They’re Being Poor Examples Of Mammals

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(I’m looking at an exhibit with a dolphin. A mother with a stroller and a 4-year-old boy as well as a group of rowdy teenagers are nearby.)

Mom: “Look, sweetie, see the big fishy!”

Teens: *jeering* “It’s a MAMMAL.”

Mom: *ignoring them* “He’s coming closer. Say ‘hi’ to the fishy!”

Teens: *louder* “It’s a MAMMAL, lady! Not a FISH! Gawd, are you really this stupid?!”

(She gave up and led her son away so that they could try to enjoy the aquarium in peace. The teenagers continued to laugh and make fun of the poor mother. I wish I had the guts to remind them that biological classification wasn’t important information when they were that age!)

Themed Giveaway Roundup: Teenagers

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Themed Giveaway Roundup: Teenagers! Although our January Themed Giveaway on Teenagers is still ongoing, here are some fantastic submissions we’ve already received. Thanks to everyone who has submitted a story–keep ’em coming!

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