The Promise Of A Better Day

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(I am having a particularly rough day in general. An elderly customer comes in and asks for a bouquet and some fillers, and I check him out.)

Customer: “Oh, ma’am, can I ask you for one more favor?”

Me: “Sure, what would you like?”

Customer: “Please have a good day.”

Me: “Okay…”

Customer: “You promise me?”

Me: “Yeah, I do!”

(I did my best to keep my promise that day!)

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They’re Always Hungry At That Age

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([Nephew #1] is the recent big brother to two adorable twins. [Nephew #2] is his cousin. Both are four years old.)

Nephew #1: “[Baby #1] and [Baby #2] are so cute I could just eat them up.”

Nephew #2: “Yeah, I could eat them up! Except that we can’t because they are full of blood.”

Nephew #1: “No! It’s because they are full of bones and we would choke!”

(They fit in so well with our family.)

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No Extra Extension To His Patience  

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(I work in a call center for Internet, cable, and phone services. I get so many calls a day and there are some that just make me shake my head.)

Me: “Thanks for calling [Company]. My name is [My Name]; how can I help you today?”

Customer: “Ah… yeah… I need an extension on my bill so my services don’t get interrupted.”

(I look into his account and determine that since he is past due, the longest I can extend the past due balance is the 15th, as going into the 16th, he would be interrupted.)

Me: “I can extend the past due balance through to November 15th. Does this work for you?”

Customer: “Umm… so, what you’re saying is I could get another extension if I called in a few days.”

Me: “Sir, that’s not how this works.”

Customer: “Well, when do I have to make this payment?”

Me: “On the 15th, sir. Anything else I can help you out with?”

Customer: “Yes… you’re supposed to help me, you selfish c***!”

(The customer ended the call.)

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Unfiltered Story #181183

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(I am the customer in this story. I am in a rush and just wanted to run in quick and grab one thing. I look around but can’t find what I am looking for so I search for an employee and finally find one about 5 minutes later)

Me: Can you tell me where I could find (item)
Employee: It’s in aisle 7
Me: Thanks!

(I go to aisle 7, but it isn’t there so I go to aisle 8. There are two ladies standing in the aisle talking. I do my best to look around them, but I don’t see what I am looking for. They are oblivious. I go to another aisle and look and come back to aisle 8. The ladies haven’t moved so I just stand there awkwardly. They eventually notice me and move and right where they were standing is the item I was looking for!! I grab the item and head to the register. There is a line.
I wait in the line for about 4 minutes before finally deciding I really need to go and I don’t have anymore time to wait.)

Me: I don’t have time for this!!

(I put my item down and leave the store. People must have thought I was crazy.)

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(I used to work in a fast food restaurant that has a drive thru. I just finished taking a customer’s order and the middle aged man proceeded to pull up to the window)

Customer: *mumbling something under breath*

Me: I’m sorry, what was that?

Customer: *very angrily, he yells* Nice place to put a curb!

Me: okay (I shut the window, and left it at that. At the time I was 19 years old and going to college, needless to say I didn’t build the 15 year old building)