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A customer walks up to me at the customer service desk.
Customer: Can I give you my coat to hold onto while I shop?
Me: I’m sorry, but I can’t hold any personal belongings behind the desk.
Customer: But I cannot shop in this. It’s too distracting!
Me: I can offer you a shopping basket to put it in, but that’s the best I can do.
Customer: I would have to carry that around with me?
Me: Yes ma’am.
Customer: That defeats the purpose then!
(After another minute of conversation along the same lines she grabs a basket, puts her coat in it, and then leaves it on a window sill. She goes on shopping and my co-worker and I start talking about what products need to be moved where).
Customer: Excuse me! Do you two mind being quiet? For me, please. It’s very disconcerting and I cannot shop with all the noise.
(My co-worker and I nod, then look at each other like ‘what the h*ll)

No Person At All Would Be Better

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(As the lead customer service associate, I am responsible for training new customer service associates as they are hired. One woman — not some airhead teen, but a woman in her 40s — seems to have the IQ of a bag of bricks. Everything I say goes in one ear and out the other. I ask my manager to speak with her, but shortly after every conversation, things go downhill again. About six months into her employment, I am sorting returns into their appropriate department bins when I come across an empty container of baby food with a competitor’s sticker on the lid.)

Me: “Hey, [Associate], what’s this?”

Associate: “Baby food.”

Me: “Okay. Um… We don’t take back open baby food.”

Associate: “Since when?”

Me: “Since… ever.”

Associate: “Why?”

Me: “There was a video about cutting drugs with baby food and other weird things addicts do with it. Do you remember that?”

Associate: “Oh, yeah! But it was empty. There couldn’t be drugs in it.” *laughs*

Me: “No, it wasn’t about leaving drugs in baby food. It was… okay. Regardless of why the customer purchased the baby food, they used all of it and you gave them their money back.”

Associate: “Oh.” *shrugs and walks away*

Me: “It also has a [Competitor] sticker on the lid.”

Associate: “Oh, yeah! I saw that.”

Me: *deep breath* “And you returned it because…?”

Associate: “Well, she said she took it to [Competitor] but they needed the receipt to give her her money back, but she already threw it away. I told her we didn’t need one!” *proud smile*

Me:Any food product needs a receipt. We don’t take back open baby food. We don’t take back items with stickers from competitors, and we definitely don’t take back things customers admit they bought from other stores.”

Associate: “Oh. I didn’t know that.”

Me: *trying not to yell at her* “Okay. That was all part of your initial training. Please be more careful with your returns.”

(I went to management and begged them to do something about her, but they basically told me that any person at the desk is better than no person at all. I quit the day we both applied for a loss prevention position and she got it.)

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(I work in chat-based text support. Honestly, most of my customers are pretty awesome, but occasionally I get ones like this…)

Me: Okay, we’ll need [common software program] to proceed. Do you have that installed?

Customer: I guess not… I Googled “[common software program]” and got a download link…

Me: (Thinking) That won’t tell you IF you have it installed but we’ll just assume not to be thorough…. (Saying) Okay, just make sure you’re going to [official site link] as that has the latest version of the software, which is what we want. You can also uncheck the newsletter options if she doesn’t want them. If you uncheck those options, you don’t need to enter in any email address before downloading.

Customer: Condescending much? I do know how to go to a website. I was curious, however, as to whether I need to enter the email address associated with the iPad or whether another of my email addresses will do?

Me: …

(Thank goodness I have a lot of patience and know when to hold my tongue while working support!)

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We just got in her new bed Saturday and the next day I was nursing our four month old when my husband sat on his side of the bed and it seemed to swallow him as it broke. We called in about the broken railing, a piece that was connected to the storage baseboard. The first lady we talk to said that we could brace it until they could bring the replacement part on Thursday. We moved the mattress to put the bracing downs for the slats and found that some of the slats and support beams were also broken, so I called back. This time the gentleman was very blunt and said that everything would be fine we shouldn’t have to worry. Thursday came around and they brought the replacement baseboard but they didn’t bring a replacement slats or beams because it wasn’t in the order, so our tech asked us to call customer service which I did and this was the resulting call.

Me: *explaims the whole story*

CS Rep: I’m sorry about that, it’s certainly an inconvenience. Just give me a moment and I’ll see what I can do.

Me: Of course, it must have just been a miscommunication on one end or the other, I’m sorry about the hassle.

CS Rep: It’s no hassle, I’m sorry there was confusion. I’m sorry for the inconvenience I’m going to send a emergency tech out today with the replacement parts. They should call in about an hour.

Me: Thats perfect, I’m here all day so I’ll be ready. Do you need anything else from me?

CS Rep: No ma’am, thank you for being so understanding. I’m very sorry about the bed breaking, it must have been frightening.

Me: It was, you were so much help thank you!

Definitely made my day much better and the techs we had were so sweet too. Thank you kind service rep for being so sweet

Being An A** Will Get You Kicked In Yours

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(My girlfriend has just gotten a job working phones in a customer service role. One day, my brother has to call this company for help and he tends to be an a** to representatives no matter what. I overhear this after the problem is fixed.)

Brother: “Well, thank you, [Girlfriend], for being such a stupid b**** and being no f****** help! I had to do it all myself. Don’t talk to me like that; I’m a paying customer! There’s nothing you can do to me. In fact, I welcome it! Do anything you want to me over the phone!” *starts laughing*

Me: *receiving a text from my girlfriend* “Hey, [Brother]… [Girlfriend] is asking if telling me to kick your a** through text counts as ‘over the phone.'”

Brother: “Oh… um… yeah… I guess… But why would she ask…” *stares at me with a blank look* “…I have a lot of apologizing to do, don’t I?”

Me: “At this point, I think it’s more groveling than apologizing.”

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