Medium Serving For A Supersize Jerk

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(A middle-aged woman comes in.)

Me: “Hi. How can I help you?”

Customer: “Just a serving of fries, please.”

Me: “Small, medium, or large?”

Customer: “No, just fries.”

Me: “Yes, of course, but which size would you like? Small, medium, or large?”

Customer: “No, potato fries!”

Me: “I’ll give you a medium-sized serving, okay?”

Customer: “No, I said just fries! Potato, fried in oil, with salt! POTATO! OIL! SALT!”

Me: “That’s exactly what you’ll get.”

Customer: “Geez, that shouldn’t be that complicated to get fries. You need to learn how to do your job right!”

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Basically: Shut Your Mouth

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(I am working as a waiter in a sushi bar. Some evenings are pretty crowded because of our all-you-can-eat buffets. One evening, a group of four women is, chatting loudly, basically interrupting each other all the time while eating and enjoying themselves. This is not a problem, but the noise level in the rather small restaurant is higher than usual. Following my routine I come to the table to ask if anyone wants to order some new drinks.)

Guest #1: “I’d like some dry white wine, please. And I have a question.”

Me: “I’m happy if I can help.”

Guest #1: “The wasabi always burns so strong. Is there a way that we can enjoy the taste without it being hot?”

Me: “Yes, of course. First of all, you have to keep your mouth closed…”

(All the guests have shocked looks on their faces, because they were chatting like crazy beforehand.)

Me: “…because if you leave it open, the essential oils in the wasabi will be sucked into your lung and when you breathe out you’ll have these in your nose, which causes the burning. So, if it burns, keep it closed and calmly take some breath through your nose.”

(This has always worked for me, and my manager also told us to explain it like this.)

Guest #2: “So, it’s not working like chili?”

Me: “No, more like mustard.”

(They thanked me for the answer and silently ate the whole evening while having some conversation and not cutting each other off all the time.)

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(I’m standing in line in front of the cash register, chatting with a friend while we wait for our turn. The line gets longer, so the cashier pages for someone to open up another register. It’s barely 10 seconds later when)

Woman: Hello? Open up another register.
Cashier: *is busy scanning items to make the line move faster*
Woman: Open up another register, some people have places to be. Hello!

(The woman moves to an empty register with her things when the cashier tells her that no one can scan her items on that register. She loudly voices her displeasure and attempts to squeeze back into the original line. Then a clerk comes from the back of the store to open up register.

Woman: Finally! Took you long enough, some people got places to be, you know.

She places her single item – bread – and then walks off. The new cashier looks in disbelief at the item, then the new line forming at her register which now can’t advance and finally me and my friend. All shake their heads. Teh woman comes back a minute later with a box of wine, pays and rushes off.)

The Optician Needs To Check His Eyesight

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(I am eighteen, and unfortunately, my usual glasses break. I decide to go to the ophthalmologist to get a new prescription. Usually, I can’t decide on a new pair of glasses on my own, so I take my mom. At the optician, I explain that I am looking for new glasses. The optician doesn’t really address me, but my mom.)

Optician: “Ooh. No problem. We will find a nice pair of glasses for your daughter. No girl should wear such ugly glasses! Who chose them?!”

Me: “These are my sport glasses. My usual glasses broke. I bought them here last year.”

(I find it a little strange that the optician mostly addresses my mom, or when she does speak to me, it is as if I am a child.)

Optician: “Uh-oh, okay! Well, we have some beautiful frames for girls! Or do you want to have something like for adults?”

(While saying that, she looks at my prescription.)

Optician: “Oh, tomorrow is your birthday! How old are you going to be? Eleven, twelve?”

Me: “Tomorrow I will turn nineteen!”

(The optician’s face turned red and she excused herself. I felt really embarrassed that time but today I can laugh about it. Poor optician. I guess she felt as embarrassed as me.)

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(I am a cashier at a big grocery store, we have 3 whole stories, on 2 of which the check outs are located. We have to always ask the customers, who are buying veggies, about the specific type of the veggie, whether it is organic, the store brand or some other brand, to specify the price, because it is not always stated on the certain product.)

Customer: (buys some items along with 2 mangos, of which we have 3 kinds of. His werent labelled, so I had to ask him which ones he had picked.)

Me: Excuse me, but are these the organic mangos or the normal ones from the other side of the isle?

Customer: Wait, WHAT?! Are you seriously asking ME, what kind of mangos there are??!!

Me: Well, yes?…

Customer: Well, YOU are supposed to know these things! How can I buy something that you don´t know about?

Me: They are not labeled so i need to know which ones they are.

Customer: Aren´t you being schooled on such things?! (as a parttimer, although I have been working for more than 4 years for the same store, you get a one-day-training by a senior coworker and that´s it, but I doubt this guy knew that) Well, I dont want to buy them anymore!

Me: I just need you to tell me if they are organic or not!

Customer, screaming: I´m not buying them anymore! (He proceeds to rush out of the store, leaving his items behind. I had a good chuckle with my coworkers after that.)