This Is Why Amazon Is Doing So Well

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Recently, it’s been made a requirement to wear masks in stores where I live, so thankfully, everyone in this story was actually wearing them.

I went to a DIY store to buy some isopropyl alcohol because my partner had spilled liquid on their PC and isopropyl alcohol is pretty much the last hope to try and dry it off. I asked one guy whether they had it, who sent me to the hardware area, no joy. I then asked another, older man, who I decided to show the item on my phone so that he knew what I was looking for.

He took my phone from my hand with his ungloved hands — which were also coated in oil or something along those lines; he had black under his nails — and walked over to a younger man and asked him. When the younger man replied, he took off his mask to talk to the older man.

They didn’t have what I wanted in the end, so I left and thoroughly sanitised my phone.

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For Most Customers, This Does Not Matter

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I work in a call centre for a housing company. A man calls the repair line and I take the call. After my usual hello spiel:

Caller: “Yes, I found out that my kitchen does not have a hood above my furnace and that the location of the kitchen is all wrong on the map. This is terrible! And…”

He goes on and on about the location and the missing hood, which was never present to begin with.

Me: “Uh-huh… yes… ah…”

I am making the usual I-am-listening sounds.

Caller: “Hello?! Are you still there?!”

Me: “Yes, sir, I am listening to your story.”

Caller: “Ah, good. Well, my kitchen doesn’t have a hood and it’s located on the wrong side of the house—”

He starts all over again.

Caller: “Hello?! Are you still there?!”

Me: “Yes, sir, I heard your story. But what is your question?”

Caller: “Does that even matter?!”

He hung up the phone and I was left wondering what had just happened.

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Sprinkle A Little Common Sense Into Your System

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One day, while inspecting our landscaping, I notice a muddy area. Since it did not rain recently, I suspect a leak in one of the sprinkler supply pipes. Digging down to the pipe confirms the location of the leak, so I decide to call some sprinkler system repair places to get an estimate on the cost of quickly replacing a cracked section of pipe.

Me: “I have a small leak in my sprinkler system. What is your hourly rate?”

Employee: “We do not charge by the hour.”

Me: “Then how do you calculate your charges? By the job?”

Employee: “We send a fully-stocked truck to your location, we check your complete system, and then we perform any repairs that are necessary.”

Me: “But how much do you charge?”

Employee: “Our initial inspection is $100. Then, if we find any problems, we fix them.”

Me: “But, my system is working well; all I need is somebody to patch or replace the leaking pipe. I do not need a full system inspection. How much would that cost me?”

Employee: “Our initial inspection is $100. Then, if we find any problems, we will give you a cost estimate to fix the problem.”

Me: “If I do not like the cost, can I refuse any further work?”

Employee: “Yes, you pay the initial inspection fee of $100, and you can accept or refuse the estimate to fix the problem.”

Me: “So, let me get this straight… You charge me $100 for an inspection I do not need, since I have identified and localized the problem, and then your technician will tell me I need to have a leaking pipe patched and give me an estimate for the time of the work and parts, so the entire job might be around $200, but I have to pay $100 even though they don’t fix the leak?”

Employee: “Yes.”

Me: “Thank you, but I will look elsewhere.”

I eventually found a contractor that fixed the leak the next day, for MUCH less than $200!

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This Guy Is A Real Piece Of Work

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I work at a well-known home improvement store, and it’s my job to bring in the carts and assist people in loading up their cars. I’m a young female and often people don’t think I can do the job. But today, I run into an opposite sort of problem.

Coworker: *Over the radio* “Can you come help a customer load up twenty bags of topsoil please?”

Me: “Sure, I’m on my way.”

I arrive to see the customer and the cart of forty-pound bags waiting, so I quickly begin to help load the items into the car. The customer is a male in his late thirties and perfectly fit. He loads several bags and then leaves to go fetch his second purchase. I don’t mind and continue to work. His wife begins to help me just as he returns with a small tree and stands right behind us, just watching.

Male Customer: “I love work. I would watch it all day. Good job, ladies!”

I’m almost dumbstruck at this point just at the sheer lack of chivalry. 

Male Customer: *In a whining tone* “I don’t think I can fit this tree in here; can I just cry? Oh, no, wait. I’m a guy.”

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Drilling This Lesson Home

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I’m the handy one. My partner is not.

Me: “Hey! There’s an electric drill on sale!”

Partner: “So?”

Me: “So, it could be helpful when I need to hang things.”

Partner: “It’s not worth it. Don’t buy it.”

Me: “Only if you agree to drill the hole the next time.”

Partner: “Sure. It’s no big deal.”

A few months later, I buy a new coat rack.

Me: “Honey! It’s time to drill!”

Partner: “Okay.”

Ten minutes later:

Partner: “Why… didn’t… I buy… the drill?!”

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