Slow To Read But Quick To Complain

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(I am working an express lane — fifteen items or less — when a lady with over fifty items comes through. I start scanning her order and she acts crabby and begins bagging.)

Customer: “Whenever I come to this d*** store I always have to bag my own groceries!”

Me: “Well, ma’am, I can bag, but express lanes usually don’t have their own bagger.”

Customer: “Well, how was I supposed to know it was an express lane?!”

(I just pointed to the sign that said “fifteen items or less.” She shut up pretty quick.)

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Shepherd Book Would Be Ashamed

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I recently attended a live show of the national tour of The Lion King. As everybody who’s ever attended any kind of show knows, there are signs all over reminding you that no photography or videos are allowed during the show, and they make an announcement just before the show starts. Usually, 99% of the audience has no problems with this and is happy to just immerse themselves in the show. 

This time, however, somebody decided she was above that rule. 

An older woman a couple of rows in front of me was sneaking pictures with her phone, purposely keeping her phone at her lap so as not to get caught. I didn’t want to say anything, because I knew I’d get the age-old excuse, “Mind your own business! It’s not bothering you!” 

At a dark scene, though, she messed up. She must’ve forgotten her flash was set to automatic, because suddenly, it went off with her picture. Several people looked back, and she quickly dropped her phone onto her lap. The kid with her whispered something to her, I’m assuming telling her to knock it off, and she didn’t take another picture.

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Unfiltered Story #186968

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(I work at a tribal casino in the midwest of America. The casino is owned and ran by the tribal elders and the people they decide to put in charge of management. Today someone related to a manager or elder was given a free stay at the hotel for a ceremony they are having during the weekend; keep in my mind most people related to management feel self entitlement like we owe it to them; and this one decided to call drunk. So this is a dialogue of the 5th time he called us bugging us about food.)

(I answer the phone stating the company and my name)

Caller: Hey this is (first and last name) im (tribal member)’s brother, i have a free room tonight all comp’d by my brother you know him (repeats his and his brothers name again); but i ain’t gonna show up unless i know there is food for me i’m hungry, and i need free food.

ME: I’m sorry sir i’m not sure what you mean, this is the hotel and I see we do have your room payed for and set up by the general manager. What do you mean food for you?

Caller: Well i’m (repeats his brothers name for the 25th time today like i must know who either of them are.) I have a free room all paid for, but they need to get me my food for free.

Me: I understand that you have a free room sir, this is a hotel though; If you were to get coupons for food it would have to be from management or at the casino itself where the restaurants are, we don’t have food coupons or vouchers here at the hotel to give out like that.

Caller: well i already called and tried to get some but no one would let me. Do you know my brothers number?

(i had already tried transferring him multiple times before this last call occurred; hoping someone else could help answer his redundant drunken stupor of questions.)

Me: Sir? (starting to get irritated) how would i possibly know your brothers phone number? I just work at the hotel front desk; and your brother has nothing to do with the casino or hotel at all; so i’m not sure how he could help you get any food vouchers.

Caller: (asking the same question for his brothers number again but with louder tone) Do you know who (brothers name) is??? Im his brother and i’m hungry i need to call him. They always did it before so just do it for me now.

Me: Sir i don’t care if you & your brother are the president and first lady; we don’t give food coupons out at our hotel. Because We don’t serve food.
(i hung up on him, surprisingly he never called us back)

I Heard You Kicked Up A Fuss

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(I work in quality assurance at a call center. I suffer from hyperacusis, which means that my hearing is sharp enough that it actually qualifies as a disability. I even have a letter from my doctor on file, saying that I need sound-cancelling headphones, but for some reason, HR has been dragging their feet about that part. Without them, it’s very hard to filter out what the people on the call are saying from what the people all around are saying. It wasn’t so bad at first, because the company was fairly new and there weren’t that many people in the office. But, as more agents were hired, the ambient noise got worse. I’ve even tried finding some on my own, but there is only one brand that works with the particular system this company used, and they are $400. As if that wasn’t bad enough, after five months, my desk was moved to the section near the elevators and break room, which is the noisiest spot on the whole floor! Several complaints and reminders later, and several occasions where I came in on Saturday or during times when the rest of the staff were gone, just because it was quieter, I still don’t have the headphones. It’s becoming kind of a running joke with the people nearest me, because they can see how frustrating it is. Then, one Wednesday, I arrive at my desk just in time to hear the director — whose office is on the other side of the floor — yelling at someone:)


Me: *IM-ing one of the assistant managers, whose desk is closest to the director’s office* “Who just got fired?”

Assistant Manager: “Somebody just got fired?”

Me: “Yeah, I could hear [Director] yelling.”

Assistant Manager: “I didn’t hear a thing.”

Me: “It sounded pretty bad!”

Assistant Manager: “His door is closed. You can hear him from there?”

(The special headphones arrived the next day.)

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A Dollar Difference Is All It Takes

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(I’ve worked at a local grocery store for two years, mainly as a cashier. I have just gone through a string of irate customers and am feeling mentally exhausted. Then, a kindly old man I recognize as a regular customer pulls up in one of the mobile carts. My smile changes from a forced one to a real one at the sight of someone friendly. He comes in late, usually, so I have plenty of time to scan him through, as well as bag his items for him, while having a pleasant conversation. He is known for pushing tips on those who help him. I’ve just finished bagging the last item and have placed it on the mobile cart.)

Me: “There you go, sir. Have a great day! I’ll send someone out to get your cart once you are finished.”

Customer: “Thank you, young lady. Here, this is for you.”

(He pulls a dollar out of his pocket and tries to hand it to me.)

Me: “Sir, you know we can’t accept tips.”

Customer: “Oh, come on. You all work really hard and deserve some extra money.”

Me: “Sir, this is really kind of you, but I must decline.”

(He then threw the bill at me — it landed on the bagging area — and drove away laughing maniacally.)

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