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(This was accounted from my mother. She took my little brother and his friend to a roller rink, and the following occurred. There were a few kids sitting in the way of people skating, dressed in gang-type outfits. The women involved had no previous interaction.)

Woman 1: *under breath* Those kids REALLY need to move out of the way!
(Woman #2, presumed to be the mother of the kids, starts flipping out for no reason.)
Woman 2: *unintelligible screaming*
(She then picks up her kid’s uneaten birthday cake, and THROWS it right at Woman #1)
Woman #1: *speechless, but furious*
(Everyone in the immediate area begins to circle the table, trying to get Woman #2 to calm down.)
Woman #2: *knocked over from pushing or shoving people trying to get a closer look at Woman #1*
(Woman #1 was eventually controlled enough to get her to leave, while the kids who were sitting in the way followed shortly after.)

A Civilized Disagreement

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I was never much into sports and preferred video games, even back in the nineties when they hadn’t quite reached the mainstream. In high school, this brings me into some conflict with one of the journalism teachers, whose other job is writing in the sports pages for the local newspaper. 

Despite our minor and mostly jocular disagreements on what constitutes news, he supports my interest in a video game review column, leading to one memorable clash. 

Teacher: “The column seems fine, except for one thing. You refer to the maker as ‘legendary’ and your column needs to be written from a neutral stance.”

Me: “He’s founded two separate game companies, and when he makes a game, they put his name on the box above the title. It’s a solid mark of quality.”

Teacher: “I get that he has some presence in the industry, but I still believe that your personal opinion on his work is coloring the piece inappropriately.”

Me: “I have an idea.”

I call out across the classroom to the only other gamer in the class, who — importantly — has NOT read my article or heard us talking.

Me: “[Classmate], I’m reviewing Alpha Centauri. What’s a good adjective to describe Sid Meier?”

Classmate: *Without hesitation* “Legendary.”

That teacher and I did not see eye to eye all the time, but I give him credit for working with me despite our differences. The column was published as written, and Sid Meier was actually inducted into the Academy of Interactive Arts and Sciences later that same year. He was only the second person inducted, after Shigeru Miyamoto, the creator of, among others, Super Mario. Twenty-one years later, Sid Meier is still making award-winning games.

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At a movie store, you have your regulars. And then, you have your regulars that are maybe a little cooky or just uncomfortable sometimes. There’s this one customer – mouth breather, constantly sick with bronchitis and is always sweaty. She’s nice enough, but sometimes says weird things. This was one of those times.

As she is leaving, she points out the dark brown stain that is on her shirt. Okay, no worries. Starts telling me how she spilled Dr. Pepper on it. Aw, shucks. I HATE when that happens.

Lady: “Hey, you know my boyfriend is black, right?”
Me: “Oh, yeah! Of course I do. You guys are regulars!”
Lady: “Next time you see him, tell him you saw the stain from breast feeding him.”

Wait. What.

I had a look of confusion and horror as she died laughing. Was she telling me of some weird fetish thing? I don’t understand.

Lady: “You know, because he’s black! The stain is brown because I was breast feeding him CHOCOLATE milk!”

I tried so hard to laugh along with her, but all I wanted to do was to shoo her out the door because she was screaming this information practically, and I didn’t want to make other customers uncomfortable. Weirdest conversation I have ever had.

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It was Thanksgiving. THANKSGIVING. A time to be thankful. A time for joy. This lady came in with her daughter and were looking around to figure out some movies to rent. I’m doing some chores because it’s slow and the holidays, and when I look up I see her and her child standing off the side of the counter we don’t use. They were flipping through the movie pamphlet, so I assumed they were still figuring out things to watch. I let them do that for a couple minutes and then I pop up and ask, “Are you all set to check out?” She look at me and in the snottiest voice possible says, “What do you think?” and looked back the movie list. I wasn’t very good with sarcasm at the time, so it took me a moment to register she was being a complete jackwagon to me. I awkwardly stood there for a hot minute, and then went up behind the counter and told her to come over the other side. I had just been home for less than 24 hours with my family, hardly celebrated one of my favorite holidays with them, and then drove back to work to deal with that crap. People disgust me.

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*I hear a phone page to the toys department*
Me: “Hello, how can I help you?”
Female Customer: “Hello is this the toys department?”
*I notice right away that I can barely hear what she is saying. Either her phone is bad or that store phone I was using was bad/close to out of range*
Me: “Yes it is.”
**Long Silent Pause**
Me: “Yes this is the toys department.”
Her: “OK I need *mumbled speech*”
Me: “Sorry, what was it?”
Her: “*Mumbled speech*”
Me: “Ummm okay” *starts walking toward toys.*
Her: “Do you know what that is?”
Me: “No, sorry could you explain it please?”
Her: “*Describes toy she is asking for*”
*I now know what toy she wants*
Me: “Oh OK, well we carry it but we don’t have any in stock.”
Her: “Well, when you will be getting them in?”
Me: “We get one truck a week and I believe next week we’re getting two. So, sometime next week.”
Her: “Next week?”
Me: “Yes, next week.”
*Long Silent Pause*
Her: “When next week?”
Me: “Umm I think Monday and Wednesday.” (Wasn’t 100% sure)
Her: “Well that wasn’t so hard to say was it?” *Hangs up*
The look on my face after she hung up was pure shock. If she was in the store and had been so abruptly rude to me instead of hanging up on me, I don’t know what I would have said.