Gate M For “Malicious”

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(I am going on my first international trip and I have a layover at O’Hare airport in Chicago. I’ve never been there before and the airport is MASSIVE. I get off my flight at terminal 2 and see that my next ticket says Gate M12, but I can’t figure out where the M gates are. I ask the first person I can find, who happens to be a TSA agent. )

Me: “Hi! Can you please tell me how to get to the M gates?”

Agent: “Terminal 5.”

(She stares at me, so I start to look around for signs pointing to terminal 5 and see nothing. I look back at her again.) 

Me: “Could you please tell me how to get to terminal 5?”

Agent: *in an extremely condescending tone* “Are you ready to listen or are you going to keep looking around?” 

(Thankfully, her directions were clear, but I have no idea what I did to get so much attitude.)

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Putting Being Helpful On Hold

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(While nearly all customer service lines, regardless of the type of company or service, have you click through at least one automated menu or get transferred to different departments to get what you want accomplished, our call center goes directly to a person — no menus — and nine times out of ten, the employee will be able to handle your request without transferring you. This often takes customers by surprise, and most are very happy they talk right away to a person without having to wait in Hold Hell. Most…)

Sullen-Sounding Customer: “Can I please get transferred to your accounts receivable department? This is about an invoice.”

Me: “I can help you out. What’s the invoice number?”

Sullen-Sounding Customer: *audible sigh* “You know, every single time I call you people, everyone who answers the phone tells me they can help me. Isn’t there someone you can transfer me to? Or a menu?”

Me: *taken aback* “I’m so sorry. Have we not been able to help you out?”

Sullen-Sounding Customer: “No, every time I call it gets resolved, but…” *another audible sigh* “Just, whatever, I need to pay this invoice.”

(I mean, I’d be happy to put her on hold for a few minutes if it made her feel better?)

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Cashing In On Your Cashier Experience

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(My flight is delayed and I am buying some snacks. The cashier has a problem with scanning my candy.)

Me: “I guess I picked the one thing on the shelves that doesn’t scan!”

Cashier: “That’s different. Usually, people say, ‘Oh, it must be free,’ when that happens.”

Me: “Oh, well, I used to be a cashier, and I never did like it when people said that to me.”

Cashier: *pauses and smiles widely* “Thank you for waiting for it to come up in the system. Your total is $[total].”

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Mothers Refuse To Be Proven Wrong

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(I meet my future husband when I am in college. He is eleven years older than me, but we hit it off, and I decide to move in with him the summer after my junior year. I have a summer job but can’t afford to live in the dorms. My parents aren’t happy; I am their oldest, they are Catholics, and many of my cousins got married very young due to someone getting pregnant. My mom is quite adamant that neither I nor my sister gets pregnant before marriage/college degrees are finished. [Husband] got a vasectomy years before during a previous marriage, but I don’t feel that my mom needs to know that at this stage. There are many discussions about my moving in with him, but this is the one that makes me facepalm.)

Me: “Look. I have a job, and I can’t afford to live on my own for the summer. I’m going to be over at [Husband]’s apartment all the time anyway. It doesn’t make any sense to pay for two places.”

Mom: “I just don’t want to be a grandmother before you are married. You know that [Cousin #1] and [Cousin #2] both ended up dropping out of college once they got pregnant and it led to a lot of financial issues.”

Me: *growing weary of these discussions* “Mom, [Husband] can’t have kids, okay? There is physically no way I can get pregnant.”

Mom: “But what are you going to do if you want to have kids someday?”

Me: *facepalm* “Mixed messages much?”

(We’re still together after 28 years. Solved the kid thing with adoption. Everyone lived happily ever after.)

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I was working a register at the theater. Everything was uneventful for most of my shift, then this one old geezer comes in. He orders a small drink and a small popcorn.

I then ask him if he needs a ticket. He says “No.” and goes to butter his popcorn and get his soda. It’s not that unusual for people to come in and just get concessions. I think it’s fucking stupid, but whatever.

So after he’s done getting butter and soda he comes up to me and asks what time The Martian starts and what theater it’s in. I tell him and then ask if he needs a ticket because he hasn’t bought one yet
Again, he says “No.”.

Then he makes his way to the theaters. The ticket taker asks for his ticket. He then says that he doesn’t have one. Ticket taker says that I was supposed to give him one, so he comes back over to me demanding his ticket. I tell him that I asked him if he needed one and he said “No.”. He then gets pissed because he’s already spent $9, but doesn’t have a ticket and I have to charge him another $6. He then tells me to tell my managers that we should put the box office back where it was because the set up we have now is confusing and stupid. I say I will and he’s all like “No you’re not”.

I did tell my managers. Just so we can laugh about how fucking stupid he was.