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I work at a Japanese restaurant.

Last weekend, a patron ask me in all seriousness what part of a cow PORK BELLY is from.

I calmly stated that pork belly is from the belly of a pig (not a cow) and is usually used for bacon in the United States but used in many Asian cultures as well for an alternative for beef or chicken. The customer still didn’t understand so I had to repeat myself several times that pork is from a pig and beef is from a cow.

We all had a good laugh in the kitchen once I repeated the story. The kitchen is also very pleased that I know my pork from beef cuts.

Time Waits For No Customer

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I work in a small bicycle shop where we repair bikes. Rather than an unreliable appointment system, we accept bikes as they come in and line them up to be worked on, with an estimate of which day they will be ready.

A female customer walks in and looks around at things before asking:

Customer: “If I bring my bike in tomorrow, will you be able to have it done by the end of the day?”

Me: “I’m sorry, but right now we’re a little full up on bikes. If you brought it in right now, it would be done by Saturday afternoon. But if somebody else brings their bike in, that will no longer be true.”

Customer: “Are you sure? I talked to [Owner] and he said that he could have my bike done tomorrow.”

Me: “It is maybe possible. But if he told you this a few days ago, then it would have been in relation to that day. We accept bikes first-come-first-served.”

Customer: “I don’t think that’s right. Go get him, you’ll see.”

I go and get the owner and he comes out a little annoyed.

Customer: “If I bring my bike in, you’ll be able to get it done tomorrow, right?”

Owner: “Absolutely not. We’re booked through the weekend. We wouldn’t get it done until Tuesday.”

The customer looked shocked and mumbled about waiting until we were less busy.

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[I work in a popular video game retailer, and am a flamboyant gay man.]

One day, a pair of young men come in, one of whom is listening to his music, loudly, without headphones. I greet them normally, and they notice a poster for the new Call of Duty game on the PS4.

Customer #1: Where’s your Xbox version of this game?

Me: Actually it doesn’t come out until [date].

I point to the poster, which clearly states a date three weeks into the future.

Customer #2: It says right on the poster, man!

Customer #1: You know I don’t read!

I turn, thinking that’s the end of that when he says:

Customer #1: Why would they even make it for the PS4?! It’s so gay!

I’m surprised. Not only that people still use “gay” like that, but that he’d say it right next to me. Note: at this point in the consome cycle, the PS4 has outsold the Xbox One flobally by 100%. I speak up.

Me: Maybe because it’s the moat popular machine.

He doesn’t say anything. A few minutes later, I hear;

Customer #1: I just don’t believe that! I like the Xbox more!

The funniest part? He doesn’t have an Xbox One, only a 360. He couldn’t have played the game on his presumably “straightv console, either.

Awesome Siblings, Less Awesome Roomies

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My younger sister moves into her first apartment. I moved out of state a couple of years ago and mainly keep in contact with her through Facebook.

Sister: “Getting this apartment has cost a lot more then we estimated and our roommate hasn’t paid for anything.”

Me: “How short on money are you?”

Sister: “We paid everything for the apartment, rent and security deposit, but we don’t have any grocery money and I don’t get paid for a week.”

Me: “Well, why don’t you send me your new address so I can visit when I come down?”

That day, I arranged grocery delivery for the next day. I sent her enough groceries for at least two weeks. It was a nice little surprise when she got off work.

The roommate never did pay rent. She was also the younger sister of my sister’s husband, so that didn’t go over very well.

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I work at Burger King and we currently have a deal where you get 2 Whopper meals for $10. Knowing some customers say they want two of the deals but only want the two meals not four, I always clarify. But then this happens.

Customer: I want two of the 2 for $10 deal you have going on.

Me: Ok so then you wanted 4 meals total, correct?

Customer: Yes.

After handing her the cups for all four meals, she tells me she only wanted two meals. I had to have my manager issue her a refund in the middle of lunch rush.

Moral of the story, make sure you’re listening to the person who is taking your order.