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An unsupervised child – about six years old – is trying to scam free candy out of me by being cute, and while he does make me laugh, he isn’t successful. He becomes very theatrical about it on his way out, while an older woman walks into the store from the opposite direction.

Boy: “I just don’t get it!”
Woman: *aggressively* “That’s because you’re an IGNORANT little BLACK boy!”

I didn’t hear any reaction from the boy, so hopefully he had drowned her out with his own shouting, but I was horrified that she would say something like that, especially to a little kid. I only regret that she was already gone before I could think to kick her out of the store myself!

Sweet, Sweet Karma

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(I’m at the local mall and I decide to poke my head into the candy shop to see if there are any interesting specials. As part of the displays, the store in question sets up chocolate boxes that have cellophane in them so you can see inside and admire the designs on the candy. As I look over them, I notice that one pack clearly has a chocolate missing.)

Me: *calling over the young woman working the floor* “Miss? I think one of your display chocolates got pinched.”

Employee: *coming over and looking at the box* “Yeah, I noticed that, but I’m not worried.”

Me: “Okay, as long as someone knows about it… How do you mean, not worried?”

Employee: “We’ve had that particular box on display for months now; if that chocolate did get stolen, the thief is probably gonna get sick, and if the thief gets sick, it’s not like they can come back on us about it, because they won’t have a receipt!”

(I couldn’t deny her logic!)

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American sweets are a bit of a novelty in England, a few shops and stalls have appeared in my city and I decide to take a look.

Customer: excuse me?

Shop staff: yes?

Customer: do you source all your stock from America?

(Typical American sweets fill the shelves there are American flags in the store and the shop is called American candy)

Staff: … yes miss.

Customer: do you just do sweets?

Staff: well yes, we do have some drinks aswell.

Customer: well that’s no good I need some savoury items.

Staff: well I’m sorry miss but as you can see…

Customer: (interrupting) I need some turkey, the barbecue one. Do you know the one I mean?

Staff: well no I only work the tills.

Customer: when can you have some in for me?

Staff: as I said I don’t actually decide what the shop sells.you would have to speak to the owner.

Customer: (clearly not listening) ok great, speak with him won’t you?! I will be in next week to pick it up.

Staff: but miss thats not how it works…

Customer: thank you (leaves).

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Our store sells over 20 flavors of popular chocolate truffles, and this conversation has happened way too many times.

Customer: “Hmm…what’s the difference between the white chocolate truffle and the vanilla truffle.”

Me: “Well, one is white chocolate and the other is vanilla.”

Customer: “Oh, awesome! Thanks!”

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I’ve just rung up a mother and her young daughter, including tying the bags closed with twist-ties. The daughter doesn’t notice the twist-tie on her bag and quickly becomes upset that she can’t open it.

Daughter: *distraught* “It’s broken! Mommy, it’s broken!”

The mother assured her that the candy wasn’t “broken” as they left, but I’m not sure she believed it…