They Missed You Since Breakfast  

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(I work as a hostess for a restaurant. I hear a conversation between two of the servers.)

Server #1: *to another server* “You have table seventy, right? I was their server a couple of hours ago for breakfast. Who eats here for two meals a day?”

Server #2: “Wow, so they were here for breakfast and they came in again? That’s pretty weird.”

(A little while later, I notice a table next to these customers that is dirty, so I go over to bus it. I walk past them but have my back turned to the customers. Then, I hear this customer yell:)

Customer: *in a really loud sing-song way* “[Server #1]! [Server #1]!”

(I finish busing and I turn around and head towards the kitchen when the customer who keeps yelling waves me over. I walk up to the table.)

Customer: “Are you [Server #1]?”

([Server #1] is about ten years older than me. She has short, black hair and I have long, dirty blonde hair. She has her nose pierced and a pretty noticeable tattoo behind her ear. I have neither. She is about a head taller than me and she has a server uniform on while I am just wearing nice clothes. We look nothing alike.)

Me: “No, I am not.”

Customer: “Well, we were in here earlier and we had a server named [Server #1].”

Me: “Okay…”

Customer: *turns to his adult daughter who is just giving me a weird stare* “This isn’t [Server #1].”

Daughter: “I know.”

Customer: “Is [Server #1] still here?”

Me: “Yes, she is.”

Customer: “Okay, tell her I said hi!”

(I go to [Server #1] and tell her what happened.)

Server #1: “Yeah, I am not going over there; that guy was weird.”

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We Gonna Party Like It’s Not Your Birthday  

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(I work as a hostess in a restaurant. We do not do anything special for birthdays; sometimes if they buy a dessert we’ll put candles in it, but that’s about it. Two men come in and I bring them to their table. One of the men grabs me by my shoulders and spins me towards the bathroom. He then says quietly to me:)

Customer: “Okay, I’m pretending to ask you where the bathrooms are. I just wanted to let you know it’s this guy’s birthday, so if you could tell our server that would be great.”

Me: “Oh, well, we don’t re—”

Customer: *interrupting me* “Bathrooms are right there? Okay, thanks!”

(Then, he sits down. Keep in mind, the birthday guy was standing right next to us the whole time so he could probably hear what was happening, or at least suspect something. I go to their soon-to-be-waitress and tell her that it’s the guy’s birthday.)

Waitress: “We don’t do anything special for birthdays.”

Me: “I know.”

(After they left, I asked the waitress if they got anything for the guy’s birthday. She said no. I just felt bad because I feel like they were expecting something. It was just an awkward experience.)

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I was a delivery driver for a sandwich restaurant chain. On my first day on the job I make a delivery to a hotel a few blocks down the road. I get to the door, a woman answers the door and gives me a twenty and I give her the food as well as her change. This is the interaction that followed:
Customer: Where’s my fifty cents?
Me: I’m sorry but they only give me bills for change, no coins (I understand this can be annoying to some people and when I did have coins I would give people their full change).
The customer then stares at me and closes the door. Surprisingly enough, I didn’t get a tip.
A few minutes after I get to the store the phone rings and I answer it. It’s the woman from the hotel and she’s angry and wants to speak to my manager.
This made me pretty nervous because (as I said) I was new to the job and didn’t want to mess things up on one of my first deliveries. I start to freak out a bit and imagine all the The manager gets off the phone and I ask him what the customer was mad about…
Manager: Don’t worry you didn’t do anything wrong, she was mad about something else.
Me: What was she made about?
Manager: She said the pickle we gave her was too small.
Me: Really? That’s a dumb thing to complain about, how could we control that?
Manager: Yeah, when she ordered she said she wanted the biggest pickle we had so I gave her the smallest one I could find.
To this day I’m not sure whether what my manager did was funny or if he was being a jerk. Maybe it’s a bit of both.

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(I’m working drive-thru. This restaurant carries Pepsi products and Root-Beer, so we have Diet Pepsi, Diet Mountain Dew and Diet Root-Beer)

Me: Thank you for choosing (Restaurant). It’d be my pleasure to take your order.

Customer: Yes I’d like a one scoop chocolate cone and a large diet with easy ice.

Me: Okay, what kind of soda?

Customer: A large diet.

Me: A diet what?

Customer: (Practically shouting at this point) A LARGE DIET WITH EASY ICE!

Me: Ma’am, what kind of soda did you want? We have diet–


(She glared at me while I cashed her out, but my co-worker accidentally spilled the soda on her while she handed it out the window!)

New Mom, New Order

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(I’m turning myself in on this one. It is shortly after I’ve given birth to my first daughter. My husband and I only have one car, so after his paternity leave is up I am stuck at home. One day my husband decides to treat me to my favorite Mexican fast food chain only to get the order wrong. He forgot to say no onion, and in my exhausted new-parent stage I drive back to the drive-thru.)

Me: “Hi, sorry. My husband was just here, but he ordered my food wrong. I have the receipt and food and was just wondering if I could get it made with no onion, instead?”

Cashier: *very confused* “Uh, hang on. Let me get you a manager.”

(At this point, I can faintly hear her explaining the situation and the manager actually laughing.)

Manager: *on the headset to me* “Hi. So, let me get this straight. Your husband ordered your food wrong, we made it correctly — how he asked for it — and now you want a free replacement?”

(It then dawns on me how silly I sound. I honestly didn’t think it was that weird of a request until I heard it said back to me. I am so embarrassed I just sit there in silence.)

Manager: *sighing heavily and clearly frustrated* “Fine. But this is a one-time thing!”

(I pulled up and got my replacement food. Thank you, kind employees, for humoring a new, exhausted mom!)

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