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I’ve just rung up a mother and her young daughter, including tying the bags closed with twist-ties. The daughter doesn’t notice the twist-tie on her bag and quickly becomes upset that she can’t open it.

Daughter: *distraught* “It’s broken! Mommy, it’s broken!”

The mother assured her that the candy wasn’t “broken” as they left, but I’m not sure she believed it…

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(This was a few years ago, when I was 16. I am a female. I was taking my sister, who’s 12, out to the candy store. She wanted to ‘be independent’, but she asked if someone could trail her just in case. I am in the same store, but a few meters down the aisle, just in case.)
Sister: “Could you help me get that candy off the top shelf, please? I can’t quite reach it, miss.”
(I turn around to see my sister talking to a middle-aged woman taller than she is.)
Middle-aged woman: “How dare you! I should have you kicked out of the store for disturbing other customers. You’re just a spoiled brat. Go pester someone else.”
(At this point, my sister is speechless and starting to tear up. She sniffles and wipes away her tears. I start to come over, but she waves me away. I assume she wants privacy, so I let her be.)
Employee: “Hi there. Let me help you, miss. Which candy did you want again?”
Sister: *perks up* “Oh, thanks sir. I would like [candy], please.”
(Suddenly, the middle-aged woman beside her whips around, snatches the candy away from the employee and holds it above her head, where my sister can’t reach it.)
Middle-aged woman: “You’re supposed to be serving me, son of a b****! And you! How rude can you be, stupid damn girl?! I TOLD you to not disturb anyone anymore! How f****** dare you!”
(She the proceeds to SLAP my sister with the box of candy, scratching her cheek and knocking her glasses off. I can’t take it anymore. I stalk over to the rude lady and knock the box out of her hands.)
Me: *nearly growling* “How dare she?! How dare you! You snatch merchandise from an employee and HIT an INNOCENT girl with it?! What is wrong with you! That is an EMPLOYEE, who’s job is to HELP CUSTOMERS. In case you haven’t noticed, ma’am, you aren’t the only customer here. If I were you, I’d hightail it outta here with your precious candy. [Sister] didn’t do anything”
Middle-aged lady: *snorts* “And you’re her mom, I suppose? This is why our economy is crumbling. You teens sleeping around and getting pregnant. Damn b****.”
Me: *give her a incredulous look* “Ma’am, I am 16. My SISTER here, [Sister], is 12.”
Employee: *on the phone* “Police? Yes, I’d like to report an assault on a young girl by a middle-aged woman at [Candy store address].”
Middle-ages woman: *goes white* “Y-y-you can’t do that!”
Employee: “Yes, I can.”
(The middle-aged woman tries to run out, but I step in front of her.”
Me: “You are not going anywhere.”
(She was charged with assault and had to pay a fine. My sister got the candy for free, and became friends with the employee that helped her. He was a man in his thirties and appreciated some friendship at his job!)

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(I work at a large warehouse of a candy store, very popular and gets a large crowd every day. We always get such odd customers that just leave us ready to slam our heads into the tables we work at bagging candy. Today was a sad day, the owners mother had passed away and many of our staff had left early to attend the wake…..)

customer: “Hello I have a question?”

Me: “Hi, what’s your question?”

customer: “We are looking for (said candy in certain size bag)”

Me: “I’m sorry we don’t carry (said candy in certain size bag) but we do have (said candy) in two other sizes?”
At this point customer gives me a confused look then becomes grouchy…

customer: “I called in earlier looking for (said candy in certain size bag) and the person who answered the phone said you had it in that size!”

me: “Well I’m sorry that we don’t carry it in that size, you were misinformed”

Customer: “I drove all this way for (said candy in certain size bag), I want to speak to the person who took my call”

At this point I’m enraged by this person unreasonable state…

Me: “I’m sorry but that will be impossible since most of our staff is gone for the day”

Customer: “Well I want to speak to the person…..-goes into a rant about not getting her candy-”

me: “Ma’am most of our staff left early because they are attending a funeral for the owners mother, would you like to continue making a scene?”

The ladies face turned red before she slipped out the front door…..my coworker was happy to be free of them. I was just happy to watch her priceless reaction!

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(My store sells candy individually or by weight. A woman has just set her by-weight candy on the counter when the teenage girl behind her picks up a sucker.)

Teen: “How much is this?”

Me: “Twenty-nine cents, plus tax.”

(She tries to hand me the sucker.)

Me: “I’ll be with you in a moment. I just need to ring her up first.”

(I pick up the woman’s candy. The teen girl attempts to hand me the sucker again.)

Me: “Just a moment.”

(I put the woman’s candy on the scale, and she attempts to hand me the sucker again. This continues to happen with EVERY step of ringing the woman out: weighing the candy, punching the price into the register, giving the woman her total, taking her money, giving back her change, and tying the bag up for her. Finally, I can actually take and ring up the sucker.)

Me: “Thirty-two cents, please.”

Teen: “You said twenty-nine.”

Me: “…plus tax.”

(She paid and left without a fuss, but I have no idea why she simply wouldn’t acknowledge that I was helping the woman standing between us!)

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(I’m in a candy store shortly before Valentine’s Day. A customer and her elementary-school-age son come in. She’s helping him find candy he can share with his class.)

Clerk: “Maybe these?”

(He shows her a box of those little pastel hearts that have messages printed on them.)

Customer: “Okay, we’ll get those! But we also need something for the boys.”

Clerk: “Oh, uh… You mean, a candy that’s more… masculine?”

(The clerk looks surprised, probably because this is a strongly LGBTQ neighborhood, so it’s odd to hear someone assigning a gender to something like candy. Still, he tries to help.)

Customer: “Oh, what about these for the boys? Candy cigarettes.”

Clerk: “Uh, uh, okay…”

(She and her son go to check out. After a moment of banter…)

Clerk: “Would you also like to buy some of our Breaking Bad candy crystal meth?”

Customer: “What?!”

Clerk: “Well, uh… to go along with your candy cigarettes…”

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