When Doing The Right Thing Sours The Milk

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About ten years ago, I got my first job in a local pub right on the seafront. It was — and still is — a beautiful location, and my best friend also worked there behind the bar. I thought I had scored the perfect job, but due to the actions of a few terrible people, it became a living nightmare. There were many things that went on that you probably wouldn’t believe, but today I’m just going to tell you about one of the milder instances.

The big boss, a giant of a man almost as wide as he was tall, wanted to train me up on coffees. Along with the usual instructions, he told me to just put the jugs of hot steamed milk back into the fridge after we were done with them. They were large pitchers, so the same batch of milk would be constantly heated, cooled, and reheated throughout the day. After the boss had walked away, my best friend quietly told me that it wasn’t safe to do that, and we should throw the old milk away as soon as the coast was clear.

Concerned, I did some research that night and found that, yeah, it’s not safe to keep steaming hot liquids in the fridge, as the repeated cooling and heating keeps the milk in the “danger zone” temperature range too often, which could lead to the growth of bacteria, as well as potentially affecting the temperature of everything else in the fridge.

Being young, naive, and on the autistic spectrum, I innocently assumed that my manager was simply unaware of these facts, and that surely he would be glad to know the truth. I printed off my findings and took them to him the next morning.

Spoiler alert: it didn’t go well. 

He shooed me into the kitchen, physically backed me up into a corner, and began threatening me that — in his own words — “a little knowledge is a dangerous thing,” and that he had been thinking of giving me a promotion but now he “didn’t think he could trust me.”

I had my hours cut, and of course I never got that promotion, which honestly I don’t think ever existed. If we were ever caught throwing the milk away, it was taken out of our pay. It was a good lesson in never trusting the bosses to do the right thing, a lesson that has been backed up time and time again in every place I’ve worked since.

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Two Pints Of Lager And A Packet Of Jerks

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(I am a student who works in a pub part-time, while helping to run events for a student club which we book out a different pub for. All the club’s events are free and anyone can come along, so it’s different people every time, and all of us organising are volunteers. This week we’re showing a film. Two guys I’ve never seen before arrive and decide to put their drinks down on the edge of a half folded-up ping pong table that’s in the corner. There are many other tables around which they could have used. The owners of the pub have put it in the corner because it has broken and mentioned it in passing to those of us who were there early, but these two seemingly aren’t aware. I walk past the table just as the drinks are collapsing; the two pints fall to the floor and go everywhere.)

Me: “Oh, my gosh, I’m so sorry; I didn’t realise anyone had put drinks there!”

Jerk #1: *angrily* “What the h***?! That was a full pint!”

Jerk #2: “What the f***?!”

Me: “Yeah, I think the table was broken. Sorry, I didn’t see you put drinks there. I’m just going to go get something to clear this up.”

(I go to the bar and say what happened, and they give me a bucket and mop and apologise for not talking to the other two about the table being broken. I talk to the other person running the event with me and we decide that once the drinks are cleared up we’ll buy them new ones out of our limited funds, as it wasn’t really anyone’s fault but we want to be nice. I go over and set the mop and bucket up and the two guys come over looking angry. They keep muttering to each other angrily about their drinks still. The bar gives us subsidised prices and these are very cheap drinks; we’re talking £1.90ish a pint.)

Me: *to the jerks* “Yeah, sorry, the bar staff said that the table was broken; that’s why it was in the corner. It must’ve just collapsed when your drinks were put on it.”

(They don’t respond, so I just start mopping up the spilt beer and squeezing it into the bucket.)

Jerk #1: “Oh, my God, she can’t even clean up properly!”

Jerk #2: “F****** h***!”

Me: *looks up at them with an eyebrow raised*

Jerk #2: *condescendingly* “You know that’s not how you mop, right?”

Jerk #1: *also condescendingly* “Yeah, you’re meant to get the water from the bucket with the mop and use that for the mess.”

Me: “Well, it makes sense to remove all the excess liquid first; then I’ll clean it properly afterward.”

Jerk #1: “No, you clean it with the soapy water, not just mix the beer around on the floor.”

Me: “That is not what I’m doing; I’m soaking it up first rather than adding more liquid and then I will clean it with soapy water afterward.”

Jerk #1: “Mopping isn’t that hard to work out; you use the soapy water and the mop to clean, not the beer.”

Me: “I literally work in a bar and do this all the time. If there’s a lot of split liquid, it makes sense to clear that up before cleaning the floor.”

(I finish mopping up the beer into one bucket, and then I start using clean water from another to clean the floor. They keep muttering and laughing to each other about how “stupid” I am while just standing there watching me.)

Me: “Do you want to do it, then? It’s not like this was my fault. I’m just cleaning it to be nice.”

(They continued laughing and walked away. The other organiser and I decided not to buy them replacement drinks after all, but he did get me a much-needed drink. The two guys continued being rude and muttering throughout the film and annoying everyone else there, but thankfully, they never came back.)

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I used to be a bar manager and had just started at a new place that had been closed for a while, due to last owner selling alcohol to persons under age. I made it clear to all the staff that I needed them to be on their guard and I would back them up 100%.
On the third day off opening, it was the start of the night and was quite, so I was doing my rounds, when I heard a customer yelling at one of my staff, so I went over.

Me: Hello. Can I help?
Young Customer: Yes, you can tell this f*****g b***h to serve me!
Me: (Trying to keep calm) Excuse me?
Customer: I f*****g said, get her to f*****g serve me! She’s f*****g refusing to, till I f*****g show her my ID.
Me: (Still trying to keep calm) Well do you have any ID?
Customer: No. Why the f**k should I?
Me: (Still trying) Well the law…
Customer: (Interrupting me) F**k the law and f**k you. I want to speak to the f*****g manager.
It’s at this point I begin to smile on the inside and notice that the female member of staff is a bit upset. I knew that this was her first job.
Me: No problem. We’ll be right back. Come on {Staff Member}
I tell the rest of the staff not to serve him and the other staff member and I go outside for a much needed cigarette and a chat, to cheer her up and explain that she did nothing wrong.
When we walk back in the customer sees me.
Customer: I said I wanted to speak to the f*****g manager.
Me: I am the f*****g manager.
Customer: …..
Me: So do you have any f*****g ID?
Customer: No
Me: Well f**k off and don’t ever speak to my staff like that again!

Never saw him again and my staff never had a problem asking for ID again.

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(I’m a server in a large pub, and it’s quite a busy night. I’m clearing empty glasses off a table in a coworker’s section that has two 19-20 year old white girls sitting at it, when one of them grabs my arm.)

Girl: You had better music before, I don’t like what’s playing now! Could you put some n***** beats on?

Me: *thinking I misheard* Sorry?

Girl: N***** beats. Like, you know, The Weeknd.

Me: Umm…you can ask the bartender, the music controls are behind the bar.

Girl: No, I want you to do it.

Me: Okay…

(I wander off feeling a little dazed, and never did try to get the music changed.)

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(This happened years ago. I went for a carvery meal at a local pub with my parents and brother. I’d just turned 18, he was 15. My brother and I both ordered an alcholic drink with our meal. This is back when pubs were just starting to get strict about ID, so sometimes you could get one with a meal without showing ID. I didn’t drive or have a valid passport at the time).

Waitress: “I’m sorry, do you have any ID on you, please?”

(My brother and I don’t, so we just order soft drinks instead.)

Mother: *angry, to us* “What are you doing?” *to waitress* “Why won’t you let them have alcohol?”

Waitress: “It’s illegal for us to serve alcohol under 18s. I’m sorry.”

Mother: “That’s ridiculous!” *points at me* “SHE’S 18! Give her some alcohol. What’s the matter with you?”

Waitress: “I’m sorry, but without ID, I can’t confirm that she’s 18. We can only offer under 18s soft drinks, unless they have ID.”

Mother: “But they’re having a meal! What’s wrong with you? What’s wrong with this place?! It wasn’t like this when I was young! We used to go to the pub when we were teenagers! It was much better in the seventies, before this country turned into a FASCIST STATE!” *shouting* “This is how Nazi Germany started, controlling what everyone wants to do! Why can’t young people just have some alcohol. It’s not like this in the rest of Europe! It’s just this bloody country! Why are you doing this?! You don’t even look any older than they do! Do you drink alcohol? Do you?!”

Waitress: *calm but uncomfortable* “I take ID with me when I do, so it isn’t a problem.” *reads back our order, then looks at me and my brother* “And that was two colas for you? Ok, I’ll go and get your drinks, and you can go for your food whenever you’re ready.”

(We went up to the hot buffet to get our food, and the drinks were on the table when we got back. I kept going to the loo, hoping I’d see the waitress on the way to apologise, but I didn’t see her again. My dad told me later he left a big tip for her (me and my brother were outside with my mother at the time, listening to her rant). We didn’t go back to the pub again).