Doesn’t Take Much To Strip Them Of Humanity

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(I am behind a woman in line whose total comes to $37. She painstakingly counts out 37 one-dollar bills. The clerk then follows the same procedure, laboriously counting the bills.)

Customer: *now impatient* “You’d never make it as a stripper!”

A Token Of Your Lack Of Appreciation

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(I’m a manager at a batting cage place that also sells food. A guy rents a bat and goes down to the cages. About a minute later he comes storming up while I’m preparing food for a rather large order.)

Customer: *to my off-duty coworker* “The cage isn’t turning on!”

Me: “What cage are you in?”

Customer: “I don’t know! The cage at the end!”

(We have eight cages and the last two have a start button.)

Me: *as customer storms away* “Did you hit the start button?”


(I finish my previous customer’s order and go down before he has a complete meltdown.)

Me: “How many tokens did you put in?”

Customer: “How many do you think?! TWO!”

(I’m fed up with his attitude.)

Me: “Well, if you look here, the sign says three!

Customer: “Well, if you just spok—”

Me: “Well, maybe if you could read!”

Customer: “You don’t have to get so mad!”

(I rarely lose my temper. But when the customer makes such a stink when it’s 100% their fault, it’s hard not to.)

Customers Reach Breaking Point Very Quickly

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(I work at a large national chain craft store at the cutting counter, which is at the back of the store. I’m cutting some fabric for a customer when another woman storms up to the counter.)

Customer: “Excuse me!”

Me: “Can I—”

Customer: “Is there anyone else who can ring?! There’s a huge line and one cashier!”

(I’m well aware that two of our three cashiers are up front at the registers. One is on break, for which she was about an hour overdue. Our manager, who would have jumped on, is helping a very needy customer elsewhere. I call over the radio anyway, and, as suspected, they’re both currently at their tills.)

Me: “Ma’am, two of our cashiers are up there right now.”

Customer: “No! There’s only one!”

Me: *sighing and reaching for my radio* “I have a lady back here who’s adamant that there’s only one of you.”

Coworker: “No, [Coworker] and I are both up here. I’m looking at her.”

Me: “Ma’am, they’re saying they’re both—”


Me: “Be that as it may, they’re both saying that they’re there, and our only other cashier is on her break at the moment, so no one else is available.”

Customer: *yelling* “Then take her off break!”

Me: “Ma’am, that’s illegal.”

(She stormed back towards the front and apparently out of the store, according to one of the TWO cashiers. I know it’s not necessarily illegal to work through a mandated 15-minute break, but it’s certainly rude to demand someone leave theirs when the line isn’t even all that long!)

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Not Too New For A Yard Sale

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(I have worked at the fabric counter in a fabric and craft store for about four months. This conversation happens in May:)

Customer: “Is that two yards?”

Me: “Yes.”

Customer: “Okay. It’s just that you’re new—”

Me: “I’ve been working back here since February.”

Customer: “Oh. I don’t come in that often.”

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(I was working a late shift and around 9:30 or so I was stocking the coffee. A disgruntled gentlemen walks up to me and says:)

Guy: EXCUSE me. The coffee is BLACK.

Me: Yes? And?

Guy: Do you have any other. This is BLACK.

Me: Uh, yeah sure. *Switches containers*

Guy: Thanks.

(Afterwards I was talking to my coworker and said “Isn’t coffee supposed to be black?” And we laughed it off!)

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