The Collapse Of Education

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(My school building has been around since the 1950s and has fallen into disrepair. Despite years of campaigning for a new building, the county keeps pushing the construction date back by years. It’s become a running joke in the school that the building will collapse before we get a new one. On this day, we are having some very noisy work done in the ceiling.)

Me: *glancing up at the ceiling* “They’d better be careful; one wrong hit and the whole thing will collapse. We’ll get a new building, at least.”

Teacher: *laughs hysterically*

He Can’t Recover From That

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(At the store where I work, when someone is stopped from stealing something, whether accidentally or on purpose, it’s called a recovery. An hour before closing I’m on self-checkout, next to the only open register at the front end. Since it’s dead, the other cashier and I are standing on the aisle, waiting for customers. A man comes speed-walking towards us.)

Coworker: “Hi there, are you ready?”

Man: *gesturing in the general direction of service desk and holding one of our buckets, which clearly has something in it* “No, I already paid.”

(He rushes past us. Since we’ve been getting a lot of people walking out with unpaid merchandise, I immediately follow him to ask for his receipt. The alarms start going off around him and I dash towards him.)

Man: “Oh, is it the bucket that’s setting them off? Here, you can have it back.”

(He drops the bucket and runs out the door empty-handed. I grab the bucket and look into it, grinning. There are two large packs of batteries, which are high-theft merchandise and therefore have sensors in them.)

Coworker: *runs up to me* “What just happened?”

Me: “I think we just made a recovery.”

Will You Just Cut That Out?!

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(I work in a chain kitchenware store.)

Customer: “You just left a knife here out in the open!”

Me: “You mean my box cutter?”

Customer: “Yes!”

Me: “That I was using to cut open boxes?”

Customer: “Yes!”

Me: “The boxes I was actively cutting open until I got up to help you?”

Customer: “Yes! It’s very dangerous!”

Me: “How foolish of me.”

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I’m a cashier at a national big box home improvement store. Seeing as how said store never has enough associates in the aisles, customers often come to me with questions. A customer approached me and said that he needed 14 inch blades for his reciprocating saw. I explain that I can’t leave my register, but I’d be happy to call a hardware associate. As I’m calling for assistance, the customer proceeds to walk to the other end of the store. After some time, he comes back to me and says “hey, did you call the guy?”. I reply “Yes, five minutes ago when you asked me to call him”. This was greeted with much swearing, and him accusing me of “being rude”.

Doesn’t Like Email On Prints-iple

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(At the store where I work we have to ask customers if they would like a copy of their receipt emailed to them. It amazes me how many people are baffled or even offended by this simple question and don’t understand the meaning of “copy.”)

Coworker: “Can I take your email for a copy of the receipt?”

Customer: *suddenly angry* “Why would I do that? Can’t I have a paper one?”

Coworker: “Yes, you do get a paper one, but we send a backup in case it gets lost or damaged so you can still return your item under the warranty.”

Customer: “Well, that’s ridiculous; I don’t have a printer! I can’t print it off! It would cost me money just to do that!”

Coworker: “That’s okay. You don’t need to print it; you can show it on your pho—”

Customer: “GOD, THIS IS STUPID!” *walks away without completing the transaction and still shouting at my colleague* “YOU’RE AN IDIOT! WHAT THE F***?!”

(He put his middle finger up as he stormed out of the store. Not sure what got him so riled up, to be honest! A lot of people get annoyed about being asked, but that was extreme. How hard is it to say, “No, thank you”?!)

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