An Incredible Story About Stories

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A few years ago, I came home from a New Year’s party, walked past my car and suddenly stopped. I did not have a convertible, but the roof looked quite, well, missing. It turns out that a huge slab of ice detached from the roof of the house I was parked under and hit my car squarely on the roof so it was lying basically flush on the back seats, essentially totaling it since it was about 20 years old and barely able to pass inspection anymore. The total worth of the car was, maybe, if I was lucky, 100 bucks. More likely, the worth was negative because it costs to take it to the dump.

I took pictures, got the police to record everything, and handed my claim for the replacement of the car to the owner of the apartment building. To my surprise, he refused to pay. I handed the whole mess to my lawyer, he said we’d win this, and off he went.

Come September, my lawyer called. We’d won, and got me 800 bucks for my car — worth, again, maybe 10). But, in his words, “those insane idiots” could not have done it worse. In the lawsuit, of course, the question arose about how could that ice slab even happen? After all, if there had a person in my car, an ice slab caving in a car roof could easily have killed them.

Turns out, the apartment building didn’t have certain gadgets on the roof that are mandatory for buildings taller than four stories to prevent such things from happening. Why didn’t it have those gadgets?

Because, according to what the town — and hence building inspectors — knew, the apartment was only two stories tall.

So, not only was the company owning it in violation of the building code — by itself something that is very expensive if you get found out — our tax guys were very interested in them suddenly having way more apartments to let than he “officially” had.

In the words of my lawyer, “Seriously, if I pulled that stunt, I’d hand you ten grand for your 20-year-old wreck of a car and tell you to shut the eff up about it.”

Ignore Them And Focus On The Puppy… Always The Puppy

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(I’m coming back into my apartment building, juggling an over-exuberant puppy and some treats in one hand and a bag in the other, trying to get him inside. Note that we have a secure building, but the latch is broken.)

Man: “Hey, can you let us in?”

Me: “Yeah, it’s open, just go in.”

Man: “We just need to get in and check the square footage.”

Me: *opens the door* “Yeah, it’s open. See?”

Man: “Do you mind letting us in? We just need to go in and look.”

Me: *struggling with the puppy who wants to go say hi to the new people* “I mean, I can’t let you into the apartments.”

Man: “No, not in the apartments; we just need in the hall.”

Me: *opens the door again* “Yes, the door is open.”

Man: “So, can you let us in?”

They Littered Worse Than The Cat

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Our property manager sends the building tenants a notice that the maintenance team will be coming in to check smoke detectors and take some photos for possible future upgrades.

My fiancé responds to the email to inform the manager that we have the front door blocked off with a small craft desk — we only use the back/outside stairs — so the team will need to enter through the back door. We also remind them that we have a cat and they need to be mindful of her when entering and existing.

The day comes and they do their thing while my fiancé and I are at work. When my fiancé gets home, he finds they have moved the desk halfway into our bedroom, knocked over everything that was on it, and shut the bathroom door in the process. That means they shut our cat out of her litter box for who knows how long and completely disrespected our simple request. There’s no way they could have gotten into the front door with the desk and chain lock still in place, so they went out of their way to move all of this stuff when they left, rather than using the outside doors to go to the next apartment.

Some Man Your Boyfriend Is

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One day I was running some errands in the morning and, after completing them, I decided to get some early take-away lunch for my boyfriend and me, go to my boyfriend’s place, and eat together with him.

When I arrived at the building where my boyfriend lives, there were some maintenance guys in the stairway. My boyfriend had told me the previous day that the maintenance guys were going to come and check every tenant’s bathroom facilities in case there were any repairs that should be done or something. Apparently, they had just come from my boyfriend’s apartment when I arrived.

I politely greeted them, took my keys — I have my boyfriend’s spare keys — and was about to open the apartment door when one of the maintenance guys shouted, like he was trying to warn me, “Hey, there’s some man in there!” I was very confused, and responded, “Um, yeah, he lives here?” and then I just went inside.

But I’m still confused to this day. What the heck was that? I don’t even live in the building and the apartment belongs to my boyfriend! I mean, sure, they couldn’t have known that, but was it really that weird of a concept for him to think that people might live together or just visit each other?

In Finland, it’s also very common to live together with your boyfriend or girlfriend even if you aren’t married, so I don’t think it was about that, either. Also, my boyfriend and I are both adults — around 26 — so it wasn’t like I was a tiny schoolgirl who was entering some shady old man’s apartment. Even after three years, this situation confuses me.

This Landlady Is Shockingly Cold

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(It is a particularly cold Canadian winter, on a Saturday night at around nine pm, and I am taking a shower. The water is not very hot, and within a few minutes, it goes completely cold, even when using only the hot water tap. I still have shampoo in my hair and a bit of soap all over but the water is way too cold for me to handle. I am used to rinsing my hair with cold water because it’s good for the hair, but with the water barely above freezing, I cannot do it! I wrap myself in a towel and call my landlady to inform her of the problem. She tells me to wait until Monday morning because her maintenance man does not work on the weekends. I tell her the water is too cold to rinse off the shampoo and soap without risking hypothermia and it can’t wait until Monday.)

Landlady: “What do you want me to do?”

Me: “I will call a plumber and a locksmith to access the water heater and deduct the bills from my rent.”

(She tells me she is coming with her husband to have a look at the problem. While waiting for her to come, I rinse my hair with a bottle of water from the fridge that is less cold than water from the tap, and water from the kettle that is room temperature. Shortly after that, I hear a knock on the door and it is my landlady. My lips are bluish and I am still shivering a lot.)

Landlady: *seeing that I had rinsed my hair* “It was not urgent; you were able to finish your shower. I came here for nothing!”

(The door to the maintenance room where the water heater is for the whole building is right next to my apartment door and I see water beginning to leak from under it. I point to it and my landlady looks at it and goes pale. She unlocks the door and hurries to shut down the water valve.)

Landlady: “I don’t know what to do with all this water all over! Give me some towels to absorb it.”

Me: “I only have a few, and I need to keep the clean one for after I am able to rinse myself off.”

(I close the door, leaving her to deal with her problem since I already have my own. Less than an hour later, after I wash most of the soap away with a washcloth and warm water from my kettle, there is another knock on the door. This time, it’s my landlady’s husband.)

Landlady’s Husband: “We fixed my problem and the water is probably already hot. It’s a good thing my wife insisted on having a look at the problem instead of waiting until Monday; otherwise, the water could have risen to reach the electrical outlets and it could have caused a much worse problem!”

Me: “You mean it’s a good thing I insisted and threatened to call a locksmith and a plumber?”

Landlady’s Husband: “…”

(I slammed the door and went to take a much-needed, long, hot shower!)

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