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Why Even Ask If You Can’t Take A No?

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I work for a major shipping supply company. I work in the receiving department, which means I tell the drivers delivering to my warehouse where to dock their trailers.

There are two types of deliveries: a “live” unload and a “drop” unload. A live unload means the driver stays hooked up to the trailer while we unload it, and they take the trailer with them when they leave. A drop is when the driver leaves the trailer in the dock and goes on to their next assignment.

I have a driver come in as a live unload.

Driver: “Can I leave my trailer overnight and pick it up in the morning?”

Me: “No, you have to stay hooked to your trailer. We will unload you as quickly and as safely as we can.”

He isn’t happy with my answer, so he keeps asking, “Why not?”, “How come?”, etc., basically trying to make me cave. He gets so fed up with my consistently saying no that he asks for my manager.

Luckily, my manager is near us and has heard everything, and he says the magic words:

Manager: “Hey, bud, what she says goes. Sorry.”

The driver wasn’t happy with that answer. He stormed out, and we thought that was the end of it. But no, it wasn’t.

When the unloader went to give the driver his copy of the delivery paperwork, he found that the driver had left.

We emailed the proper people and told them what happened, and we asked for that driver to be banned from delivering to us again.

He was banned.

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