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(I work at an apartment complex and we have people come in frequently for tours. A woman and her daughter come to take a tour with a younger sibling and baby.)

Me: I would be happy to take you on a tour. Our model home is a 3 bedroom unit but will have features very similar to the 2 bedroom you were interested in. ( I take them out and show them our model home and proceed to bring them back to our office to answer any last minute questions.)
Me: That’s about it. Do you have any questions?
Customer: So can I see the 2 bedroom?
Me: No ma’am, we don’t have any of those to show and we only have one model home. There are people occupying the other spaces.
Customer: Well I don’t want to pay for it if I can’t see if first.
Me: I understand ma’am, but unfortunately, I cannot show you space since there is someone currently living in all of our spaces of that style.
Customer: Obviously flustered* Ok, well how much is it again?
Me: $635 per bedroom.
Customer: That’s it?! I can definitely do that. For the whole thing?
Me: No, per bedroom. So $635 each room or $1270 a month for the whole unit.
Customer: So $635 is all?
Me:………. $635 per bedroom and 2 bedrooms so $1270 a month.
Customer: Well can I see a 2 bedroom?
Me: ……..

Hit Your Ceiling With Bad Neighbors

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I rent the lowest apartment, which is halfway in the ground. It means I spend less on cooling and heating, but everyone else’s actions affect me. Here’s a good example.

One winter, our hallway light went off. We went to change it, but the glass bowl around it was filled with water! We immediately called the emergency maintenance line. Someone came within an hour, looked at our light, and then ran upstairs.

It was three days before we got the full story and our light fixed. The neighbor’s pipes started leaking, but they did nothing. “Just a small leak,” they said to him. But something that is constantly leaking can flood the entire floor. The neighbors had let it go for at least a week. If it weren’t for my report, our ceiling could have caved in! They would have been responsible for thousands of dollars worth of damage and we would have no home. As is, they still spent several hundred fixing the ceiling.

This is why I try not to let anything go, no matter how minor it seems.

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Stomping Out Their Complaints

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(We live on the ground floor of a series of flats. Recently, a family moved into the flat one floor up. They have kids who are constantly stomping about, but we let it go, as that is the cost of living in a flat. However, things change when we have a small get-together one evening. We aren’t especially loud, though one of our guests is a bit of a loud talker. After about half an hour, we get a pounding on our door. I answer to find the wife of the family upstairs glaring at me.)

Neighbor: “Keep it down! People are trying to sleep.”

(It’s only around half-past seven at this point.)

Me: “Really? Well, bully for them.”

Neighbor: “You’re being rude.”

Me: *stepping fully out of the door* “No, the one being rude is the hypocrite who allows her children to stomp around and jump on the floor before dawn each morning, and then comes down to try and scold someone for not being entirely silent in the evening. Keep your brats under control for just one day, and then you can come to talk to us about noise.”

(In case it wasn’t obvious, I’d been practicing this exact sort of speech in my head for weeks, and I was actually rather excited to be able to use it. I still kept a scowl on my face, while our charming neighbor went white, stammered out something that might have been an apology, and scurried off back upstairs. Her kids are still as noisy as ever, but they’ve never again tried to complain about us making noise.)

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(While out doing cleaning rounds I ran into one of our residents, a nice enough older gentleman, if not a bit odd. He informed me he had just bought a new firearm. Being a bit of an amateur gun enthusiast, I was delighted when he offered to show it to me. He opened up the box and took it out of it’s plastic so I could see it. Fast forward to a few days later when he comes into the office:)

Resident: I need to talk to you about [manager].

Me: Oh? whats the problem?

(He then launched into a full blown conspiracy theory that a certain lock box with “important and damaging evidence” was missing from his garage. His thinking was that since our manager had a key “it had to be her” that took it. And she was part of some organization that was “trying to keep him quiet” about the evidence he had.)

Me: Are you sure it could not have just been misplaced? (I’m trying to be polite, but this conversation is making me uncomfortable, besides being out right nuts, and I’m not sure what to do with him since I’m the only one in the office.)

Resident: I may have to kill her. That documentation is valuable.

(He continued on his rant for a little longer, repeating that last part several times before the owner called me into the back room. Where he had been listening in via the video feed. We agree, the guy is nuts.)

Me: You realize he has a gun, right?

Owner: He HAS a gun?

Me: Yep, he showed it to me just the other day, pulled it out of the box and everything.

Owner: You are sure he has a gun?

Me: Yes, he pulled it out of it’s box and actually showed it to me!

Owner: Well that changes this whole thing.

(Needless to say, he was not happy that someone was threatening a member of his staff and that person had a firearm. And our manager was very disturbed when she found out that someone had threatened her life. The gentleman was promptly reported and taken into psychiatric custody.)

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(I’m showing a woman an apartment unit. We both step on the elevator along with a present tenant. I’m making small talk, and she tells me she was uncomfortable because there were no benches in the lobby to sit on.)
Tenant: The management doesn’t like people sitting down.
Woman (visibibly distressed): Really?!
Tenant (sarcastically): Oh definitely. They’re facists.
(The tenant gets off the elevator on his floor.)
Woman: Is that true? Does management really not want people to sit down?
(I stare at her a moment before assuring her that we had nothing against people sitting in the lobby, we just haven’t gotten any benches in yet. She seemed relieved!)