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(I am sitting on the couch watching TV, cuddled up in a blanket. I mention to my twelve-year-old son:)

Me: “I’m feeling cold.”

Son: “Mom, are you cold because you’re bleeding internally?”

Me: “We’re watching way too much CSI, aren’t we?”

The Monster Calls Every Day Of The Week

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(I’m 24 and I’ve liked The Beatles since I was 16. A new documentary about them has been released to the theatres, so I decide to check it out. Most of the conversation happens in Finnish, but the documentary was released under its English name “Eight Days a Week.”)

Me: “Hi! I’d like these.” *points to the soda bottle and the chocolate bar that I set on the counter* “And a student ticket to Eight Days a Week.”

Employee: “What?” *says something incoherent*

Me: *assuming I said the middle part too quickly* “A student ticket?”

Employee: “But which movie?”

Me:Eight Days a Week.” *short silence* “The Beatles film…”

Employee:A Monster Calls?” *this film also goes by its English name in Finland*

Me: “No, Eight Days a Week. Beatles.”

Employee:A Monster Calls, at what time?”

Me: “No. Eight Days a Week, The Beatles, at [time].”

Employee: *brings up the seating chart for A Monster Calls* “This one?”

Me: “No.”

Employee: *finally brings up the seating chart for Eight Days a Week* “This one?”

Me: “Yes…”

(I wonder how horribly I mangled English to make “Eight Days a Week” sound like “A Monster Calls.” Or maybe I was just too young to be buying tickets to the Beatles documentary.)

Won’t “Let It Go” To Delivery

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(I work as a pharmacy technician and, as part of verifying a patient’s identity, I ask them to verify the address we have on file. A man with three rows of skulls tattooed on his forearm is picking up for someone else.)

Me: “Can you verify the address?”

Customer: “[Street number], uh, gosh, it’s the snowman from that Frozen movie!”

(The street was Olaf. I laughed and sold him the prescription.)

Harry Potter And The Inevitable Asylum

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(I’m visiting my parents, and watching Harry Potter movies all weekend on the TV. My parents have never seen them, and my dad asks me what they’re about.)

Me: “Harry Potter is an orphan boy who lives with his aunt and uncle, who make him live in a cupboard under the stairs. He finds out that he’s a wizard and that his parents were murdered by an evil wizard named Voldemort. He goes to a school called Hogwarts where he learns magic and makes friends.”

Dad: “Oh, I thought it was about an abused kid who made up all these adventures in his head to keep himself entertained.”

Me: “…that would have been a much different story, yes. Still interesting, though!”

Maybe The Book Was ‘Cloud Atlas’

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(I am in eighth grade, and we are required to give monthly book reports to our English class. For this month’s project, we are told to make a movie poster and assign real-life actors and actresses to play the characters in our book. A classmate is giving his report on a book I happened to have read a few months prior. He’s explained the plot fairly accurately when this happens.)

Classmate: “And here we have [Character] as played by [Pretty, Blonde Actress].”

(I was too shy to call him out on it, but the character he was referring to was not only not blonde, but a man! I’m not sure how he read the book well enough to explain the plot, but not remember if a character was a man or a woman.)

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