Blind To Common Sense

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My husband and I live in an apartment with slat window blinds on all the windows. They’ve been driving me crazy because they are over a foot too long, and the landlord has said we can cut them if we want. I want to take scissors to them but my husband suggests a home improvement store might have a tool to just cut them all at once since they trim blinds all the time. He calls our local big box home improvement store and they tell us sure, no problem.

We go into the store, head over to the window blinds area, and find a worker in the store’s uniform apron. We describe what we want.

Worker: “I don’t know if we can do that.”

Then, he sits and stares at us.

Husband: “Um, well, I called earlier and the guy working this morning said you could—”

Worker: “I’ve only been working here for six months; there’s a lot I don’t know yet.”

He sits and stares at us again.

Me: “Could you ask someone?”

The worker gets up and calls over someone who turns out to be his supervisor. They have a very quick conversation about the material the blinds are made out of, how to cut them, etc. The supervisor turns to us with a smile.

Supervisor: “Sure, we can get that done real quick. [Worker], you know how to use the machine, right?”

Worker: “Yes. I didn’t know that we could do this.”

He then takes our blinds and starts walking over to the machine while the supervisor walks away. 

Worker: “So, what length do you want these cut to?”

Me: “We’d like them a foot shorter.”

The worker nods. He then lays the blinds on the work table, turns his back to us, and gets to work. After a few minutes, he hands me a stack of blinds and I’m shocked. They’re all cut at widely different lengths and have black marks anywhere from a half-inch to an inch above the cut mark. He sees the look on my face and immediately gets defensive.

Worker: “I’ve only been here for a few months.”

Husband: “What? But you said you could do this—”

Worker: *Louder* “I was doing you a favor; we wouldn’t normally trim blinds you didn’t buy here!”

Me: “Whoa, nobody told us that—”

Worker: *Now shouting* “You are supposed to tell me how long you want them to be! The machine can’t measure what you cut off; it cuts to length!”

Husband: “Why didn’t you tell us that?”

Me: “We could have measured them first and subtracted a foot or something! We don’t know how your machine works!”

Worker: *Still shouting* “I was doing you a favor!”

I spot the supervisor walking out of the back room and wave to catch his attention. He starts walking over but [Worker] speed-walks over to intercept him. I can hear shouts of, “They gave the wrong measurements,” and, “We aren’t supposed to do this.”

The supervisor looks at the stack of blinds and then looks at the employee.

Supervisor: “What did you do?”

Worker: “I measured a foot from the bottom and drew my cut line, and then I tried to guess the length to put into the machine to get it to cut to that length. I got close, see?”

And he holds up the stack of blinds. The difference between the shortest and longest ones is about three inches.

The supervisor looks at the worker for a long minute and then turns to us to ask what we want done; the best he can do is even them all out at this point.

Me: “Um, so… what did you use to mark the blinds?”

The worker takes a Sharpie out of his pocket.

Husband: *Starting to freak out a bit* “You drew on our white blinds with a black Sharpie?”

Worker: “Just on the back.”

Husband: “Both sides show when the blinds are open!”

The worker looks at the blinds, takes one, and squints at the Sharpie mark on it, sticks his finger in his mouth, takes it out, and starts rubbing the mark with his wet finger.

In the end, he had marked the blinds so unevenly and badly that some were shortened by well over a foot, which meant they were now too short to cover the window. And that’s how we ended up with some brand new blinds and an apology from a supervisor who seemed very, very tired.

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I work in the lumber department of a big box home improvement store, and there is one other lumber associate at the time helping other customers. A lady that looks in her 60s comes and is asking me for items to make shelves. She is really demanding, clueless, cheap, and indecisive and I take her all around the department to explain the difference between using plywood, 2-inch and 1-inch wood, or pre-cut shelves. I am in the 1-inch aisle trying to get her to understand the difference between pine priced per piece and hardwood priced per foot, when a regular customer (a man in his 50s) that has been waiting patiently for a couple minutes cuts in.

Man: “I have a quick question, where is [type of product for which there is two types]?”

Me: “I can answer quickly, but first which type… ”

Woman (rudely to Man): “Excuse, me but he was with me first. You’re really rude for interrupting us before we are done.

Man: “I’m really rude? You’re the one who is rude! I just have a quick question and then he can go back with you since you’ve been hogging him.”

– Both customers look at me basically to see who I side with and I stand speechless for a minute

Woman: “Well where I come from it is rude to cut in on customer until they are done with the salesperson.”

Man (now shouting): Listen lady, you’re the one who is rude, any decent person would let him answer a simple question first and then go back to you”

– At this point they are both standing tall and I swear they are about to come to blows. To cut the tension, I speak up:

Me: (to man) “I was with this this lady first. There is someone on the back saw, he can help you when he is done with his customer or I will help you when I am done with this customer, whoever is done first.

Man: (obviously annoyed with the lady not me): “Fine, whatever” and walks away

Woman: “Thank you. That man was really rude, wouldn’t you agree?”

– It wanted to say that both of them were rude, but I ignored the question and I spend another 10 min with the lady to help her decide and finally get some hardwood laminated plywood and take it to the panel saw to cut. While cutting, I see the man pass by and I politely say I will be with him shortly. Both customers eye each other with evil eyes. The lady repeatedly makes snide remarks about the man to me but intentionally loud enough for the man to hear as he walks away. I finish cutting for the lady and have 1/2 the board left in large scraps left over from cutting out the shelves to size.

Me: “Do you want the left over pieces.”

Lady: “What do you do with scraps if I don’t want them?”

Me: “We usually keep on a cart and offer to customers free if they want them. Since you are paying for the whole piece, we can’t resell them, and if there are leftovers at the end of the day, we throw them away.

Lady: “Ok, you can give them away to anyone… except that rude man.”

The lady takes her cart and walks away but the register is in sight of the saw. The man comes to the saw with some OSB (cheaper than plywood than the lady got) and has apparently answered his own question from earlier.

Man: “Man that b**** was crazy. Anyway, I need this cut to [about the same size as the scraps from the lady]. Actually, what are those scraps, can I have them?

Me (not knowing how to say this tactfully and at the same time not laugh): “Um, actually they are from that lady and normally we give the scraps away, but, umm… she specifically said not to give them to you. However, I’ll wait until she leaves the store and then I will give them to you.”

Man: “That’s Ok, I wouldn’t even want anything from that crazy b*** anyway. Just cut it out of the boards I grabbed”

I cut for him and he leaves his scraps and now I have a whole board worth of scraps that I end up throwing out at the end of the day (it’s actually sad how much stuff we end up throwing away each day)

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I was walking this family (of two) around my department, trying to help them get the correct products to paint their kitchen. When it came to color choices, the conversation went like this:
Adult Grandson: Meemaw, she needs you to choose the color you want.
Meemaw: Shoot, I don’t care! You choose, you’re gonna live longer than me anyways!
Adult Grandson: Meemaw, I’m color blind!!
In the end, Meemaw chose the yellow and I ended up choosing the brown for the cabinets. Hope they like it lol

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I make a quick to Home Depot to pick up a few items for a project I’m working on. I run very early in the morning and decided to go to the hardware store after my morning run. I’m wearing bicycle shorts, a tank top, cute knee high socks with cats in them, running shoes, and a bandana.

I’m in the trim department and need 5 ft of trim. There is a cut station nearby and being Saturday morning no employees in sight. No big deal the saws are there so I measure and cut my piece.

Just as I finish an older man comes around the corner to the cut station.

Man: Oh you don’t work here do you?

I look at my outfit which in no way is remotely close to a Home Depot employee.
Me: No sorry.

He frowns and shift his weight. Looks at the cut station and back to me. I realize he must want something cut.

Me: Yeah I didn’t want to wait for anyone.

I put my trim in the cart and place the excess in the bin of shorter pieces. I turn to leave and he was just standing there. Don’t know if he got any help but glad to know Home Depot is so liberal with there employee dress code!

Math Skills Are As Good As (Mari)Gold

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I work at a well-known home improvement store. I am giving one of my coworkers her break from our garden center. It’s usually pretty slow out there, so I have a lot of time to talk to customers and interact with them between transactions.

This lady and her husband come up to me and asked about the marigolds we have on special: five quart-size pots for around ten dollars. I point them out to her and she and her husband disappear for a few minutes. Eventually, they come back and grab five of the gallon-size pots and plop them down on the register.

I start scanning their items like normal, and when I get to the marigolds, they ring up at $4.98 each. I inform her of this and she isn’t the slightest bit happy. My register even says they are the gallon-size.

Me: “Ma’am, these are the gallon-size marigolds, as confirmed by my register. These are not the marigolds that are on special.”

Customer: “You don’t know a quart from a gallon! You need to tell someone to fix your advertisement sign.”

I wasn’t about to start an argument with her, but I remembered the conversion of four quarts in a gallon; I wanted to tell her that and to (kindly, of course) point out that there was no way in heck that four of the bigger pots could ever fit into one of the smaller ones. I finally got her the ones that were on special, but she was so mad at me.

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