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I used to work for a chain jewellery/accessories store that has permanent discounts in place on some of its products. One discount is “three for two” on all earrings. Quite often customers don’t notice the signs and come to the till with only two pairs of earrings. Once it’s pointed out to them that they can get another pair for free, they are more than happy to grab another pair. One day a lady came to the till with two pairs of earrings. I told her “It’s buy two get one free on all earrings, would you like to choose another pair for free?”. This customer was outraged “I’m sick of places like you trying to make me buy things that I don’t need. Stop trying to make me buy more stuff!” Me: “Ma’am I’m not trying to make you buy anything else, I’m telling you you can get another pair of earrings for free because you are already buying two pairs.” Customer: ” this is what I want to buy, stop trying to make me buy more things” me “but ma’am it’s free”. Customer: “I don’t want to buy anything else” Me: “okay ma’am, here’s your purchase and change, thanks for shopping with us today”

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[I work at the jewelry counter of a well known grocery store. Often I replace batteries for customers’ watches. Most stores do things differently but there is a rule most of us follow. We are not allowed to work on watches that are not purchased at our store. Some of us will work on them if we feel comfortable with it, usually if they’re cheap, but we must inform the customers that we are not liable if we scratch or break it.

I had just finished helping a customer find the right battery for her car remote, something we are not allowed to really work on but I walked her through it. As I check her out, an older gentleman walks up.]

Me: Hi there! Do you need assistance or just looking?

Customer: I need you to put a battery in this watch.

[I look at the watch and spot the brand name that is not ours. The back is one that I know I have trouble with, often unable to get them off without cutting my fingers on our knife-like tools. There are also fragile decorations on the outer rim that my watch press would break]

Me: I’m sorry, sir. I’m unable to work on this watch.

Customer: Why the hell not?

Me: I’m sorry. It is store policy. We are not to work on any watches that aren’t ones we sell.

Customer: That’s bullshit. I’ve gotten it fixed before!

Me: I can’t control what my coworkers do. I’ll try to remind them in the future, but we cannot. I also need to ask you not to swear, as there are small children right next to you. [I gesture to the previous customer, who was still there, with her two little girls. No older than ten.]

Customer: Don’t be so damn self righteous. They’ve probably heard it all before.

Me: That’s not up for you to decide. This is a family store and there is no need for you to swear around kids, or at me. Have a wonderful day!

[The entire time I use only my sugary sweet retail voice. I know it makes many mad, because I also use that voice to talk to little babies. At this point the female customer and her kids walked off, obviously not wanting to see much more confrontation. I’m already walking around the counter, having other duties to attend to.]

Customer: I’ve been dealing with self righteous people like you my whole career!

Me: That’s great, sir. I’m sorry I couldn’t help you. Have a good day. [I walk off to the shoe/accessory department, where I see the family again]

Me: I am so sorry for earlier, I hope this didn’t ruin your day!

[Fortunately, she was fine. She thanked me for trying to at least defend the kids, because they did not like hearing people get upset or swear. While talking and helping her find other items, I see the older gentleman walking around the aisles. It seemed he was complaining to anyone that would listen, gesturing towards me angrily. I just smiled and waved and he stormed off.]

You’re Pink, But They’re Not Pretty

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(I work in a jewellery store where all the products are kept in locked cabinets. Because of this, customers can only try jewellery when assisted by staff. For security reasons, we cannot leave customers unattended with stock.

I have pink hair. I have been serving a small family for a few minutes and as the young girl is trying to find a ring that fits, another customer comes over.)

Customer #1: “Are you serving at the moment?”

Me: “Yes, I’m currently with a customer at the moment. But I’ll be with you as soon as I’m free.”

Customer #1: “Okay, because I just want to look at a pair of earrings in this window.”

(I nod to her and continue to serve the young girl. She’s having difficulty finding one that her mum will let her buy and that she likes, so it’s taking quite some time.)

Customer #2: *who has now joined [Customer #1]* “Hey, can we just look at a pair of earrings?”

Me: “I’m sorry, I am currently serving someone, but I’ll be with you when we’re finished.”

Customer #2: “F*** you!”

(The customers both storm off, muttering furiously. The family and I are a little shell-shocked at the outburst, but I finish serving them after another ten minutes or so and the mother thanks me profusely for all my help.)

Boss: “I just had the strangest phone call from a lady who just yelled down the phone about how rude the pink-haired staff member is and then suddenly hung up before I could ask her anything.”

(I relayed to her what had happened, and she agreed that it was weird… and that we didn’t need her business anyway.)

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Totally Estúpido! Part 10

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(The company I work for sells jewelry on TV and is entirely based in the UK but has a show that airs in the USA. We do have a couple of employees that speak Spanish, but they are off today. We only get Spanish customers occasionally.)

Me: “Hello, this is [Company], [My Name] speaking. How can I help?”

Customer: *starts speaking Spanish*

Me: “Oh, I… I don’t speak Spanish.”

Customer: *speaks Spanish*

Me: “Uh, no hablo Español?”

Customer: *carries on speaking Spanish but much more slowly*

Me: “No hablo Español! I. Do. Not. Speak. Spanish.”

Customer: *in PERFECT English* “I f****** hate you guys.” *hangs up*

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Sadly, This Happens On Your Watch

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(My workplace contains hundreds of watches and several different brands. This occurs far too often.)

Me: “Hi there. How are you?”

Customer: “Yeah, I want to look at a watch in the window.”

Me: “Okay. Can you tell me what brand it is?”

Customer: “Uhhhh…” *…trails off, looking away*

Me: “Okay, can you tell me the price? The colour?”

(The customer shakes his head, beginning to get irritated.)

Me: *giving up* “Look, would you mind just going outside and pointing the watch out for me?”

Customer: “It’s out the front! I don’t understand how this is so difficult!”

Me: “We carry hundreds of items in our store. Do you really expect me to know what you want, with no information volunteered from you, just off the top of my head?”

Customer: “It shouldn’t be so hard to do your job!”

(Apparently, mind-reading is a part of the job description these days. Some people are ridiculously self-involved.)

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