They Asked For Your ID Card, Not Your Race Card, Part 2

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(While waiting in line to pay a bill at the local water company, this happens in front of me.)

Customer: *an older gentleman, notably Mexican* “I want to open an account at [Location] in my daughter’s name.”

Cashier: “I’m afraid I can’t do that. I either need her to come in here to do it herself, or you need papers signed by her, including a copy of her driver’s license.”

Customer: “What? Why do I need all that?”

Cashier: “Company policy, sir.”

Customer: “You know what I think this is?”

Cashier: “What’s that, sir?”

Customer: “This is a brown-skin issue.”

Cashier: “No? That has nothing to do with it.”

Customer: “Yes, it does! This is a skin issue! I’ve been paying bills here for 40 years and never had a problem before now!”

Cashier: “Paying a bill is entirely different from opening an account; that has nothing to do with this.”

Customer: “Then explain why you’re making this so difficult!”

Cashier: “It’s company policy!”

Customer: “This is racism!”

(It went around and around for a while before the guy left. The hard-headedness of this blew me away. It seems pretty obvious that you can’t just open an account in someone else’s name, because that’s a fraud risk. This guy was incapable of understanding that. I hope he eventually understands and just gets his daughter to do the work, since the account is supposed to be in her name.)

They Asked For Your ID Card, Not Your Race Card

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One Day I’ll Guess Right

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(I am a customer service representative for a utility company. This happens on almost a daily basis.)

Me: “May I have your account number so I can assist you?”

Customer: “Sure… Do you need the whole thing?”

Me: “Nope, just the first digit; I’ll just guess at the rest.”

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Unable To Move (On)

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(I am moving out of state soon and am calling around to shut off all of my utilities.)

Me: “Hi! I am moving and need to set up a shut off date for my gas. Everything should be paid in full.”

Operator: “Let’s see. It says you have zero balance due.”

Me: “Yep.”

(There is a long pause. I begin to wonder if we have been disconnected when she speaks again.)

Operator: “$58.49.”

Me: “What?”

(There is another long pause. This time I can clearly hear her still on the line, though she is not speaking. When she speaks up again she sounds even more confused.)

Operator: “That was due on the first.”

Me: “Okay?”

Operator: “Your payment was due on the first.”

Me: “Yes, that payment should have gone through.”

Operator: “What?”

Me: “I paid that.”

(There is yet another long pause. At this point it’s clear she can hear me just fine; she just seems baffled.)

Operator: “It says you have no payment due.”

Me: “Exactly.”

Operator: “So… you don’t owe anything.”

Me: “Right. I just want to set up a shut-off date. I’m moving.”

(Thankfully, she finally seemed to understand and set up my appointment. Not trusting her, I called back another day to confirm.)

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H2-Slow, Part 17

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(I work customer service for a water company.)

Customer: “I noticed one of your company trucks passed by our subdivision. Is my water on?

Me: “Turn your faucet on to see if you have water.”

Customer: “Oh, my God, thank you so much. I’m so embarrassed.”

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And The Light Bulb Goes On

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(A customer calls complaining of a high electric bill. I look over the account and see that the usage is, indeed, pretty high. I then go through a series of standard questions, trying to determine what could be causing the elevated usage.)

Customer: “Well, I do run two refrigerators and a freezer. One fridge in the kitchen, freezer in the basement, and a second fridge in the garage.”

Me: *knowing it is winter time and far colder out than would require the fridge in the garage to run* “It seems unlikely the fridge in the garage would be running very much with it being so cold.”

Customer: “No, it’s running.”

Me: “Why would be running if it is not warm enough in the garage to require it to turn on?”

Customer: “Well, there is a light bulb in it.”

Me: “There is a light bulb in every fridge, but it only turns on when the door opens.”

Customer: “No, I put a light bulb in it on an extension cord to force the fridge to run. It is a very old fridge, and we are scared that if it shuts off it may not come back on, so we put a light bulb in it to keep it on.”

Me: “…so, you are using a light bulb as a heat source to keep the very old fridge running all the time?”

Customer: *very satisfied with herself* “YES!”

Me: *silent facepalm* “This is the reason for your increased electric consumption.”

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