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(I walk into a small run-down gas station with my family. We get everything we need for the road and are waiting to check out. There is no one in sight to serve us. After a few minutes of silence I point out the “fresh hot” deli display that has been turned off for the day.)
Me: Wow, what a wide selection of food, a single chicken strip.
The employee: (Who walked up behind me as my back was turned) But it is a quality chicken strip.

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I’m getting ready to fly to a graduate program interview, and I’m using a self-check-in kiosk. I print my tickets with no issues, but then I notice that my first name is misspelled on my ticket; there is an S at the end of my name that shouldn’t be there. I flag down an employee and ask them to help me out.

Employee: “Well, this shouldn’t be too much of a problem to change. I’m sorry for the inconvenience.”

Me: “It’s no problem. I probably hit an extra key while making the reservation.”

Employee: “Can I see your ID?”

As I go to hand the employee my ID, I see my full name and I realize where the letter came from: my middle initial starts with S.

Me: “Oh… I just figured out where the extra S is from. That’s my middle initial, isn’t it?”

Employee: “You know, this is a common complaint we get. You’d think I’d know by now to tell customers and not have to look it up.”

Me: “Forget this ever happened?”

Employee: “Deal.”

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It Was The Best Of Times, It Was The Worst Of Times

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This happens on my second day as a cashier at a retail/grocery store, so I have an “I’m new! Thank you for your patience!” badge on under my name tag. I’m checking out a seemingly kind elderly customer who has left a small gap between two separate piles of groceries. Normally, people will use the provided dividers to separate orders. Not seeing the gap, I keep scanning items.

Customer: *Suddenly angry* “That’s a different order, you stupid b****!”

Me: *Startled and flustered* “I’m so sorry, sir! I’ll take those items off.”

I start removing the items I mistakenly scanned.

Customer: “For f***’s sake, do they only hire stupid people here?!”

I total out his order, holding back tears.

Me: “I’m sorry, sir, my mistake.”

I finish his two orders while he just glares at me. Finally, he leaves and the next customer comes up: an elderly woman with lots of fruit.

Customer #2: “It’s okay to cry, you know.”

Me: “Thank you, but I’m okay.”

Customer #2: “I used to work here. Do you want the produce codes?”

Me: *Bursting into tears* “That would be very helpful, thank you!”

I had the best and worst customers in that place, but I will never go back to retail again.

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A Birthday Balm For Your Birthday Break

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I have just fractured my wrist for the third time. Just for you curious people, I was rollerskating and I fell backward and landed on it. We get to the ER and, lo and behold, the same ER doctor that assisted us last time is the one assisting us now, so my parents chat and catch up a bit while the ER doctor examines my wrist.

Then, this conversation happens. It is the seventh of December.

ER Doctor: *After asking some questions* “So, when is your birthday?”

Me: *Eyeroll* “The fourteenth of December.”

ER Doctor: “Oh, happy early birthday!”

Me: “Thanks.”

I’m thinking that my party is tomorrow and requires some physical work and I am just worried I can’t do it. They confirm that my wrist is broken with X-rays and such, and all I want to do is go home, but they still have to put a cast on my wrist. 

All of a sudden, some nurses come in, and they have some little presents with them: a toy car, a lavender chapstick, and some other goodies. 

Nurses: “We heard it was your birthday next week and we thought we could start it off with some little presents.”

My Parents & Me: “Oh, my goodness, thank you so much!”

I was so happy I just sat there, shocked.

I still have the lip balm to this day, and it just reminds me how awesome nurses and healthcare people can be. They literally took time out of their day just to make a sad almost-fourteen-year-old happy.

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Customer Service Can Provide Some Near-Death Experiences

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A customer places a houseplant on the checkout counter. It is a lovely dwarf jade with purple stems and light green foliage with yellow edges. I smile and start ringing his order when the customer says:

Customer: “I don’t suppose you offer any ‘Approaching Death’ discounts?”

No one has ever asked me that before and I am not really sure what he means. At first, I’m thinking that this poor man is inflicted with some kind of fatal illness. Realizing that this is a weird discount to ask for, my next conclusion is that he is using a funny way of asking for a SENIOR discount. The man only appears to be in his late thirties so that doesn’t really seem right either.

After an awkward amount of silence and solid eye contact, I finally say:

Me: “Um… well… we do have a senior discount… if that is what you are asking.”

Now the customer looks confused, and we share another few awkward moments of silence before he bursts out laughing and points at the jade and says:

Customer: “The plant! The plant is approaching death! Not me!”

I, too, burst out laughing and explain that the purple stems and yellow edges on the plant are, in fact, natural, and that the plant is healthy.

Me: “So, unfortunately, no, we cannot offer any ‘Approaching Death’ discounts at this time.”

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