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Im in the waiting area of our children’s new Doctor after we moved into the city where the grandparents live. My twins have a cold and we need a official document for my employer so i could stay at home to take care for them. We made an appointment before arriving as early as they opened, but as it’s cold-Season and its packed with patients waiting for an opening. A lady with her daughter comes in and asks for her to see the doctor.

Receptionist: “we can try to fit you in, but sadly it’s at least an hour to wait, probably more.”

Mother: “that is just too long. I need to do run some errands for Christmas and I just don’t have time to wait that long. She was sent home from elementary school because she threw up, the doctor just needs to see if it’s anything serious and it will only take a minute.”

Receptionist: “im sorry, but everybody here is waiting and we can’t just let you skip all of them. We could put you on the waiting list and give you a call when you will be up far enough to get back within half an hour and then you will not have to wait here.”
Mother: “Well okay, but make sure to call me early enough so I can come back in time.”

She then, to my suprise, takes her daughter to the waiting area. She takes the girls coat and scarf of, hangs them and starts to explain to her that mommy will be going now, but she will be back before the doctor will see her and that she just has to wait and maybe read some books or play with the toys in the waiting area…..

Im really upset and I just can’t believe it, but she is about to leave her about 6-7 year old sick daughter alone to wait here, which is totally not okay. The Father next to the Girls chair seems to think likewise and speaks up.

Father: “you can’t leave her here to wait alone! Your Child can’t just be unattended!”
Mother: “keep your opinion to yourself, the receptionist said it’s okay, they will call me before she will be seen by the doctor.”
Me: “they certainly did not mean that you could leave without her!”
Mother: “(sights loudly) you can all care for your own business please, my daughter is very well behaved and it’s the doctors office, she will be totally fine.”

The daughter meanwhile was quiet all the time and looked tired and a bit squeamish. Her mother hugs her and leaves.

The receptionist is talking on the phone and says nothing as the mother walks by, and I’m very astounded. Then we get called up by the nurse I can’t help but speak my mind a bit.

Me: “I’m sorry, we have not been your patients for very long, and maybe that is how you handle things usually, but I don’t think it’s okay to have little kids wait alone for their appointment. It’s just noch right.”
The nurse is obviously shocked and asks what I mean by that. I point the girl out and tell what happened. The father and other waiting parents join in and confirm the story. The nurse gets very silent, thanks us and points us to our consultation room, while she goes over to the girl.

We wait a lot more inside the doctors room, finally he comes, checks up the kids, we get some prescriptions for the blocked noses and the papers we need. At the end, he asks me about the mother again.

Doc: “so what did the mother say when you asked her about leaving?”
Me: “basically to mind my own business and such. I take it that it is not regularly that kids that joung are left here to wait alone?”
Doc: “no, not at all. We where all shocked about it, it never happened before. We called her straight away, but she was not answering her phone. As her number is the emergency contact as well, we had to call the police and ask for help. They wanted to ask you some questions before you leave as well.”

Outside we meet up with two policemen. The girl I’m told, has been allowed to lay down and rest on the couch in the doctors private office and sleeps after he checked on her and gave her some appropriate medication. The mother meanwhile was reached and is said to be on her way back. The policemen ask me again about what happened and as I tell it the mother enters.

Mother: “where is my daughter? She’s not in the waiting area and I specifically asked you to call me before she gets seen by the doctor. As you said it’s at least an hour, i was not expecting your calls and did not notice them until now. Was she called up early? Is she in one of the rooms?”

The Recetionist simply points to the police and the mums colours drain at the realisation. She looks shocked as she is addressed by the policeman and starts asking what happened and if her daughter is fine.
The policeman looks sternfull at her and says: ” your sick daughter was abandoned by her mother at the doctors office, and imagine she went outside because she felt sick and alone. Imagine her telling the receptionist that she just wants to go out to her mummy. Imagine the receptionist assuming you are just outside the door for a smoke. but your little daughter walks away, feeling unwell and confused, looking desperatly for her mommy. Imagine that, please, as hard as you can. and then think about who would have caused that. How YOU caused that possibility by abandoning her here. And when you realised how lucky you are and what kind of mistake you made, than i really hope that you will never ever do something like that again. Because there is no penalty that would help in any way if you still think you did no wrong.”

No Clean Break From Having To Clean The Break

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(The kitchen I work in has just had some maintenance done, and the builders took down and then reattached several hanging cupboards that we use as storage for baking ingredients and canned foods. While I am working in front of one of these cupboards, the inner shelf suddenly breaks down due to not being properly reattached. Several bags of flour and sugar, two glass jars of cherries, and a large bag of rice come crashing down towards me. A lot of it lands straight on my head and knocks off my glasses. Luckily, a coworker is nearby and rushes to hold up the shelf, but the two glass jars break on the floor and spill cherries and juice everywhere. While I’m searching for my glasses, my boss yells from her office next door, not bothering to look into the kitchen:)

Boss: “What was that noise?”

Coworker: “The baking shelf just came down! [My Name] was right underneath it!”

Boss: “Did something break?”

(My coworker doesn’t even bother to reply to that, secures the shelf, then hands me my glasses and tells me to sit down because apparently I’ve got a small bleeding head wound from the stuff that hit me. Five minutes later, while I’m still sitting and pressing a towel against the wound and my coworker is getting the first aid kit, the boss comes in, looks at me, then looks at the cherry-covered floor.)

Boss: “You’re going to clean that up, though, right?”

(That was all she said about the entire incident. Since it was right before dinner rush, I didn’t dare to call out sick. My coworker and I cleaned up as best as we could and emptied the shelf so nothing else would fall down. Luckily I didn’t get a concussion or worse from the accident. The builders who hung the cupboard got chewed out by my higher-ranking coworker, but my boss never mentioned it again. I’m surprised she didn’t make me pay for the jars I “broke.”)

You’re Killing Me Here

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(A lady comes in with a cat in a very bad condition. After a short examination, I have to tell her that the only thing I can do is to euthanize her cat.)

Me: “I’m so sorry, but the kidneys have completely stopped working. The only thing we can do is release that poor cat from her pain and suffering.”

Lady: “Oh, that’s a shame, but if it’s the only option…”

Me: “Unfortunately, it is.”

Lady: “Okay, but is there any homeopathic euthanasia you can give? You know, all these chemical things are bad for her health!”

Me: “Um, do you know what ‘euthanasia’ means?”

Your Card Has Been Frozen

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(I’m at the register for a textile discounter that also sells toys, candy, and small domestic items like soap dispensers. It’s the evening shift, shortly before closing time, when a lady and her little daughter come to the register. Note that we accept cards, but only if the sum is 5€ or higher; it’s company policy.)

Me: “Good evening. Did you find everything?”

Customer: “Oh, yes, thank you.”

Girl: “Mummy, want this!”

(We both look at her, and she’s pointing at a PEZ-dispenser with the face of Anna from “Frozen.”)

Customer: “Oh, no, darling. You have already five of these.”

Girl: “Want Anna!”

Customer: “[Daughter], I already said no.”

(The girl doesn’t let go, though. She sits on the floor and has a full-blown temper tantrum, while the mother remains relatively calm and tries to persuade her child to stop screaming. Finally, the girl puts the toy back and starts sulking, silently.)

Customer: “I’m sorry. This doesn’t usually happen, and I know you’re about to close.”

Me: “Oh, don’t worry;this wasn’t even the worst today. Happens sometimes, even with the best-behaved kids. So, I scanned your items. That will be 3,46€, please.”

Customer: “Of course. Here you go.” *hands me her debit card*

Me: “Sorry, but you need to buy 5€ or more to pay with card. This is the company policy.” *points at the sign that explains this*

Customer: “Oh, this can’t possibly be real.” *before I can react in any way she turns to the girl* “[Daughter], give me that thing there that you want!”

(The smirk on the girl’s face was priceless.)

Enabling Them Getting A Ticket

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(I’m picking up my severely disabled mother from an appointment at a big medical facility. As I’m arriving, I see a delivery truck standing across the last two handicapped parking spots. The driver is still sorting packages in the back of the truck, so I quickly jump out and approach him.)

Me: “Hi. I’m not sure if you noticed, but this is actually a handicapped parking spot.”

Delivery Guy: “So? You look like you can walk just fine. There are still some spots open in the back of the parking lot, I think.”

Me: “Not that it matters, but I’m picking up a disabled person who can’t walk that far. Could you please move?”

Delivery Guy: *while already walking away with some packages* “Sure, whatever! I’m busy, so shut up!”

(By now I’m furious, so I decide to park behind him in the handicapped parking spot, effectively blocking him from driving away. I rush into the building to collect my mother as quickly as possible to avoid being towed, but as we arrive we see that there’s already a police officer next to my car talking with the delivery driver. The officer looks at me, and at my mother who’s already looking pained while walking on crutches.)

Officer: “Is this your car?”

Me: “Yes. I’m terribly sorry, but there were no other disabled parking spots, and he refused to move after I explained the situation to him. Won’t happen again. I promise!”

Officer: “Oh, don’t worry. You’re free to go!”

Me: “Thank you very much.”

(Right as I was helping my mother into the car I heard the delivery guy scream, “Wait… You’re writing ME a ticket?!”)

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