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I am filling my car up at a local petrol station. This station is completely self service, and uses the card payments only. I see another car pull up. It’s quite an expensive make, and assume, model. A woman gets out and stares at the machine for the entire time I fill up. She then turns and walks over to me.

Woman: Are you the attendant?

Me: No, just a customer.

Woman: Fill my car. I also need it washed and valeted.

Me: No.

Woman: EXCUSE ME!?

Me: I said no. I don’t work here.

Woman: I don’t care. There is always an attendant present, and since you’re present, then it is your duty to fulfill that responsibility.

Me: The answer is still no.

She pouts at and turns for a moment. When she turns back she has readjusted her top to show considerably more cleavage.

Woman: Wont you reconsider? I’ll let you play with these.

Me: Not even if I was straight.

I take my receipt and get in my car. I hear her scream homophobic slurs before stomping back to the machine. I drive away and see her start kicking the entire pump. I went back a week later, and it was out of order, with the card reader and display heavily vandalised.

Sick Of Not Being Sick

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(I have been working at my current job for over a year and in that time have never taken a single day of sick leave and have only twice been late. I manage to overhear a couple managers talking about me:)

Manager #1: “Well, put [My Name] down for the early shift; he’s always on time.”

Manager #2: “And we know he probably won’t call in sick 15 minutes before, too. Most of the other guys here call in sick at least once a month; he’s gone a whole year and not a single sick day. For us, that must be a record.”

Manager #1: “Oh, yes. I forgot what it’s actually like to be able to trust the staff working here.”

(I figured I was just doing my job by literally turning up for it. It turns out that’s not the way anyone else does things. Now I’m much less surprised that my department has a high turnover rate for staff.)

Some People Have The Nerve

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(One of my friends at college has a hidden disability. Her nerve endings send pain signals so she is in constant pain; however, walking is doable. On top of that, she needs a hip replacement at the age of 18, which makes stairs impossible. This means she takes the lift just going up a single flight of stairs. I’ve started going with her because she’s told me people often make comments. We get the lift with a group of guys who are on the sports degree. I press the button for floor one.)

Guy #1: *condescendingly* “That’s lazy, don’t you think?”

Me: *smiles* “My friend’s nerve endings don’t work properly, which means she’s in constant agony. Plus, she needs a double hip replacement due to a birth defect.”

(There’s silence.)

Guy #2: *to [Guy #1] in a light jovial tone* “Bet you feel like a right d*** now.”

A Chip Of Politeness

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(Our gas has been temporarily disconnected, as we’re getting a new boiler installed, so I pop to the fish and chip shop to get dinner for our family. I’ve not been in there before.)

Me: “Hi, can I have a standard cod and chips, please, a battered sausage and chips, and two fishcakes?”

Employee: “Of course, love. Any sauces?”

Me: “Oh, yes. Curry sauce, please.”

Employee: “Okay, coming right up.”

(She then scoops out the two standard portions of chips.)

Employee: “Salt and vinegar on these ones, love?”

Me: “Oh, yes, please, both on that one. Thanks.”

(I notice at this point that she puts another scoop of chips in the bag.)

Employee: “And the cod wrapped together?”

Me: “Yes, please.”

(She adds another scoop of chips, and wraps them up.)

Employee: “And on the second chips, salt and vinegar?”

Me: “Just salt please.”

(She adds another scoop of chips to this lot, as well. I think I can see what’s happening here.)

Employee: “And the battered sausage wrapped with these, fishcakes separate?”

Me: “Yes, please.”

(Another scoop of chips. She repeats my order back to me while wrapping the fishcakes and curry sauce cup.)

Employee: “Anything else for you tonight, love?”

Me: “No, thanks; that looks great. Thank you.”

(Another massive scoop of chips. She confirms what I suspected.)

Employee: “Just in case you’re wondering, every time someone says ‘please’ or ‘thank you,’ I give them another scoop of chips. The clever people like you work that out. Although I think you were brought up right; you say your ‘pleases’ and ‘thank-yous’ to everyone, I bet.”

Me: “What a great idea! It’s a shame that you have to reward people for what should be a common courtesy, but I’m glad it works for you. Goodnight, and thanks for all the chips!”

(Of course, I now had more chips than a family of four could possibly eat, but they did us until we got our gas turned back on the next day!)

Bait And Switching Stores

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Me: “I need a new, cheap desktop.”

Floorwalker: “This one’s a good one. £320—” *goes on about the technical specs*

Me: “Yes, that will suit me fine.”

Floorwalker: “Oh, dear! We’re out of stock. You’ll have to have this one instead; it’s £340, and nearly as good as that one.”

Me: “The classic bait-and-switch, eh?”

Floorwalker: “No, it’s not like that! Seriously, we’ve run out of the other one.”

Me: “Well, I suppose I might as well… Okay, let’s go for it.”

Floorwalker: “Ah, er, we’re out of that one, too.”

Me: “Um, you do actually have some computers, don’t you?”

Floorwalker: “Er… No. Not many. Our deliveries come in tomorrow. If you come in tomorrow, you can have one then.”

Me: “Nope, I need one now. Suppose I’ll have to go to [Rival Store].”

(I did, and got one for £230, of a higher spec than the one I was offered at the first place.)

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