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(This happened on a fairly busy day in a popular pub with a seaside location. We get lots of older visitors in the months after summer. I’m in hour 9 of a 10 hour shift having already banged my head in the store cupboard, showered myself in orange juice and cleaned fresh poop out of a toilet. The customer is an older man and is not paying attention)

Customer: ‘pint of 1664 an’… uh…a kronenbourg please.’ (they are the same thing. He is not listening to me but points at the beer)
Me: ‘so, is that one pint or two?’
Customer: …’yes.’
Me: (thinking he hasn’t heard me but knowing he is not listening and he is still not looking at me) ‘one pint or two? ‘
Customer: ‘what?’
Me: ‘ONE pint or TWO?’
Customer: ‘What??’
Customer: (finally looking at me) ‘oh no, we’ll have food later.’

Me: *eye twitch*

(I smile, nod, and serve him a pint. He seems happy enough and, after a second or two, goes back to his table, unscathed by the whole event.

I am left wondering if it really was just one pint, or two. )

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(We are serving breakfast and we get a lot of builders coming in before they go to work, or for a morning break. One orders pancakes on table 50, which is easily seen from the bar.)

Coworker: ‘hey, table 50’s pancakes, the lady says she didn’t order them’
Me: *looking up* ‘uh, no, she didn’t. It was a guy in a grey hoodie, he’s been sat with his friend while his friend ate breakfast. You’ll know it’s him because his hands are covered in paint’
Coworker: ‘oh, right well I’ll have a look for him’
He eventually comes back having had no luck, so I go and see if I can find him on the floor. I look inside the pub and out to see if he’s having a smoke, I even look on our roof terrace which is currently closed for food but open to take drinks. He is nowhere to be found.
Me: ‘hey, I can’t find him either, he’s not in the pub’
Coworker: ‘well they can stay here until he claims them, why would you order pancakes and then just disappear?’
Me: ‘I don’t know, I’ll let him know if I see him’
I told another co worker about this later, saying I never saw him come back. She says I should have told her earlier, thinking she’s seen the customer I asked if she had served him, she replied ‘no, but I was hungry and they were free pancakes!’

He never did come back for them.

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I took over from another coworker, who was going for her break. There were a few bits that needed sorting, most notably a clothing return. The customer had said she’d go pick out an item of clothing to the value of the couple she’d brought back, so I waited until she turned up.

She turned up with a trolley full of shopping…

Customer: Hi, these are my clothes I’m returning, can I exchange them for this shopping?
I explain that it’s against store policy to do so, as items have to be exchanged for something from the same area of the store. She goes and pays for her shopping whilst I serve some other customers.

Her daughter (who is about 7) asks me if I can give her mum store credit (which I can’t unless it’s due to a store error) and so I wait again for the customer to return. At this point, it’s been a good ten minutes since the customer first spoke to me.

About 5 minutes later, the daughter asks me if her mum can have a refund onto her debit card (which she can).

Eventually, the mother returns and we sort the money out. She then asks me if she can buy some clothing items…

Mixed Feelings On Mixed Marriages

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(I work at the till at a charity shop in England. It is the day of Harry and Meghan’s wedding, and as I’m ringing up this lady, the news talks about the wedding. The lady shakes her hands and sighs before looking up at me.)

Customer: *giving me a horrified look* “You know, it’s the first mixed marriage in the royal family!”

(My mind stops. Mixed? What does she mean? I’m caught so off-guard that my first thought is “mixed because it’s a man and a woman?” My next thought is “mixed because they’re from different countries?” and, I know it’s wrong, but nothing else seems to make any sense, so I go with that.)

Me: “Oh, well… I guess… Back in the day, it would have been… good for the countries’ alliance?”

Customer: *shaking her head again* “No! It’s awful!”

Me: *still dumbfounded* “That’s [price]. Would you like a bag?”

(The lady paid, grabbed her stuff, and stormed out, still grumbling. It took me a full ten minutes to release exactly what she was talking about.)

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Cancel The Late Fee Before It Cancels Itself Out

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Call Centre Guy: “How can I help you today?”

Me: “I’ve had my new mobile phone for two days and you’ve sent me a bill?” *middle of the month is always a time of bad cash flow*

Call Centre Guy: “Yes, you always pay the first month in advance.”

Me: “I cannot afford to pay it until the end of the month.”

Call Centre Guy: “You have to pay it by the 19th. If you don’t, we’ll charge you for a late payment.”

Me: *resignedly* “Okay, so, what’s the late payment fee?”

Call Centre Guy: “Well, as long as it’s no later than fourteen days, which it doesn’t sound like it will be, there’s no late fee.”

Me: “Okay, well, thanks for your help.”

Call Centre Guy: “You’re welcome.”

(It was only later when I recounted this story to a friend of mine that I realised the pointlessness of this conversation.)

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