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(I currently work at a fast food restaurant that has an offer attached to every receipt: if you call the number and take a quick survey about your experience, they give you a code to write on your receipt. If you bring the receipt and code back into the restaurant, you can get two sandwiches for the price of one. There’s a trick that only the managers know to differentiate between real and fake codes. A man comes in with a receipt and code and I flag over a manager to validate it.)

Manager: I’m sorry, this isn’t a valid code, I can’t accept this.

Man: What?! I just called the number two hours ago and this is the code they gave me! How the hell do you know what is and isn’t a valid code?

Manager: There are certains things we’re taught to look for in the codes and this code is missing those things.

Man: This is bullshit! This is the second time you guys have done this to me!

(Note that I was also the cashier the first time he came by with a fake code. At this point, leave to take care of a different order but I return just in time to hear this gem.)

Man: Well, this is the last time you ever see my smiling face in this store! *storms out with his receipt and not ordering anything*

Me: *once he’s done* But we’ve /never/ seen your face in this store…

We Can Assume That Salad Was Adequately Tossed  

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(Two women are eating salads at my bar. One woman finishes eating way faster than the other.)

Me: “Wow, someone was hungry.”

Woman #1: “Yeah, I hadn’t eaten today and I was famished.”

Woman #2: “Wow, you did eat fast. You really ran on a train on that salad.”

Me: “I… um… don’t think you’re using that phrase right.”

Woman #1: “She definitely isn’t. Don’t tell her; I’ll show her later.”

Me: “Um… okay?”

(They pay a little while later and, as they leave…)

Woman #1: “All right, off to show her what it means to run a train on someone!”

Me: “Have… fun?”

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She Must Have Been Ribbing You

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(I work as a hostess for a restaurant. We are open on Memorial Day which, apparently, is uncommon. An old lady comes into our restaurant and starts chatting.)

Lady: “I finally found a restaurant that is open today! I have been craving ribs all day but everywhere I went that sells ribs isn’t open, so I had to come here, instead.”

Me: “Oh, well, we actually do sell ribs here.”

Lady: “Oh, you do?”

Me: “Yup, we sell ribs.”

Lady: “Well, I don’t want your ribs!”

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(I work as the cashier at a grocery store. One of our regulars is a young boy bringing his disabled mother through our store. The mother isn’t physically or mentally disabled in any way, but her tongue was bitten off in an accident, and she can barely talk. Her son has learned to understand her, and does all the talking for her. Both are known to be kind and polite. One day, this happened.)

Boy and Mother: *puts items on conveyor belt*
Boy: “Mom will pay with cash this time, Miss!”
Me: “Sure thing, [Boy’s Name].” *scans items* “Your total is [Total].”
Mother: *hands over cash*
(As I am counting, a customer later in the line talks loudly to his friend.)
Customer: “Wow, what a helpless retarded b***h. Too lazy to f***ing speak.”
Boy: “Please don’t be mean to my mom, Sir. She can’t talk.”
Mother: *turns beet red and gestures for me to hurry*
Customer: “Pfft, yeah right. She is a looker though. I wouldn’t mind having a piece of that s**t in my bed.” *smirks and wiggles eyebrows*
Mother: *glares at him and whispers to her son*
Boy: (to me) “Miss, can we have the mean man escorted out? He’s upsetting my mother.”
Me: “Of course.” (to man) “Sir, I’m afraid I will have to ask you to leave. You’re harassing this poor woman.”
Customer: “B***h, did I talk to you? Yeah, I didn’t think so, w***e. Shut the f**k up. If you’re a good girl, I’ll let you [string of sexual profanities I will NOT repeat]”
(I am stunned as is the rest of the line. The mother has put her hands over her son’s ears as soon as the rude customer started talking.)
Me: “Well, my boyfriend, this nice security guard, certainly won’t consent.”
(He was hauled away, kicking and screaming, and the mother and son were showered with coupons and gift vouchers.)

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This isn’t one specific interaction, but something that happens quite often, as the restaurant I work at is located along a strip of road just off a highway with multiple restaurants lined up.

Scenario 1:

(A customer arrives and I wait for the automated message to promote whatever is promoted)

Me: I can take your order whenever you’re ready.

Customer: Can I get [A very specific order, but it’s for the restaurant next door]

Me: I’d love to give you that, but are you aware that you’re in the drive thru for [My work]. What you want is at [Restaurant] next door.

Customer: (In a dumbfounded voice) Oh. Sorry. Can I get a hamburger then? (The place I work at has no hamburgers, nor ever has, to the best of my knowledge)

Me: I’m sorry, but we don’t have hamburgers. Would you like to try [Special LTO mentioned in the automated message]

The customer drives off muttering how expensive that is. The meal combo is only $7.49

Scenario 2

A customer arrives in drive thru and says no to the automated message.

Me: I can take your order whenever you’re ready.

Customer: I want the [specialty sandwich mentioned in the message.]

Me: Sir (or Ma’am when the person ordering is female) that would be the sandwich you just said no to, are you sure?

Customer: Yes!