? This is a charity shop!”

Me: “We do often stock expensive items, sir, along with our cheaper clothes and ornaments. In this case, this statue has come straight from the manufacturers. It is new, made especially for our charity stores, so the price reflects that.”

Customer: “Oh, right. Well, can I have it for free?”

Me: “Sorry?”

Customer: “My dog just died. It was to cheer me up. Can I get it for free?”

Me: “I’m sorry; I can’t do that.”

(A little later, at the end of my shift, I was talking to the manager and let her know what the guy said. She said she was going to go to Bentley to try the same thing to get a free car.)

Needs To Get A Hug Protector

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(I’m teaching certain classes in my department to fund the final year of my PhD. I go to the department administrator to ask her how many students are in a class so I can fill in equipment request forms for a practical. When I get to her office, our admin is standing in the middle of it looking upset.)

Me: “[Admin], are you okay?”

Admin: “I’ve scratched my new watch.”

(She shows me a smartwatch, and since it was her birthday a week or so earlier I assume it was a gift.)

Admin: “I stood up, and I must have been a bit dizzy because I stumbled into the door and scratched it on the lock. It’s brand new, and I really don’t want to pay over £100 to get the screen fixed. I don’t know if it will be waterproof any more.”

Me: “If you get a screen protector–“

(Before I can say anything else, she shouts, “I have one!” and immediately starts picking at the screen of her watch. A few moments later, she’s picked the protector off to reveal an undamaged screen underneath. Before I can do or say anything, she throws herself at me and hugs me so hard I am knocked back a few steps, since she is a little taller than I am. Finally, she lets me go.)

Admin: “So what did you need?”

Me: “How many student are in [module]?”

(She sits down at her desk and opens the page she needs to tell me that.)

Admin: “You don’t mind hugs, do you?”

Me: “A bit late if I did.”

(I’m not actually fond of hugs from anyone except family and close friends, but she was so happy I couldn’t bring myself to tell her. She gave me the class size and I went to fill in my paperwork.)

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t’s a busy day and I am trying to find something in particular. I have a large back pack on and so I am trying to be careful not to get people with it.
I get to the isle I want and just as I am walking down it, someone nearly bumps into me, not looking, causing me to bump into a worker stocking shelves.

Me: I’m really sorry about that.

She continues to look disgusted at me and starts yelling at me as I walk down the isle.
Near the end, with people staring, I’m feeling embarrassed and annoyed. I have had enough so I turn around to face her down the isle.

Me: I said I was sorry! What else do you want me to do huh?

I stand staring at her and she looks surprised before continuing her work. I get what I came for and leave.

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I am in the line and wanting to purchase some scratch cards. As a person I am quite understanding of people working behind a counter and I know how it works, having my mother work as one when I was growing up.

Me: Hi could I please get 2 (scratch cards)

Cashier: Sure.

As she comes back to the till, I can see that she looks a little worried about asking me for ID. Luckily I already have it out and smile at her.

Me: Do you need some ID for that?

Cashier: (Relief flooding.) Yes, thank you. A lot of people don’t do that!

I left feeling pretty great.

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