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We’re Suddenly Very Glad Our Customers Are All Online

, , , | Right | January 16, 2022

I work at a video game store. We had a teenage boy who would come in and hang around for thirty minutes to an hour, staring at me until I acknowledged him. When I did, he would pitch me his entire Assassin’s Creed spinoff trilogy.

At first, I tried to rationalize it away; he was probably neurodivergent and excited about Assassin’s Creed but perhaps lacking in social skills. However, if I told him I had to pause on listening to him — he would talk for over thirty minutes, and I had a job to do — I could feel his eyes boring into me. The second I looked at him again, he’d move closer and talk louder. Sometimes he’d stare me down in total silence while I was facing the opposite wall.

My district manager wouldn’t let me kick him out, so whenever another manager was working with me, they’d pretend the store needed something from the dollar store and send me over there. The first time, he waited a full hour inside of [Video Game Store] for me to come back, so after that, I had to stay in the dollar store until one of them texted me that he was gone.

The last time I ever saw him, he followed me around demanding my phone number or email address.

And the worst part is, I know other women at the company had it much worse. There was an unofficially blacklisted customer at another store who didn’t get any phone calls about preorders or anything because he would sit in his car and attempt to follow the store manager home after memorizing which car was hers.

Out Of The Frying Pan And Into The Fire

, , , , , , , | Related | January 13, 2022

This took place in the mid-1990s when I was fifteen years old. It was around 11:00 at night when I heard someone tap on my window. I looked out to see two of my best buddies waving at me and gesturing for me to come out. I opened my window.

Me: *Whispering* “Dude! What the h*** are you doing here? You’re gonna get me in trouble!”

Friend: “Dog, you gotta come with us! There’s this smashing party going on at [Boy]’s place! His dad is out for the weekend and he’s got the place to himself! Girls all over the place! You gotta check it out!”

I’d never snuck out of the house before.

Me: “Uhhh… I dunno about that.”

Friend: “[Crush] is there.”

Me: “You serious?”

Friend: “Dead serious. Come on, I told them we were gonna come get you. You’re gonna let everyone down!”

That particular girl being there was all the reason I needed to risk my neck. I quietly got dressed and tiptoed out the back door since the screen in my bedroom window was too difficult to remove and replace.

After spending a good five hours or so frolicking around with everyone and acting like the bunch of high school morons we were, we decided around 4:00 am that we’d all better split and get back home before our luck ran out and someone came looking for us.

I managed to slip back in through the back door and was tiptoeing back to my room when I heard a toilet flush and my mom emerged from the bathroom with a groggy look on her face. And there I was, standing in the middle of the hallway, fully dressed and reeking of cigarettes and beer (neither of which my parents had).

Mom: “What are you doing?”

Me: “I heard a weird noise in the shed so I just went to check it out.”

Mom: “You got dressed up like that to—” *sniffing* “OH, H*** NO! [Dad], get out here now!”

My parents were having some serious marital issues at the time, to the point where they were sleeping in separate bedrooms.

Mom: *Banging on my dad’s door* “GET OUT HERE, [DAD]!”

No answer.

In a rage, my mom threw the door open and ripped the blanket off my dad’s bed to reveal an empty bed. Puzzled, my mom looked outside to see his car missing from the driveway, and then, she picked up the phone.

Mom: “Hello, is [Dad] there?” *Pause* “This is [Mom]; I am [Dad]’s wife. Did he have a graveyard shift tonight?” *Pause* “He hasn’t had one all this year?!” *Pause* “Really now?!” *Pause* “Thank you!” *Slamming the phone down* “If this is some kind of prank, somebody better say something now because I’m about to go homicidal! Get back in bed! Don’t think you’re off the hook!”

I got back in bed with an “I’m-so-dead” feeling of impending doom hovering over me.

Around six am, I woke up to hear:


Dad: “I got called in for a graveyard shift; someone called in sick.”


Cue a mayhem-filled screaming match where my dad finally fessed up about “the other girl” — who happened to be one of her good friends. The screaming match grew into a screaming marathon that continued almost until noon, and my dad ended up moving out about two weeks later.

As for me, my mom was so pissed that she never punished me for sneaking out of the house to smoke and drink, although, for a while, she started making me put my shoes and jacket in her bedroom at night. That lasted up until I was sixteen.

My dad still jokes with me to this day that I inadvertently got him busted doing essentially the same thing the same night.

It’s Literally The Least You Can Do

, , , , , | Working | January 11, 2022

My local supermarket is inside a larger shopping centre. As I enter the centre, a bunch of teens are messing around on the stairs — jumping off, kicking things down it, and getting in people’s way.

I push my way through when they try to stop me but I can see others are intimidated by them, and my words do nothing.

I see the supermarket’s customer service desk and go over.

Me: “Hey, could you get security over to the stairs? A bunch of kids are being a nuisance.”

Worker: “Well, those aren’t owned by [Supermarket]; they are managed by [Shopping Centre].”

Me: “Yeah, but I’m guessing you have the ability to contact them?”

Worker: *Suddenly full of attitude* “Well, yeah, I guess. But it’s not my job.”

Me: “Your customers are being harassed, and you don’t feel bothered enough to make a phone call?! Is there someone else I can talk to?”

Worker: “Fine, whatever, I’ll do it.”

I stand and wait. She doesn’t move. Realising that I’m not going anywhere, she picks up the phone next to her, and without saying anything, she shortly puts down the phone.

Worker: “They’re coming.”

Me: “Great, I will wait.”

She huffs and picks up the phone again, pushes a button, and talks to someone. I can hear her describe what’s going on.

Worker: “Yeah, some kids or something.” *Pauses* “The stairs.” *Pauses* “Yeah, whenever. Don’t run down here.” *Pauses* “Yeah, someone is complaining.” 

She hangs up and turns to me.

Worker: *To me* “Happy now?”

Me: “Ecstatic, thank you.”

I did my shopping and exited by the stairs. I saw the same bunch of kids being seen to by a first-aider. Looks like one of their jumps landed badly. If only there was some way of preventing it.

The Twilight Of Our Youth, Part 10

, , , , , , | Right | January 10, 2022

“Midnight Sun,” a new Twilight novel, has just come out. We are selling the books so fast that we have to call ahead to restock. I have just sold our last copy of the day to a teenage girl, and there is another teenage girl behind her.

Teenage Girl #2: “Where are your Midnight Sun copies?”

Me: “Sorry, I just sold the last one. But we should be getting more tomorrow.”


At this, the first teenage girl looks terrified and takes off. The second teenage girl runs after her, and I immediately page my manager to prevent a fight.

Seconds later, the second teenage girl runs back in with the book she stole and brings it up to the counter.

Teenage Girl #2: “I’d like to buy this book, please!”

Me: “Um, did you just take that from the other girl?”

Teenage Girl #2: “So what? I’m Stephenie Meyer’s biggest fan! I deserve this book more! Now ring it up for me!”

I take the book from her and put it behind the counter.

Me: “Please leave. I told you, we will have more books tomorrow. You can purchase a copy then.”

She screams like a banshee, tries to grab my shirt, fails, and is pulled back by a woman in her forties.

Woman: “I did not raise you like this! I saw what you did out there! Disgraceful! Unbelievable! You are going to march right back out there and apologize to that girl! And you’re not driving the car for four months!”

Teenage Girl #2: *In tears* “But Mom—”

Woman: “No, don’t bother.” *Turns to me* “I’m so sorry, sir. This isn’t like her, I swear.”

She forced the girl to apologize to the other girl when she came back in for some water, and she put a few dollars in our charity box. I haven’t seen the second teen girl since, although I have seen her mother come in a few times. Whenever she sees me, she apologizes again for her daughter’s behavior. I also see the first girl come in occasionally, although I’ve seen her carry pepper spray on her keychain now.

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Here’s Hoping This Negative Experience Was REALLY Negative

, , , | Right | CREDIT: cwu007 | January 1, 2022

I’m a shift manager for a retail drug store chain. One day, another shift manager sees two girls, both about fourteen or fifteen years old, walk into the women’s bathroom with a pregnancy test. She knows they haven’t paid for it, so both of us go into the bathroom to confront the girls.

When we walk in, we catch [Girl #1] handing [Girl #2] a pregnancy test underneath the stall door. The following conversation happens.

Me: “You need to pay for that.”

Girl #1: “Can’t we use it then pay for it?”

Me: “No! Buy it, then use it.”

[Girl #1] knocks on the stall.

Girl #1: “[Girl #2], I need some money.”

[Girl #2] hands [Girl #1] her wallet.

Me: *To [Girl #1]* “Go with [Other Manager], please.”

I step outside the bathroom; that way, I can guard the bathroom door and see the cash register at the same time. Once I see the transaction end, I leave my post.

We keep our eyes on the two until they leave.

That night, I come home and tell my boyfriend about the potential theft. My boyfriend starts to chuckle.

Boyfriend: “Can you imagine the parents if you had called them? Your teen has been caught stealing, and she might be pregnant. Which is more unsettling?”