The Only Thing They Are Providing Is Indifference

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Normally, when people say no to donations, I just nod and continue with the transaction. It’s not a big deal; not everyone can donate to every cause. But this time, it is a little difficult.

Me: “Would you like to make a donation for local children who can’t afford school supplies?”

Customer: “No, they can buy their own d*** school supplies.”

Me: “Um… Well, no, they can’t; that’s why we’re raising money.”

Customer: “They don’t need donations! The schools supply all their stuff!”

Me: “They don’t, actually. Parents are required to purchase all their children’s school supplies, and it can be quite expensive.”

Customer: “I know for a fact that schools provide the supplies!”

Me: “But if they did, we wouldn’t need to be raising money.”

Customer: “If kids can’t afford school supplies, they have programs for that! They have things where kids can get them for free!

Me: “Yes, I know. That’s what this is.”

Customer: “No! It isn’t through you! The school does it!”

Me: “Okay. Whatever.”

Customer: “They provide the school supplies!”

Me: “Okay.”

Customer: “I KNOW THEY DO!”

Me: “Okay.”

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I was assisting a customer over the phone with a program from our company that was acting up. I asked him to provide log files so we could take a look at any issues that may have been recorded therein. I provided a file path to locate the logs and ended the call as it would take home some time to gather the files and email them to me.

The initial email I received from the customer didn’t contain log files, but did state, “What is that? I don’t know what that means?” regarding the file path.

I provided further information explaining what the file path is and a few ways to navigate to the requested files. I even broken it down into simple steps. One suggestion was accessing the files through Finder (the customer had a Mac).

His next response surprised me: “Where’s Finder?” (For anyone who doesn’t know, Finder never closes and is always accessible from the desktop. He might as well have asked, “What’s the Start button?” On a Windows computer.

The guy was nice so I tried as hard as possible not to make him feel bad about not noticing the face in the corner of a computer he’s owned for a few years.

Needs To Pay The Intelligence Tax

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The company which I work for issues their contracts with values without taxes. This happens because taxes vary from state to state, and many customers use our services in several different states. I work at the customer service billing branch; I don’t really meet the clients, but I talk to them regularly by telephone.

Me: “Hello, Mr. [Customer]?”

Customer: “Yes?”

Me: “Hi there, my name is [My Name]. I work at [Company] and called you to talk because you contested your first invoice. Can we talk about it right now?”

Customer: “Ah, yes! You see, the invoice value is different from what we had in agreement.”

Me: “I understand the problem; please give me some time to check the values.”

I analyze the bill and check that everything was in accordance with the contract.

Me: “Sir, everything is in accordance with the contract. Do you have the contract with you right now?”

A few seconds pass…

Customer: “Yes, I have it now. Can you see it next to the value? It says we’re exempt from taxes.”

I am completely puzzled and surprised. I check again the PDF copy of the contract I have and don’t find anything about what the customer says.

Me: “I’m sorry, sir… but I couldn’t find the information you’re pointing out. Can you be more specific, please?”

Customer: “It’s right next to the value! It reads, ‘without taxes,’ between parenthesis!”

I give a small chuckle in relief as I’ve figured the problem.

Me: “Ah, I see! It looks like it was just a misunderstanding. It’s not that you don’t have to pay taxes, it’s just that the value mentioned does not include taxes yet; you still have to pay those.”

Customer: “Nonsense! I’m tax-free! It’s in the contract!”

Me: “But, sir—”

Customer: “Who the h*** issues contracts with only half the values, anyway?”

I explain the whys and because, and after several minutes of trying to convince him, I finally give up.

Me: “Okay, Mr. [Customer], I’ll look into it and position you by email.”

Customer: “Finally! Don’t forget it! I’m tax-free!” *Hangs up*

I sent him an email with everything I already told him by phone, saying that his invoice value was correct.

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Their Refund Attempt Is The Only Thing Broken Here

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I work for a pet food company as a Customer Care Agent. Basically, customers call me if they have a problem with a product, and I can replace it. Some people really like to try their luck, though.

Me: “[My Name] speaking; how can I help you?”

Customer: “Hi. I bought two bags of your 4kg [Brand] cat food, and all the kibble was broken!”

Me: “Oh, no! I’m so sorry to hear that! I can definitely assist you. I’ll just need some further details and an image of the food so we can show our production department the error.”

Customer: “Well, I can’t show you an image of the food because I’ve used it all.”

Me: “You… you used it all? Is it finished?”

Customer: “Yep! My cats just love your food! So, when can I get my replacement?”

Me: “Uh… I can’t issue a replacement, then. You have successfully used all the products, and your cats didn’t show any problem with the food. You even said that they loved it? I can’t even confirm if the kibble was really broken.”

Customer: “But it looked broken to me! I saw it!”

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I am the customer in this. You should note that at the time of this happening I’m incredibly high and have just started cooking some pasta for dinner at 1am and since it’s so late I contact support via chat

Technician: Hi! My name is [His name]. How are you? I’d like you to know that I am going to be your technician for today’s session. If in case the issue you have provided is not within my scope of support. I am more than willing to refer you to the right technician. Let’s begin. In order for us to confirm your account here on our database, kindly confirm your full name, phone number and email address please?

Me: [My name], [My number], [My email]

Technician: Thank you. How can I help you [My name]?

Me: My [Software company] account needed to be updated so I bought the yearly one for [Price] and downloaded it, but when I went into [Software] or any of the others ones it said my subscription had expired and that I needed to update

Technician: Oh! I’m sorry to hear that you’re having issue with [Software] not activated but don’t you worry let me assist you with that and see what I can do alright?

Me: awesome

As you can see I’m eloquent when high and care less about grammar.

Technician: May I know the account where you associated the [Software]?

At this point I’m incredibly high and for some reason can not for the life of me understand what he is asking me.

Me: I’m not sure what you mean. Are you talking the computer or what

Technician: I mean the subscription. Sorry for that. The [Software] account where you associated the subscription. Thank you.

Technician: Is it the email account above that you provided?

Me: Yes!

I’m wiggling in excitement that I finally understood him.

Technician: Alright. Sorry if I have to verify this first [My name]. So that I can go ahead and help you better.

Me: it’s okay

Technician: Thank you. Upon checking here on my tools you have [Software] subscription on this account.

Technician: Since this will fall under Download, Install and Activate. [Software] provides technical support for it which we can proceed with remote session so that I can help you better.

Me: Alright

Technician: Great! Please do close any confidential files first before we start.

Technician: Let me know once you’re done. Thank you.

Me: Alright done

During one of our short pauses I go into the kitchen from the garage to put the pasta in.

Technician: Thank you. Once you’re not comfortable with remote session. You can just disconnect it anytime you want [My name].

Me: okay

Technician: Great! Please give me a minute

Technician: Thank you for patiently waiting. For us to establish a remote session, please go to this website [Support website]. Agree to the terms and conditions on that web page and when prompted use PIN code [Pin] to completely have a full access on your computer. Download the applet and please click on Run/OK/Accept/Continue on all the windows that might pop up.

Around this time I decide it would be easier to watch both food and tech at the same time so I bring my laptop into the kitchen.

Technician: We’re now connected. Let me double check the application now.

Technician: Just want to clarify about the last subscription is that also a yearly subscription or a free trial?

Me: I believe it was a yearly, but I’m not sure

Technician: Alright. That’s fine. Was it associated also with same account that you provided on our chat.

Me: Yes

Technician: Thank you [My name]

I now mostly just watch what he’s doing and occasionally answer when prompted. Once he even had to circle what he needed in red because I hadn’t realized he needed me to type.

Technician: Hello [My name]. We already resign-in the account that has the subscription and we only have to restart the machine to take effect the changes on [Program].

Me: Awesome

Technician: We’re just waiting for the updates of your machine to complete.

Me: Alright

Queen of one word answers.

Technician: Yup. I’m sorry for taking too much of your time and you have encountered this issue.

Technician: As you can see here on [Application] . its now activated

Me: This is great, thank you

Technician: Yes, You’re most welcome. Once the update completed only need to do is to restart the machine and you can now enjoy your [Software] application.

Technician: Here’s the case number of our chat session today: [Case number]

Me: thanks again, i appreciate it

Technician: You’re most welcome. Can I close this case now as resolved [My name]?

Me: Yes

Technician: Perfect! :) Before we end this chat. Would it be fine to if I can take a minute of yours to introduce our new assure plan here at [Software company]?

Me: Sure

Technician: Thank you. We called this the [Plan] – this is a 1-year software support subscription for [Software company] users. For only [Price] you will get UNLIMITED PC Tune Up, Virus Removal and Protection, [Software] and Technical support for 1 whole year.

Me: alright thanks for letting me know, but not interested for now

Technician: You’re most welcome. No worries [My name], so that’s it for now. Would there be anything else that I can assist you with?

Me: That’s all I needed

Technician: Alright. What we did was re sign-in the account and update the office application. its now up and running. Thank you for contacting [Software company] answer desk and have a great day! bye for now.

Technician: Bye the way nice name. :)

Me: Thank you ^^

Technician: Take care. :)

Me: Have a good night

Technician: You too [My name]. :)

Technician: Thank you.

I think I made his night, and if so I’m glad. I work in a popular gas station and I know how tiring dealing with customers can be. Plus by the time we finished my food was cooked and my computer fixed. All in all a good end to a tiring day.