Their Only Dream Is For You To Leave

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(I’m working the night shift at a hotel during a big Christmas party of over 500 people. We’re all helping out wherever needed, so I switch from working the bar to working the party hall fairly regularly.)

Guest: *sits down at the bar and orders a drink* “So, do you enjoy working here?”

Me: *while making his drink* “Oh, yes, sir. My colleagues are great and the hotel is beautiful, so I enjoy it very much.”

Guest: “But it has to be stressful, right?”

Me: “It can be, yes. But in the end, that depends on how you look at things.”

Guest: “True. Still, you look like a bright girl; wouldn’t you like to do something else?”

Me: “I enjoy my work, so no, not really.”

Guest: “But this job can’t possibly pay you enough! I mean, I work as a manager in my company, and even my pay isn’t enough for the people I have to put up with! You’ve got to meet more idiots than me!”

(I’m trying really hard not to think “Yes, people like you…” This conversation is disrupted by me serving other customers, by the way. But trying to include this would probably create confusion.)

Guest: “Really now. Why don’t you study something? I’m sure you could do that! You could be the boss around here!”

Me: “I can always do that at a later time when I’m sure what kind of degree I’d like to get. For now, I’m content.”

Guest:Really? You’re content serving a**holes drinks?! And clearing dirty dishes? Are you sure you don’t want something better for yourself?”

(A colleague asks me to help him out in the party hall; I am very glad to get away from this guy. Towards the end of the party, while I am clearing the last glasses off the tables, the same guest finds me again. He is drunk and yelling.)

Guest: “THIS is your DREAM, REALLY?! REALLY?!”

(I ignore him and keep on clearing the glasses away. When I return from our back office, an arm is suddenly slung around my shoulder. It is the same guest again.)

Guest: “You’re a pretty, smart girl. You could do so much better. I’m going to help you! I’ll protect you! You can quit right now. I’ll get you a place at a university and you can come back and run this hotel!”

Me: *shrugging off his arm* “Thanks, but I really do enjoy working here. I don’t want to study right now and I don’t want to quit.”

Guest: “BUT WHY? WHY?! WHY DO WORK EVERY IDIOT CAN DO? You’re better than this!”

(I walked away from him, as he got more and more agitated and tried to grab me again. He started to scare me a bit. When I reached the bar, he was still in the hallway screaming how I was so much better than this job. His coworkers collected him soon after, and one sought me out to apologize for his behavior.)

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(This customer has been known for being obnoxious and lingering around in our really small store. He also always rants about drug legalisation, his animals and doesn’t get that we’re not making products in our “backroom” and that we put some cleansing masks with a very short best before date on ice for a reason.)

Customer: “I bought this mask a month ago and it has already gone bad. You owe me a new one.”
Manager: “I’m sorry, but those are only supposed to last 3 weeks at most. It says that right here.”

(She points to the clearly written due date, which was actually 6 weeks ago!)

C: “But this all natural! The girl said this is a best before date and test I might be abled to use it longer, yet it is already molding.”

(Saying this, he opens the Pot and it has indeed turned into something really nasty)

C: “and now you see why I didn’t want it in my fridge!”

M: “Oh, but it says “keep refridgerated” right here. If you store this at room temperature it-”

C: “I should not have to keep cosmetics with my food! If you can’t produce stuff that lasts, you’ll be losing customers, you know?”

(This goes on for a while. He even demands to go see our manufacturing to make sure it’s clean, despite the fact that not only we, but also customers tell him that there is no way that we would produce all the stuff in the back – especially as there is no backroom except for the litter bins, what we showed him. After a while, he agreed to exchange his not properly stored, over due date and molding product for some soap. My manager picks the mask from the counter and leaves towards the back..)

C: “Wait, what are doing?”

M: “I’ll have to throw this away, as we can’t resell returned products, let alone ones that-”

C: ” I thought you were an eco-friendly company, how can you just throw things away?,”

M: “Listen, this product is a serious danger for peoples health. What do you want me to do?”

C: “Give it to me.”

M: “You just returned it, because you didn’t want it. You received a new product in exchange and I really can’t advise to put this on your, or anybody’s skin.”

C: “But I could use it on my horse!”

(We told him that he won’t leave with the hazardous mask, especially since we exchanged it on our own costs against company policy. He left fuming, ranting about waste, the society – and without his soap. He also never returned.)

Be A Sore Winner And Lose Your Position

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(The gas station I work at is part of a national chain that runs promotions. Customers receive a sticker for every unit of a set amount of litres of gas they purchase. With ten stickers, they can purchase a promotional item for cheaper than its normal retail price. To encourage us to promote the event, there are regional competitions between stations. The stations that sell the most items get a financial reward that is added to the budget for the Christmas party. Usually, these events run several months and the amount you have to buy for each sticker is so low that most people have ten stickers by the time they fill their car the third time. This is why my station decides to simply give ten stickers to each customer that buys the minimum amount for a sticker. None of the items — mostly gardening equipment or DIY tools — are good enough, rare enough, or cheap enough for people to be interested in buying multiples or buying them in bulk to resell, so we are confident that by doing so we do not create extra sales. Our main “rival” is a station that has a large number of commercial truck drivers as their regular customers. Our “rival” station wins the competition this time, with us as a close second. During a “stamp” event, a coworker runs over to me and another coworker.)

Coworker#1: “Guys, you will not believe what [Manager] told me just now. [Manager of Rival Station] went to the regional manager and complained that we were cheating by giving out extra stamps, and that we should be fined and permanently disqualified from every competition.”

Coworker#2: “What?! Wait. Wasn’t it [Rival Station] that asked their regulars to not pump their gas in one go, but do multiple purchases of ten euros each during [Event] so they could hand out more tickets? How is that fair?! They have all these truck drivers as customers. Do you know how many ten-euro purchases it needs to fill up one of those trucks? We only give one ticket per customer and car!”

Coworker#1: *grinning* “I know, and so does [Manager]. You want to guess who is now under investigation and has to return the reward they got for [Event Competition]? Not us!”

(As it turns out, what we did toes the line, but was considered acceptable. [Rival Manager], on the other hand, had broken the rules.)

Lesson Number #1: “It does not pay to be a rat, especially if you are the one with skeletons in the closet!”

Needs To Work On That Goodbye

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(I’m in line waiting to be checked out, shortly before the store is going to close. In front of me is an elderly lady, clearly in retirement already. This happens when she turns to leave. In Germany it’s very common to wish someone to have a nice end of the working day.)

Elderly Lady: “Thank you, and have a nice end of your working day!”

Cashier: *starts laughing* “Ha, I almost wished you the same!”

Elderly Lady: *starts laughing, too* “Well, my working days finished long ago!”

Kindness Knows No Language Barrier

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I’m a customer in a pharmacy in Berlin, behind an older man. I don’t speak German as I’m just a tourist, but he is very obviously driving the cashier crazy, pointing to everything five times and asking the price, wasting her time by debating the price, raising his voice, and flailing his arms about. Even though I can’t understand a word he is saying, his rudeness is clear! The cashier is doing a great job of staying calm, but he is visibly upsetting her.

When he finally leaves — some five minutes later, only having purchased one thing — I approach the register, smile, and roll my eyes. As she serves me, she chats away about the customer — made obvious from the things she points to while talking — and it’s clear from the relief on her face that she just needs to unload on someone who understands. I smile and nod and laugh when she laughs, and say, “Ja,” a couple of times, and she seems much calmer and happy by the end of the transaction.

Dear cashier, even though I didn’t understand a word you said, our conversation was wonderful and friendly; we both speak the universal language of “hating bad customers”!

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