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(This happened to one of my friends). In the shoe section of a clothing store, she was trying on a pair of shoes. She gets one on and the other woman takes the other and tried that on. Evidently it fit, so she turned to my friend and very rudely exclaims, “Gimme the other one!” My friend, who was there first , politely refuses. The woman storms away with the shoe in hand, and goes to another section of the store. My friend follows her through the store to the checkout, where the woman throws the shoe at my friend’s feet and says snarkly, “Fine”. She leaves the building but lingered outside, waiting for my friend, to see if she comes out with the shoe box. Later, when telling this story, my friend adds, “Yeah, the shoes weren’t that comfortable but I couldn’t let that other woman have them.”

It’s Okay; We’re Confused, Too

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I am shopping in a store which, due to the current health crisis, hs cleared the area in front of the checkouts and replaced the normal queueing system with a system of arrows both marked on the floor and on signs on posts.

I’m confused as the arrows seem to be pointing the wrong way. The four cashiers and the checkout assistant are all watching me approach; it’s a quiet day and I’m the only person wanting to pay.

Me: “Where do you want me to go?”

Assistant: “Follow the arrows.”

Me: “Um, this arrow—” *points to the floor* “—says to go this way, but that arrow—” *points at a sign* “—says to go to the other end. Do I come in this way?”

Cashier #1: “Just go where the arrow says.”

Me: “Okay, can I just come in here, then?”

Assistant: “You need to follow the arrows on the signs.”

Me: “Right.”

I start to walk to the other end of the checkouts, where the sign is pointing.

Cashiers #1, #2, #3, & #4: “STOP!”

Me: “Whoa, what?”

Assistant: *A bit aggressively* “You’re going the wrong way!”

Me: “Oh, for God’s sake. THIS ARROW—” *points at a sign* “goes THAT WAY.” *Points to the end of the checkouts* “THIS ARROW—” *points at the floor* “goes THIS WAY.” *Points ahead of me* “They’re pointing in OPPOSITE DIRECTIONS. I’m the only one here. I’m ten feet from the checkout. Would you please tell me exactly where you want me to go?!”

There’s dead silence for ten seconds while all five of them peer at the floor and at the sign.

Assistant: “Um. Yeah, sorry. Go straight to [Cashier #1].”

When I finished checking out, the assistant was hauling the signs around so they pointed the right way. Thank God it wasn’t a busy day; it would have been chaos.

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Sadly, There’s Always Room For Entitlement

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I am out dress shopping with my mother and grandmother, as grade-eight graduation is approaching. After picking out a few dresses to try on, I line up outside the change room while my mom and grandmother are browsing the store. It comes to the point when I am the only one left in line.

While I am waiting, a woman and her daughter — about my age — come up to me. The woman points to the changing rooms.

Woman: “Are they all full?”

Me: “Yeah, I’m just waiting.”

I assume that she will just line up behind me, but instead, she takes the ten or so items that she has and puts them on a nearby rack. They’re mostly dresses; I am guessing they are for her daughter as they are obviously too small for her.

She then tells her daughter to stay put as she goes around and starts knocking on the doors of all of the changing rooms. At this point, my mom and grandma have returned and I inform them of the situation. It appears that the woman has found what appears to be an empty changing room and calls her daughter over to wait by the door while she receives the clothes that she had set on the rack and proceeds to get an employee. The changing rooms are always locked from the outside and you need an employee to open them, even if they are empty.

The employee comes over and, since we are now sure of what is about to happen, my mother speaks up.

Mom: “Excuse me? I think that my daughter was first.”

Woman: *To the employee* “I have been putting all of the work in to check all of these rooms and I have found one that I can use, so I have the right to use it!”

Employee: “Sorry, but we must let her go first—” *gestures to me* “—because she was waiting in line.”

Woman: “No! I found this room and therefore I am entitled to it!”

The employee gives us an apologetic look.

Employee: “Okay, but just for next time, remember that you must wait in line.”

While this is happening, the woman’s daughter is looking uncomfortable and I don’t think that she is very happy about her mother’s actions. I myself am in shock, as nothing like this has ever really happened to me until now. I read a lot of Not Always Right stories, so I am able to recognize this as one of THOSE situations, if you know what I mean. As they enter the change room, the employee comes over to us.

Employee: “I’m so sorry about that. Come with me; I’ll see if I can find you a room.”

We thanked her and she led us to an empty change room where I tried on my dresses. I decided on the perfect one and we went out to pay for it. We were checked out by the same employee who had helped us in the change rooms and she apologized again. We thanked her and told her how we appreciated how calmly she handled the situation.

The dress ended up being about 40% off! I was very happy with my purchase, and it made everything worth it. A huge thanks to that employee for being so helpful.

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I work at popular fitness clothing chain Sometime we do get asked about personal issues regarding bras and underwear by women who are new to working out. Never men.

This day I got a phone call from a young sounding male asking me what kind of underwear I was wearing

Me: I rock the granny panties

He hung up after that

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I was ringing up a costumer and she didn’t speak much English (we have a lot of people that don’t in the mall I work in) but her husband was American and spoke perfect English. As part of my responsibilities I had to explain our rewards program and try to get People to sign up. It’s actually a great program I am personally signed up. But her husband cut me off and insisted that I was trying to scam them. I tried to explain again that they would actually get free stuff for being part of it and he would not listen. He started getting upset and insisted that I was lying to him and that I wanted his money. His wife just looked so uncomfortable the whole time and their son (maybe 2) was getting upset as well. I could tell there was nothing I could do to get him to understand. It’s a shame too, they could have had about $30 in rewards to spend next time they came in.