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Note: We do delivery through an online company separate from our restaurant and they will give a time for the delivery but it does not take into consideration how busy our restaurant is at that moment, sometimes we have to call the person and tell them their delivery will take longer than it was originally thought.
I am a sixteen year old girl who has been working here for a few months.

Customer: Hello?
Me: Hello, this is *Restaurant Name* I’m calling about your delivery order, we are not going to be able to deliver it by 7:00 it’s going to take at least an hour from now, I’m sorry.
Customer:You know this is the second time you guys have done this, said it would be one time and calling and saying it will take longer. The last time this happened by food was cold, it was disgusting!
Me: I’m very sorry about that but we are very busy right now and can’t make it by 7:00
Customer: This is unacceptable! Just tell whoever makes the food that I need it by 7:00!
Me: I’m sorry, Ma’am, but we won’t be able to do that, we are very busy at the moment.
Customer: This is ridiculous! I want to talk to your manager.
Me: I’m sorry but my manager is very busy at the moment and can’t talk.
Customer: I want to talk to your manager.
Me: I’m sorry, but my manager is also a chief and when it gets this busy he helps to make the food, he can’t talk to you right now.
Customer: You’re serious? Your manager is a chief? You have to have a manager that works customer control and things like this.
Me: I’m sorry but we don’t.
Customer: Put your manager on the phone now!
*note, at this point I am looking directly at my manager and he is nodding to my statement that he can’t talk*
Me: I can’t put him on the phone, he is busy.
Customer: Then what is your name?
Me: Why do you want to know my name?
Customer: Because I’m going to come in and complain.
Me: Look, there is really nothing I can do for you.
Customer: You can’t give me your name?
Me: I’d rather not.
*Customer hangs up*

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i am about 12.
Me and my mother are in a Target, getting flavored water and other things for our family.
As we walk to checkout, one of the carbonated drinks slips from my arm and falls onto the ground, and starts spinning and spewing the drink on the floor.
“Take it to the trash!” My mother says. There is a pink puddle on the ground and a group of customers start to approach.
“Watch out!” My mom says.
“What the f***?!” one of the customers say.
“It’s juice!” Another says.
“No, it’s water,” my mom tells the girl.
“It’s juice,” she says condescendingly.
I went back to grab another one and me and my mother start walking towards the checkout again. As we pass the unruly customers, one of them murmurs something along the lines of, “if this happens again, I’m suing the f*** out of Target.”
Needless to say, we told the cashier and someone was sent to clean it up.

They Littered Worse Than The Cat

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Our property manager sends the building tenants a notice that the maintenance team will be coming in to check smoke detectors and take some photos for possible future upgrades.

My fiancé responds to the email to inform the manager that we have the front door blocked off with a small craft desk — we only use the back/outside stairs — so the team will need to enter through the back door. We also remind them that we have a cat and they need to be mindful of her when entering and existing.

The day comes and they do their thing while my fiancé and I are at work. When my fiancé gets home, he finds they have moved the desk halfway into our bedroom, knocked over everything that was on it, and shut the bathroom door in the process. That means they shut our cat out of her litter box for who knows how long and completely disrespected our simple request. There’s no way they could have gotten into the front door with the desk and chain lock still in place, so they went out of their way to move all of this stuff when they left, rather than using the outside doors to go to the next apartment.

This Kid’s Showing Contains Violence And Strong Language

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(I work at a popular movie theater in a mall. This is my first job and throughout eight years, I have made my way up the chain, getting trained in all the different departments, then getting trained as a manager in all the departments. It is my first weekend in charge of a certain department and I am already nervous because I want to do a good job and impress my boss. It is opening weekend for a popular kids’ movie and is now our busiest time of the day. Almost every showtime for this kids’ movie is sold out, so every auditorium is at about maximum capacity. I get a call on my walkie-talkie from an employee about five minutes after we start seating for a sold-out showtime for the kids’ movie.)

Employee: “Hey, Mr. [My Last Name], I have a customer concern in theater nine. Can you please come down here?”

Me: “Sure, I’ll be right there.”

(I arrive in the theater and find the employee and the customer.)

Me: “Hi. How can I help you?”

Customer #1: “Yes, hi. I was one of the first people here, and I and my kids all sat down and took up five seats. I had my husband and one of my sons wait here in the theater while I and my other son and daughter went to the bathroom and to get some snacks. We left our coats on the seats that we were saving and told my husband to make sure no one took them. While we were gone, a man came over with his wife and daughter and took our seats. My husband tried to tell them they were saved, but they threw our coats on the floor and sat down, anyway. I came back in a few seconds later and saw what happened. I asked nicely if the man would move and he refused. I told him I was going to get the manager if he didn’t move and he flipped me off.”

(I know this woman is in the right. Even if their coats hadn’t been on the seats, she is allowed to save them until the movie starts, which is still in previews. I have her lead me up to where she was sitting and where her husband is still waiting, and I address the family that took the seats.)

Me: “Hi there. My name’s [My Name], and I’m the manager here. I was informed you took this family’s seats. I’m going to have to ask you to—“

Customer #2: “I’m not going anywhere. That b**** is lying. We were here first, and I’m not moving just because she doesn’t want to sit front row!”

(I’m looking around at other customers who are making gestures, like shaking their heads and doing the “get him out” gesture, which informs me that this man is obviously lying. Plus, huge hole in his story: the other family’s coats are still on the ground by this man and his family’s feet.)

Me: “But sir, are these your family’s coats or—“

Customer #2: “Look, man. I’m not moving. I don’t care what that b**** told you. I was here first. Goodbye.”

(I can see that he isn’t going to budge. I grab the coats, make my way out of the middle of the aisle, and tell the husband to join me as it looks like he might try to fight this guy if I leave them both alone. I take them outside the entrance of the theater.)

Me: “Look. If you guys want him to move, I will make him move. I know you’re telling the truth. Or I can refund your tickets, let you in free to see the next show time in 45 minutes, and refill your popcorn and drinks at that time so they’re fresh for you.”

Customer #1’s Husband: “We got here early so that we could sit in our favorite seats, and this guy has the nerve to take them! If we go to the next show, he’ll just pull this crap with someone else next time he comes to the show. I say kick him out.”

(Every weekend, Friday and Saturday night, we have a police officer stationed near the lobby of the theater. This is done in case of emergencies, and we have needed to utilize the officer on a couple of occasions. I go get him and lead him to the theater. I have him wait outside the theater and tell him I am going to calmly ask the customer to leave and hope that he won’t cause a scene. I go back up to the customer.)

Me: “Hello, sir, I apologize, but I’m going to have to escort you outside the theater. I know the other group was here first and you took their seats. I can refund your tickets and concessions.”

Customer #2: “I already told you I’m not leaving. I’ve given this theater a lot of money over the years.”

Me: “And we appreciate that, sir. If you’re willing to work with me, I can see if there’s another place in the theater where we can seat you.”

Customer #2: “Where? There’s nowhere left to sit.”

(I take a quick look around the theater.)

Me: “There are three seats together in the front row.”

Customer #2: “I’m not sitting in the front row.”

Me: “Well, the only other option is for you to split up. I can seat two of you in those two empty seats about halfway down. There’s another seat directly behind those where I can seat the third person.”

Customer #2: “F*** that! For the last time, I. AM. NOT. MOVING. You can’t make me, so just save your breath and go.”

Me: “Sir, I’ve tried to reason with you, but you’ve left me no other choice. If you do not leave right now, I’m going to get security.”

Customer #2: “I f****** dare you to bring them in here. If you do—“

Me: “Okay. Be right back.”

(I go grab the cop and bring him into the theater and point out the customer to him. The customer sees the cop and goes into a fit of rage, screaming and swearing at the top his lungs. Mind you, this is a KIDS’ MOVIE and the theater is SOLD OUT. All these parents and kids are having to listen to this guy.)

Customer #1: *pops us behind me* “Okay, this is ridiculous. We can just get our money back and leave. I don’t want him to cause more of a scene.”

Me: “No, ma’am. I promised you I would get those seats for you, and I will. He does not deserve to watch this movie, not after what he did. Please just give us another minute and you will be sitting down watching the movie when it starts.”

(The cop tried to escort the customer out of the theater but the customer threw his popcorn bucket at the cop and ran, leaving his wife and daughter behind. The customer and cop ran past me. The wife and daughter followed soon after. I got the original five customers situated back in their seats and told them I would be waiting outside the theater after the movie to give them some free passes to make up for all the headache. I then went out to the lobby and saw the cop, along with three mall security guards, on top of the customer holding him down. The customer was screaming that he didn’t do anything wrong. I found out that he’d actually punched the cop in the jaw. His wife was at the box office getting their tickets refunded while his little daughter was sitting on the ground crying. He left the theater in handcuffs. I found out that he was booked into jail that night. A few months later, he sent an apology letter to us. And to top it all off, this story was in the newspaper the next day. Fun training weekend for me! My boss was very happy with how I handled the situation.)

Think Outside The Box But Not Too Far

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Our company decided, for some odd reason, to have a training conference. Part of the conference was a session where they were trying to get us to “think outside the box.”

The exercise we were given was to drop an egg from a six-foot height without breaking it, using only a small number of straws, some tape, and a few other pointless and useless things.

I asked for very specific instructions on what constituted success and was told that we had to drop the egg without having it splatter.

The first group tried dropping the egg into a net of straws and failed. The second group wrapped the egg in tape, with a tape loop sticking out, stuck taped-together straws through the egg’s loop, and successfully slid the egg down the straws. The third group simply taped the straws together with the egg at the bottom, held the egg over six feet of the ground — with the top of the taped-together straws over twelve feet of the ground — and successfully managed to catch the top of the straws before the egg splattered.

Our group dropped the egg into a nest of straws… and it didn’t break, because we had gone into the bathroom, poked a couple of tiny holes in it, and blew the insides out.

We were disqualified. The lesson we learned? [Company] wants you to think outside the box, but only in a proper, company-approved fashion.

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