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We have these old navy blue mesh bags that we give to customers with a lot of items, and they hand the bag to the cashier to check out, then the cashier gives the bag to a sales associate to give to another customer to use again. The bags are not to be taken out of the store.

Me (in Portuguese) : Here sir, would you like a bag to help carry your stuff while you’re shopping?

Brazilian customer: oh no, you guys are gonna charge me for it.

Me: oh no, the bag is free to use.

Customer: oh, all right.

Manager: hey Ana, did you tell customers that they could keep the bags?

Me: No…?

Manager: well this one Brazilian guy is arguing with the cashier that you told him he could keep the bag for free.

(I go over to the cash registers to help translate. Customer is belligerent now)

Customer: You! You told me I could take this home!

Me: No sir, I told you that this is to help you with your shopping. You had over 20 items in your hands, and I thought this would be useful for you.

Customer: But why can’t I keep the bag?!

Me: Because we reuse the bags for other customers.


Me: Sir, we do give you plastic bags to carry out, you just can’t have *these* bags.

Customer: (clearly embarrased) oh, sorry.

He finished his purchase and left.

Ready To Clothes This Sale

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I work at a rather expensive clothing store. My coworkers and I work on commission as well as a fixed salary, so making sales is not necessary to get a decent wage, but can enhance the salary quite nicely. Also, whenever business is slow, we get to leave an hour or even two early to save the store some money.

Since I wouldn’t get home until after 9:00 pm — after having been at work for ten hours — I am delighted when my manager tells me I get to leave early. However, ten minutes before I am allowed to leave, a customer approaches me and asks for help finding some clothes. I am not allowed to say no and I am not supposed to “hand him over” to a coworker when I get to leave early instead of my shift ending.

So, begrudgingly, I put on a customer-service smile and help him find the clothes. Many of the items he wants are either in the back or on a mannequin so I need to ask coworkers to help me locate them or undress the dolls; I have been working here for two weeks.

Some of the clothes I pull for the customer don’t fit, so the customer is happily trying on several items as I watch the minutes passing by, and I finally see that I won’t get to leave an hour early as I was planning to. When they are done, however, they smile and go, “I’ll take them all,” dumping about six items of — very expensive — clothing into my arms. They then go on to ask for several other items and, realising that they are actually going to buy clothes — a lot of people just come in, make us help them find a good size, and then go somewhere else to buy it cheaper there — my mood lightens dramatically.

I put the clothes on “my” table and go on to advise the customer for another half-hour, at the end of which the customer has selected clothes that come to a price of more than 500$. When they are done, I fold the clothes as quickly as possible to get them to the cashier and mark some as my sales, as well as putting down some as sales of the coworkers who helped me locate them.

My manager catches me with over fifteen items on my arm and asks me what I’m still doing in the store since I should’ve been gone for over an hour. When I point to the clothes and tell her that I have to get them to the cash registers ASAP for a customer, her jaw drops and she lets me get on my way.

That is the one and only time I was happy to stay later than planned.

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This Small Problem Is Large

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Customer: “I want a T-shirt just like this one.”

He gives me a cotton T-shirt, size medium. I take him to where we have more items like that.

Customer: “So, I want a small.”

Me: “Okay.”

Customer: “Is the small bigger than this one?”

Me: “No, that’s a medium.”

Customer: “And it means it’s bigger than the small one?”

Me: “Huh? Yes.”

Customer: “Okay, so I want a blue one and a gray one. What’s the difference between these and those?”

Me: “Well, those are slim, so they fit tighter. And these are regular, so they are a little larger.”

Customer: “Oh, so, I tried on a regular small. Is it bigger than the slim medium?”

Me: “Huh… Well, they both will fit kind of the same, actually.”

Customer: “So, the medium is bigger than the small?”

Me: “I mean…”

Customer: “Can you get me a black one, too?”

Me: “Small or medium?”

Customer: “Which one is bigger?”

At this point, I wasn’t even sure of the answer myself anymore.

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Odd That He’s Not Getting It

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I am working in the menswear department. I am approached by a customer about a sale pair of trousers.

Customer: “Excuse me, do you have this in a 31″?”

Me: “I’m sorry, we don’t stock odd sizes, and you will find that most high-street retailers are the same. I can check whether we have a 30″ or a 32″ if you like?”

Customer: “A 31″ would be better.”

Me: “Well, like I said, I’m afraid that we do not produce trousers in that size. The best I can offer is a 30″ or 32.” You can always try them in the fitting rooms to see which is the better fit.”

Customer: “But I need a 31″.”

Me: “I can show you on the system that shows that we do not stock them, if you like?”

Customer: “But 31″ is what I need!”

Me: “I’m sorry, but that is not possible, as it is not a size that we produce.”

The customer shook his head and walked off, grumbling to himself about the quality of the staff these days.

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(This story isn’t me, but my coworker who was working in men’s apparel that day, we have two floors, all of our apparel is upstairs and hardware, appliances, and housewares is downstairs. My coworker is currently ringing up a customer when a man comes up with a generator)

Coworker: “sir are you purchasing that or returning?”

Man: “purchasing”

Coworker: “I’m sorry I’m gonna have to send you back downstairs to buy that”

Man: “why?”

Coworker: “it’s a commissionable item and the employees downstairs are trained to ask you certain questions in order not to ring it out wrong, which is what I would possibly do because I only work in apparel”

Man: “WELL THEN, you’re a f****** stupid b****”
*man walks back towards the escalator and continues to cuss and yell*

Coworker: *laughs* “well that was a little much”

Customer: “I’m so sorry you had to deal with that”