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(I’m the customer in this story. My mother had sprained her back and had just gotten out of the hospital after it took them two days to figure out what the issue was. She’s told my dad she wanted fried chicken for dinner so I tag along with him to help if it. The cashier was a classmate and friend in high school and she recognizes me as we come up to the counter.)

Cashier: “Hey and welcome to [chicken place] what would you guys like tonight?”

Dad: “Can we get a bucket of chicken?”

Cashier: *glances to me and grins* “[My name], I can’t give you this whole thing of chicken. I know you love it, but this is excessive!”

Me: *without even thinking about how it sounds* “It’s not all for me [cashier], my mom just got out of the hospital!”

Does Not Compute, But Really Wishes It Did

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(I work in a game store.)

Me: “Your total is [total].”

Customer: “Can I pay you with this?”

(The man then hands me a tin of mints.)

Me: *very confused* “Sir, I really can’t take that as payment.”

Customer: “Just take it.” *shoves mints in my hand*

(I am about to retort when I realize there is something off about the pack of mints. I open it up and find a fully functional computer inside of it! The screen is very small, but it runs smoothly.)

Me: *laughing* “That is amazing! I honestly wish I could take it as payment, but we don’t sell computers here.”

Customer: “Aw, that sucks. I made it myself and I got kind of bored with it. Let me know if you find anyone who might want it!”

(He paid and left with his computer, but not before letting all the staff take pictures and get his contact info so we could spread the word for him!)

Trying To Seize Some Sympathy

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(I am in high school, and I come home to one of my two dogs having had a severe stroke. I hold her the entire way to the vet and stay at the office while they put her down. My remaining dog is my favorite dog of all time. One day, around five am, I go downstairs to find him having a seizure. I can’t drive, my parents are at work an hour away, and no vet offices are open around me. I am panicking so badly that I decide to call 911.)

Operator: “You have reached a 911 operator. What is your emergency?”

Me: *through panic and tears* “My dog is having a seizure and I don’t know what to do!”

Operator: “You will have to dial a vet. This is for emergencies.”

Me: “There are no vets open around me! Please tell me what I should do. Is there anywhere I can call? Anyone who can help me?”

Operator: “Look. You need to calm down and just call a vet. This is an emergency service.”

(I ended up hanging up and repeatedly calling my parents until one of them answered. Eventually an adult arrived and comforted my dog for the three hours until a vet opened. My dog died that day. People still joke about me calling 911 over a dog having a seizure.)

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(As I’m opening up my store one day a man approaches me to ask for some cash.)

Man: Hey, you got any cash on you? I need to fill up my tank to get home.

Me: Sorry, but I only have cash for the tolls, and I need that tonight.

Man: Alright. God bless.

(He walks off and I think nothing of it, until two hours later the same man walks into my store. I expect him to ask for money again, but instead he comes up to the counter with a sixty dollar game in hand.)

Man: I’d like to buy this game, please.

Me: Sure, and how would you be paying for this today?

Man: With cash.

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(I’m at a popular coffee shop with my friend who’s never been before. As he’s looking at the menu I’m trying to explain the differences between all the drinks. We both want something sweet. He normally gets coffee at a place that makes cappuccinos very sweet, and I’m trying to tell him that lattes are sweet here. We happen to be in line in front of an employee, and he’s helping me explain. That’s when I notice the sandwich display.)

Me: How are the sandwiches staying together when they’re sideways?

Worker in line: Uhm… those are plastic.

Me: They look so real! I feel stupid now.

Worker in line: Don’t feel stupid. It’s not the first time. Trust me on that.

(He gives this weird smile, and it’s time for us to order. My friend orders his latte flawlessly. Then it’s my turn.)

Me: I want a mocha cappuccino.

Barista: *writing on the cup* That’s a mocha cappuccino.

Me: Oh, no, I’m sorry. I want a mocha cappuccino.

Barista: *confused* You… want a mocha cappuccino?

Me: No, sorry, I want…. what do I want?

Friend: Don’t look at me. I can’t read your mind.

Barista: Do you want something creamy, or something with foam?

Me: Oh! A latte! I want a mocha latte, please!

Barista: *laughing* Not a problem!

Me: This place brings out the worst in me. I even thought the sandwiches were real.

Barista: Oh, trust me, you are not the first one.

(Both workers start laughing, and I give a confused look.)

Barista: We just had a trainee recently who thought the same thing. She went in, picked it up, and put it in the microwave. She melted it and destroyed our microwave. I don’t understand how she didn’t notice it felt like plastic!

Worker in line: She said she thought the bread was just really hard because it had been sitting in the case for so long.

Barista: Yeah, for the three years we’ve been open!

(The story made me feel a lot less stupid.)

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