Bigotry Doesn’t Have A Nice Ring To It

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(We are a gay couple. My husband gave me a ring for my birthday. It apparently cost a lot, but after only a day of wearing it I notice my skin going green, a classic sign that the metal is cheap. My husband can’t explain it, but gives me the receipt to exchange it. I am seen by the store owner.)

Me: “Yes, I’d like to return this ring. My husband was told it was pure metal, but my finger tells me otherwise.”

(The owner takes the receipt and inspects the ring. I can tell there’s something wrong by his expression.)

Owner: “This ring doesn’t match the description. Are you sure he got it from here?”

Me: “I’m 100% certain. Your store name is embossed on the rim.”

Owner: “Yes, I can see. Give me a moment, please.”

(He disappears for about quarter of an hour and returns with a ledger.)

Owner: “Yes, your husband’s name is here with the same description on the receipt. I’ve checked the footage for the time and he was indeed sold this ring. However, this ring is worth a significant fraction of the price.”

Me: “What can you do, then?”

Owner: “Give me another moment, please. I want to be certain this is straightened out. [Worker] is in today; she served your husband.”

(The owner calls her over.)

Owner: “[Worker], did you sell this ring in exchange of [expensive ring] to a gentleman two weeks ago?”

Worker: “I don’t know. I’ve never see him before though.” *nods to me*

Me: “He has shoulder length black hair and a nose ring.”

Worker: “Oh, the [homophobic slur]. Yes, I did.”

(Both the owner and I wince at the word.)

Owner: “[Worker]! Why would you do such a thing?”

Worker: “Because marriage is between a man and a woman. Their [slur] marriage is fake and cheap, so that’s all they deserve!”

(I’m actually stunned at how blunt the woman is. The owner addresses me.)

Owner: “I am so sorry for this. My store does not discriminate under any circumstances, and I assure you this matter will be dealt with, with extreme severity.” *to the worker* “Go to my office. We’ll talk later.” *back to me* “The original cost your husband paid was [amount], but given the circumstances, I would like to offer you a choice of anything in store, as compensation.”

Me: “Well… No, thank you. I’ll be more than happy with a ring at equivalent price.”

Owner: “Then, perhaps a paired ring to go with whatever you choose?”

(I picked out two rings and headed home with them. My husband was more than a little shocked with what happened, but we were both happy with the compromise. The woman was fired from the jewellery store, but she now works in a café across town. We don’t go in.)

That Isn’t A Flavor I’m Familiar With

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(I am talking to a health-conscious senior coworker who is Russian. She can speak decent English but still has an accent.)

Coworker: “[Manager] gave me a kitty cat, but I feel so guilty eating it.”

Me: “Excuse me?”

Coworker: “I prefer the dark chocolate kind, since they’re healthier.”

Me: “Did you mean ‘KIT-KAT?’”

Coworker: “Ya, I call Kit-Kats ‘Kitty-Kats.’”

Pure Blind Ignorance

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Me: “Hello, ma’am! Welcome to [Store]. What are you shopping for today?”

Customer: “I want a gold thumb ring.”

Me: “Certainly, ma’am. Our gold rings are right over here.”

Customer: “Let me see that one.”

(I pull a ring out of the case and hand it to her. Note: While I know a lot of the prices, I don’t have them all memorized. Every item has a price tag on it, however.)

Customer: “How much is it?”

Me: “Oh, the price should be on top of the jewelry pad there.”

Customer: “That’s NOT what I asked.”

Me: *taken aback* “I’m sorry; I don’t know it by heart. If you could…” *gestures at ring for her to look at price, or hand it back so I can see the tag*

Customer: “And what if I’m blind, hmm?! I asked you the price! You can’t assume that I can see it!”

(She dropped the ring on counter and stormed away, leaving me to wonder why I would assume she was blind, seeing as how she pointed out the ring she wanted to see after perusing the selection.)

When They Pierce Low, You Pierce High

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(This happened to my manager, not me, but since we often compare crazy customer stories, she gleefully relates this to me one day.)

Customer #1: “Can I see these two belly button rings, please?”

Manager: “Of course!”

(She takes them out so that the customer can compare them. They are both very gaudy, with dangling bits laid with glitzy rhinestones.)

Customer #1: *to her friend* “Oh, I don’t know! Which should I get?”

Customer #2: *very seriously* “When making decisions like this, I always ask myself: what would Michelle Obama do?”

Didn’t Leave The House Fully Charged Today

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(I work in a mid-range jewelry and handbag store. We have these giant faux fur pom poms that are meant to hang on your handbag as charms, but they also have a portable charger built in, which actually is pretty cool. A customer brings one of these to the register.)

Customer: “What is this?”

Me: “Well, it’s a purse charm that can charge your phone.”

Customer: “Oh, that’s cool. How does it work?”

Me: “Like any other portable charger, you have to plug it in and charge it before you leave, and then when you’re out, you can just plug your phone in whenever it’s low.”

Customer: “Oh. I don’t want it if I have to charge it, too.”

Me: “Okay, I’ll take it back then. Have a good day.”

(This lady thought that we were selling unlimited electricity for $12. Sure.)

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