Everyone Remembers Their First Time, And Sometimes Someone Else’s

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I was flying with my husband for our first anniversary to Paris and I’d never flown before. Unfortunately, we got separated due to a ticket mixup; he sat at the front of the plane, while I was at the back next to this very nice German lady. As the plane began to make its way down to the runway, I began to panic, telling myself I could do this, but as soon as it sped up and began taking off, I broke down crying, my hands clutching the armrests for dear life. The German woman held my hand, rubbing my back until we were settled in the air, telling me I would be all right. 

I don’t know who she was and I know I’ll never see her again, but I want to say a massive thank-you to the woman who helped a complete stranger cope with her very first flight, while said stranger was covered in tears.

Reaching New Heights Of Friendship

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(My freshman year of college, my roommate is an aviation major. During the fall semester, when she’s not allowed to fly, I’m helping her memorize all the checklists. She finds out that I’ve never flown in an airplane before and vows to fix that. Sure enough, in the spring semester, she starts flying and will not relent in her quest to get me to go with her. I eventually agree to go with her to get her to stop begging me. One Saturday morning, we get up early and get ready. She tells me that it’s a very good day to fly because there’s not a lot of wind. We catch the bus to the airport, and she’s excited that I’m going to get to see her in action. At the airport, I meet her flight instructor, I sign the paperwork, and we go out to the tarmac. I’m extremely nervous the whole time. Eventually, we’re all buckled in and take off. It should be noted that I have a fear of heights. Every single time she makes a turn, I feel the g-force on my body and I whimper. I am not enjoying myself at all. Then this happens.)

Instructor: “Okay, [Roommate], pick a crash field.”

Roommate: “Okay… I got one.”

Instructor: “All right, now stall the engine.”

Me: “Huh?”

Roommate: “You got it.”

(She then proceeds to point the nose of the plane up until the engine stalls out and goes silent. The aircraft starts to fall. A few seconds later, when it’s level again, the engine starts back up and we are bounced around for a little bit.)

Instructor: “Not bad. What did you think, [My Name]?”

(I have flung my arms and legs out to try and grab anything to hold onto. It takes me a moment to realize it’s safe to move. I slowly curl up into a ball.)

Me: “I… Don’t…”

Instructor: “I don’t think we should do any more stalls today.”

Roommate: *disappointed* “Oh, fine.”

(I am too freaked out still to talk. I end up looking at the bar that’s attached to the wheel the rest of the trip, not saying a word, and still whimpering at the slightest movement. Until I’m back on the ground, I pray to God to let us safely land very soon. Eventually, we do land, and I bolt out of the thing. I wait for my roommate and her instructor to finish up their post-flight checklists. When they do, my roommate comes over to me.)

Roommate: “So, my lesson isn’t over yet. We’re about to go up again. Want to go again? We aren’t going to stall the engine again. It’s probably just going to be taking off and landing over and over again.”

Me: “No!”

Roommate: “But–”

Me: “No! No, no, no! I’m never getting in that thing again!”

Roommate: *slightly hurt that I don’t love flying* “Okay, I guess. You’ll have to wait in the lounge, then. There’s no one here now since it’s Saturday. You’ll be all alone. And we’ll be at least an hour.”

Me: “Is there Wi-Fi?”

Roommate: “Yes?”

Me: “I’ll be fine.”

(I had my laptop with me since I was going to meet up with some friends to study for a test right after. I sat in the lounge and studied while also messaging my mom and telling her how my roommate tried to kill me.)

Taking A Friendly Service To The Next Level

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(I am flying by myself, and I am boarding the plane. I hand my boarding pass to the stewardess.)

Stewardess: “Okay, down here and on the right. And is that for both of you?”

Me: “Both of us?”

Stewardess: “Huh? Oh, sorry, I thought I saw two boarding passes and assumed the lady behind you was with you.”

Me: “Oh, no. Unfortunately, I don’t appear to have any friends.”

(I’m smiling and obviously joking. The stewardess doesn’t react, so I assume my pretty lame attempt at humour has fallen flat or she’s heard this kind of joke before, so I thank her and start to head down the aisle. Then, I hear the lady who’s been behind me speaking to the stewardess.)

Lady: *laughing* “Aw, she doesn’t have any friends on the flight.”

Stewardess: “Wait, is that what she said? Hey! We’ll be your friends! You have friends now!”

(I turned around; she was giving me a thumbs up while the lady was laughing. I’d been in a good mood already, but that made my day.)

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I’m a flight attendant . The luggage people didn’t put snacks on the plane. One lady wasn’t happy
(Pilot over the loudspeakers) Were sorry, but the snacks were not packed. We apologize for any inconvenience.
(Flyer 1 is very fat)
Flyer 1: Are you f****** kidding me!?! No food?
Me: Were sorry, but the flight preps didn’t pack it
Flyer 1: Get the g****** snacks!
Me: Ma’am, we’re 113 miles from (airport name)
I don’t f****** care! I need to eat!
Me: I’m sorry, but we don’t have any.
Flyer 2: Chill lady. It’s a 2 hour flight, plus you really don’t need snacks with your body.
Me: He is right.
Pilot: Were sorry, but flight prep didn’t pack hot towels either
Flyer 2: WHAT NOW!?!

Making A Boob Of Yourself At 30,000 Feet

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(I’m flying home to go to a funeral, with my baby flying as a lap infant. I make it to the airport in plenty of time for our flight, but the airline has a system outage and has to cancel almost all flights for the day. We stick around, hoping the problem will be fixed and we’ll be able to make a flight that night, because I’ll miss the funeral if we don’t. Everyone is kind of grumpy because of all the delays, but most people are fairly understanding. They finally start sending planes out again in the evening, and we manage to get on a flight that leaves around 11 pm or midnight; it’s not ideal with a baby, but it’ll get me to the funeral. Somehow I end up with an aisle seat in the first few rows of the plane. I realize this is a full flight, so I’ll have to move at some point to let someone sit in the middle seat, but since I’m holding a baby most people decide to pick a different seat rather than sit next to me. My daughter starts to get fussy, since it’s way late and she’s tired and boarding is taking forever, so I do what I know will settle her down and probably get her to sleep for the duration of the flight: I pull out my nursing cover and start to breastfeed her. She’s out in a few minutes. I assume that anyone who wants to sit in the middle seat will politely get my attention and ask, and mentally figure out the best way to maneuver to keep the baby sleeping. Between taking care of my daughter and feeling frazzled from the difficult day I’ve had, I don’t notice the man standing in the aisle next to me, annoyed that I haven’t noticed him and moved. He speaks to me sharply, which is when I notice him for the first time.)

Man: “What’s wrong with you? You break your arm?” *referring to my nursing cover, which hangs around my neck*

Me: *puzzled, and not catching on that he wants me to move so he can get into the middle seat* “No, I’m nursing a baby.”

Man: *goes wide-eyed and stares at me for a second, then almost audibly snaps his mouth shut and rushes off to the back of the plane, while the people around me chuckle*

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