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I work in a kid’s clothing store in a mall. The mall is in a more middle class area, so we get all types of people walking in and out. This one story occurred late one night during the week, while we were slow.

A man walks in.

[Me]: Hi how are you doing tonight?

[Man]: Hello!

He walks up to the counter, a giant bag from a restaurant in the mall in his hands.

[Man]: Do you have any bags?

Thinking he had a lot of items and wanted another bag to hold them, I pulled out our nice paper shopping bag. He lights up and grabs it.

[Man]: Yes, just like this!

To my utter confusion, he folds the bag and begins to stuff it into the larger restaurant one. It was then that I notice the bid bag is filled with other shopping bags like the one I’d given him. He looks up at me and my coworker and grins.

[Man]: What, you’re not going to ask why? No why the bags?

[Me]: Nah, I was just going along with it.

[Coworker]: Okay, I’ll bite; why all the bags?

[Man]: Well, it’s my sister’s birthday, and the other day we were out at this nice Asian restaurant and they had these nice bags, and she wanted one. So, I’ve been going around and getting her these!

My coworker and I politely nod and murmur about how nice that was and he went along his merry way. As soon as he walked out the door, we looked at each other and burst out into laughter.

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I’m a sales associate at a clothing store. We get alot of hispanics, my first language being spanish, I’m able to help and talk to them. One day this spanish speaking woman came in with a very mean tone and face, being a timid person I started to stutter out of nervousness. The woman took it as I didn’t understand spanish, so she gave me a condescending look and said, I quote
“You live in America, you have to learn how to speak Spanish.”
I had a headache for the next hour or so.

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(This story happens while I’m working the fitting rooms for a popular clothing chain. It’s the start of the day, there’s nothing to do, and only one mother and daughter trying on clothes. The daughter comes out wearing a shirt that says “Breaking News-I Don’t Care”. It’s also worth noting that I’m 17.)
Mother: *gasps* “Oh, no honey. I don’t like the message it sends. Go try something else on.”
Daughter: *sighs*. “Okay mom.”
Mother: (to me) “What did you think?”
Me: “Well, I personally saw nothing wrong with it, but that’s just my opinion.”
Mother: “I just-ugh. It’s the message that all these lazy youths are sending today and I don’t want that for my daughter. She’s a person who does care.”
Me: *nods slowly*
(I wasn’t sure what to say, so I just stood there for a few moments until her daughter emerged holding an armful of clothing, including the offending shirt)
Mother: “Thank you! Have a great day!”

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I’m out shopping and I take off my trainers to try on a pair of shoes. While I’m doing this, a girl of about 11 or 12 rushes over and grabs my trainers.

Girl: (shouting towards her mother across the shop) Mam I want these!

Me: Excuse me, those are mine.

Girl: I saw them first.

Me: But they’re not for sale they’re my actual shoes, I’ve been wearing them all day.

I reach out to take them but she still refuses to give them back. The girls mother comes over.

Girl: Mam I saw these first.

Me: They’re Adidas trainers they don’t sell them here, she can get new ones at [Popular Sports Shop]. But those are mine, They were expensive.

Girl: But I saw them first!

The girls mother asks her daughter to return them to me but she refuses to give them back.

Mother: Look, can’t you just let her have them? She won’t give them back, just get a different pair they’re only shoes.

Me: I’m not made of money, they were expensive.

Mother: But she really wants them and I don’t want to go all the way over to [Popular Sports Shop], here I’ll pay for them. *she takes a £20 note from her purse*

By this point I’d had enough, I reach out and manage to take them back. I stuffed my feet back into them and walked off without saying anything. Apparently the mother ranted about me to the staff at the tills…one of whom is someone I went to school with, he asked me about it when I went to pay and he was in hysterics when I told him the story.

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(I work at a clothing store where we always have coupons out that “grow” with your purchase. They can be found online/in coupon apps, or you get them in the mail. Like all coupons, they have exclusions that are clearly printed on them. My coworker, a new hire, is helping a customer at the register.)

Coworker: Alright, your total is $55.

Customer: I have a coupon. *shoves coupon at my coworker*

Coworker: It looks like you’re about $20 under the minimum for this coupon for your $25 off. You can grab something from clearance, underwear, or smaller things at the register to boost yourself up there without spending too much more.

Customer: *heaves a big, dramatic sigh and instead, marches to the perfume display and grabs a $50+ perfume before slamming it on the counter* Here.

Coworker: Alright! That’ll definitely get you over. *scans the perfume and the coupon and presses a few buttons on the screen before scanning the coupon again. Then she asks for help in her earpiece.*

Me: *walks back into the register* What’s up?

Coworker: The coupon isn’t working.

Me: *looks at the register screen* Oh, that’s because your total before the perfume is under $75. You’d need to spend like $20 more before the coupon will take anything off because it doesn’t work with perfume.

Customer: EXCUSE ME? What do you mean it doesn’t work on perfume? I buy perfume here with coupons all the time!

Me: Yeah, unfortunately our coupons do have exclusions and the perfume is one of them.

Customer: Where does it say that?!

Me: *takes the coupon from my coworker and reads the first sentence on the back* Right here- it says it’s not valid in closing stores, on [3rd party brand body shapers], [designer brand] fragrance, or licensed sports merchandise.

Customer: Ugh. How do you know this is [designer brand] fragrance?!

Me: It’s right on the opposite side of your box, as well as on the display table.

Customer: Well I’ve never seen that here before. Who reads the back of coupons anyway? Not me!

(Needless to say, she refused to buy the perfume. I also think she should start reading what she can and can’t use the coupons with to spare her unnecessary grief and embarrassment!)