Ringing And Ringing And Ringing

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I am purchasing a few things from a clothing store. I find a few things I like and notice a discount bin that includes a bunch of rings with stickers on them at a discounted price. I like the look of some and pick up one to purchase. I approach the sales desk. The salesperson is playing around on their mobile.

Salesperson: *Annoyed* “Yes?”

Me: “Just these, please.”

I place the items on the counter. The salesperson sighs, slams her mobile on the table, and then grabs my items. This happens when she gets to the ring.

Salesperson: “This is still full price.”

I’m a little surprised because there were many of the same rings with the same discounted price on it in the discount bin.

Me: “Oh… That’s odd, because I could have sworn—”

Salesperson: *Really annoyed* “WELL. That is the price it scans at, and that’s what it is. Do you want it or not?

I was almost tempted to walk out based on her attitude, but I just paid for everything else and left. I was working in retail myself at the time and would have never spoken to a customer like that if they questioned the price of something.

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I’m trying on bathing suits in the change room at a popular clothing store. The employees there don’t wear uniforms but do have headsets and name tags, so they are fairly easy to identify. This happens when I walk out of the individual change room to look at what I’m trying on in the larger mirror.
Clueless customer: Excuse me, can you find this in my size?
Me: Pardon?
Customer: Don’t you work here?
I look down at what I’m wearing, a bikini top, yoga pants and bare feet.
Me: Seriously?
I have no idea why she thought a store employee would be wandering around half dressed helping customers.

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Our store is closing down and has been busy for the last few months. We are about 3 weeks away from closing so our clearence stock has gone down even more. My job is to put as much stock as I can onto the floor but serve as soon as a customer comes up to the register. We only have two so the line can form quite quickly if you take longer for your purchases.
My coworker had been serving and I noticed a customer waiting so I went up to serve her. She was with a friend and had mentioned she wasn’t sure about a few things which I understood, (usually customers will look as they are putting it down and then tell me if they want it or not). She had about 11 items in her trolley. I scanned 4 that she wanted and waited for her to make a decision on the rest. She asked the prices for the remaining items which I told her and then she turned back to her friend and starting talking to her about the item. At this point she had been there for 5 minutes. I looked at my manager across the store and she gave me a sympathetic look. The customer asked the prices again, so I scanned them again and told her. She turned again and started speaking again. At this point it had been 10 minutes, the line was quite large and my coworker was trying to go as fast as she could. Not knowing what to say to the customer, my manager stepped in and told her to make a decision or step aside as we have other customers to serve. So she made a decision and only took the 4 items I scanned first. I quickly finished the purchase and handed her the receipt, thinking it was over so I could serve others waiting, but she took the receipt and did the math in front of me making me double check if the prices she paid for was correct and it added up fine. When she was satisfied, she finally left taking up 20 minutes of our time and leaving the store a mess!

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(I am a 19-year-old autistic girl. In terms of this story, I have trouble shopping; while I love it, I usually cannot go up to the register and need someone else to do it for me. Luckily my sister is willing to take me places and generally be my advocate. At the time we’re at a popular clothing store that regularly holds sales where everything on a rack is $5. I’ve selected several items, including a dress I love, and because my therapist has told me to try one new thing that week and I’ve been to this store many times I go to check out on my own with my sister behind me in line. Note: my sister and I look alike from the front, but from behind, she has short red hair in a beanie and I have blond pigtails. Behind my sister are a woman and her daughter.)

Cashier: Hi, how are you?

(I wave back but say nothing, pulling out the exact amount of money to cover. I notice that the dress rang up as $16.99.)

Me: Oh. That was on the $5 rack.

Cashier: I think someone put it there by mistake. Want me to take it off?

Me: Yes, please.

(Unknown to me, the lady and her daughter are discussing me in unpleasant terms that my sister later related.)

Woman: Ugh. Honey, this is why you get everything ready beforehand. It’s just rude. I swear, who even lets this r***** go on her own?

(I finish paying and turn to my sister, and the woman and her daughter see my face for the first time)

Me: Hey, [Sister], I’m going to [consignment shop across the mall]. Meet me there?

Sister: Sure, [Myname].

(After I left, my sister tells me that the lady and her daughter were subjected to her glare; my sister is small, but extremely intimidating. They did not say another word. The kicker? She hung around and watched them check out, and they took far longer than I had!)

Skirting Around The Definition Of “Nice”

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I work at a retail chain. My location has a non-standard layout, and we have signs everywhere, but that doesn’t stop people from barging in and looking lost. I routinely ask, “Can I help you find anything today?” which covers all the bases, which is how it started with a lost-looking customer.

Customer: “Where did you move the nice skirts?”

Me: “I’m sorry, we get new clothing in all the time so the old stuff gets shuffled around. Do you remember what brand it was?”

Customer: “Just show me where the skirts are; I’ll be able to pick out the nice ones.”

Me: “Our store is sorted by brand, not by style of clothing. I can show you to a few brands that still have skirts if you would like.”

I lead her over to the closest brand.

Me: “Well, here is what [Brand] has for skirts right now; is this something like what you were looking for?”


Me: “Sorry, ‘nice’ means different things to different people. This one is actually my favorite one in stock. Can you be more specific? Is there a certain color, length, cut, style, or fabric you are looking for?”

She never gets any more specific about the “nice skirt.” I lead her around the store showing her what each brand is offering with no luck. She keeps repeating the nice skirt line, stressing the “NICE.”


Me: “Sorry, ma’am, that is all we have for our late summer and early fall styles. Feel free to browse clearance to see if any of our old skirts are what you had in mind. If that doesn’t work out, you can always get a gift card at the registers and she can come in to pick out an outfit.”


She began browsing through our bountiful clearance racks where we had stopped. I backed away slowly, never getting to know the “true” meaning of “nice.”

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