Suddenly, It’s All Clear

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I am processing a transaction for a slightly older woman. It has been going smoothly up until this point.

Me: “All right, ma’am, could you swipe your card for me?”

Customer: “Of course!”

She swipes her card and I wait for her to sign on the screen. She simply stares back at me. This happens quite often, so I cheerily say:

Me: “Once you sign on the screen for me, we’ll be all set!”

Customer: “Oh! Okay.”

Although I don’t have a full view of her screen, I watch her sign, then use the pen to click the enter button. Usually, at this point, the register will print the receipt and the transaction will be ended, but my register is still processing. The woman is staring at me again.

Me: “Would you mind signing again? This register has been a bit off lately.”

Customer: “Oh, okay.”

She signs again, and the same thing happens. At this point, the line is beginning to build up, and I’m about to call a manager over to see what’s going on.

Me: “I’m sorry, this is really weird. This has never happened to me before. Once you hit enter, my register should print the receipt automatically.”

Customer: “Oh, I’m supposed to hit enter? I thought I was supposed to hit the ‘clear’ button.”

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This Whole Staff Is Totally Methed Up

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I am the OP of this story. This is another story from the same hotel.

This same night auditor from the previous story continues to work at the hotel for months. He does take on a few day shifts but still occasionally will not show up for a shift and is not held accountable.  

One time he comes in for his shift at 4:00 am, five hours late, while I have stayed and started the auditing process (as I now have been conveniently trained due to/during the first story).

This continues on for some time until our front office manager notices that our two slot machines in the bar are short exactly $100 every Friday and Saturday night. After a few weekends of this continuing, they contact the police and set up cameras.

The cameras capture the night auditor stealing from the machines by popping the back doors open.

The police review the footage and obtain warrants to search his home; I’m not sure of the specific details here. They search his home and find that not only has he been stealing money, but he has a handwritten list of credit card numbers with names and CVV codes from customers of the hotel. Worse yet, it is actually his parents’ house and they have been running a meth lab out of the basement.

In This Case, MOD Apparently Stands For Master Of Drunkenness

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Unfiltered Story #200715

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(I work in a grocery store, very high end. I’m a 23 year old female, with a somewhat frail frame. At the time, I was wearing a loose-fitting shirt and skinny jeans, which fit into my dress code, in addition to my apron. The customer is a man in his forties or fifties attempting to purchase his items with a gift card that has some kind of problem out of my control. Note: since the start, he kept giggling and muttering awkwardly, and I caught him staring a few times.)

Me: Ok, it seems your gift card took fifty off, so your total is (remainder).

Customer: What? No, that’s wrong. I had one hundred on this card, I know it!

Me: No, the balance is showing as zero. *I show him the receipt that proves it*

Customer: No, that’s wrong! S**t! What did you do? Women, seriously?

*By this point, my manager makes her way over*

Manager: What’s the problem, (My name)?

Customer: This girl won’t properly run my gift card through! I know d**n sure there is one hundred on it! Do it right this time!

Manager: No, it looks like your card really is empty. The only thing I can to is suggest you call the help line on the gift card itself.

Customer: You f**king do it!

Manager: I can’t do that, sir.

Customer: Then make her! *pointing at me*

Manager: She can’t, either. Only you can. I suggest you call and confirm you really put one hundred on your card. You have three options: pay the rest, or I can void off the gift card completely, or you can leave.

Customer: Just void it off, then!

*she does so, and he pays with a credit card. I hand him his receipt.*

Customer: *to my manager* That jacket makes you look frumpy. Show off your a** more, stupid woman.

*she scoffs and walks away*

Me: *silence*

Customer: And you, *turning to me* you really should wear a different shirt, one that shows off your breasts more. Quit being such a prude. You know you like showing your body off!

Me: …..

Customer: Well f**k you! At least I’m a man! I can work a god***n computer! You should learn to please men more, slut!

*My manager returned a minute later*

Me, to manager: I’m so glad I’m lesbian.

Manager: If he was the last man on earth, I’d f**king shoot myself.

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(This was accounted from my mother. She took my little brother and his friend to a roller rink, and the following occurred. There were a few kids sitting in the way of people skating, dressed in gang-type outfits. The women involved had no previous interaction.)

Woman 1: *under breath* Those kids REALLY need to move out of the way!
(Woman #2, presumed to be the mother of the kids, starts flipping out for no reason.)
Woman 2: *unintelligible screaming*
(She then picks up her kid’s uneaten birthday cake, and THROWS it right at Woman #1)
Woman #1: *speechless, but furious*
(Everyone in the immediate area begins to circle the table, trying to get Woman #2 to calm down.)
Woman #2: *knocked over from pushing or shoving people trying to get a closer look at Woman #1*
(Woman #1 was eventually controlled enough to get her to leave, while the kids who were sitting in the way followed shortly after.)

A Civilized Disagreement

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I was never much into sports and preferred video games, even back in the nineties when they hadn’t quite reached the mainstream. In high school, this brings me into some conflict with one of the journalism teachers, whose other job is writing in the sports pages for the local newspaper. 

Despite our minor and mostly jocular disagreements on what constitutes news, he supports my interest in a video game review column, leading to one memorable clash. 

Teacher: “The column seems fine, except for one thing. You refer to the maker as ‘legendary’ and your column needs to be written from a neutral stance.”

Me: “He’s founded two separate game companies, and when he makes a game, they put his name on the box above the title. It’s a solid mark of quality.”

Teacher: “I get that he has some presence in the industry, but I still believe that your personal opinion on his work is coloring the piece inappropriately.”

Me: “I have an idea.”

I call out across the classroom to the only other gamer in the class, who — importantly — has NOT read my article or heard us talking.

Me: “[Classmate], I’m reviewing Alpha Centauri. What’s a good adjective to describe Sid Meier?”

Classmate: *Without hesitation* “Legendary.”

That teacher and I did not see eye to eye all the time, but I give him credit for working with me despite our differences. The column was published as written, and Sid Meier was actually inducted into the Academy of Interactive Arts and Sciences later that same year. He was only the second person inducted, after Shigeru Miyamoto, the creator of, among others, Super Mario. Twenty-one years later, Sid Meier is still making award-winning games.

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